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Lists with This Book. Dec 30, Tasha rated it really liked it Shelves: Jordan has divorced her cheating husband and moved back home to Rosewood. She is trying to put her life back together by starting her own interior design business. This is how she meets architect Owen Gage. His firm lands an interior design account Jordan was hoping to get to establish her business. Owen and Jordan both feel the immediate sparks between them upon meeting. But Jordan is weary of all men and Owen doesn't want all the complications that come with being involved with a single mother. With every overture he makes toward her, she lashes back with rudeness and anger.

Most of that anger and rudeness is because she doesn't like the fact that he makes all her girlie parts sit up and take notice in ways her husband never did. I liked the interaction between Owen and the rest of Jordan's family, especially with Jade. Margot and Jade took an instant like to Owen as well did her three children. Although at times Jordan's children made Owen uncomfortable, he did eventually kind of warm toward them.

I think that whole situation was handled nicely because if Owen automatically took to her children, it would have felt rather fake. Jade made a major growth from Remember Me, but she did suffer a brief setback when learning some shocking news. I so look forward to Jade's story, Trouble Me. I really want to see who she'll be paired up with, Robocop or Brian.

Overall, Believe in Me was a great addition to the trilogy. Laura writes her ranch scenes and interior design scenes with such vivid detail that it's like your living it instead of just reading it. Jun 30, Nadine Jones rated it it was ok Shelves: Sadly, this book kind of sucked. Here is a random passage from the middle of the book: Andy had jumped both Mistral and Indigo the day before, so Jordan's job was to give them a good workout on the flat.

Jordan groomed Mistral, a bay Thoroughbred gelding who possessed both the conformation and easy, willing attitude to make a fine hunter prospect. After tacking Mistral, she led him down to the outdoor ring. Walking into the center of the ring, she Sadly, this book kind of sucked. Walking into the center of the ring, she slipped the reins over his neck, checked her girth, lowered her stirrups, and then, sticking the toe of her field boot into the stirrup, swung herself up into the saddle.

What does that have to do with the plot? I mean, I know, a little bit of detail really adds flavor to a story, allows you to really feel like you are there. Which horse she rides, and when, and who tacks the horse up, and what fabric her boyfriend's pants are, and exactly how she prepares the potatoes for dinner, and the exact shade of white she chooses to paint the bedroom, ad nauseum.

Plot in a nutshell: Jordan's husband cheats on her, they divorce, she moves back home to the family horse farm and decides to start her own decorating business, she meets handsome architect Owen Gage, and eventually they fuck like bunnies. Oldest Radcliffe sister, Jordan's life is still in flux. For the last year, while forging adult relationships with her sisters, Jordan's been re-acquainted with living at the family farm, Rosewood, mothering 3 children under 5years old and healing from a painful divorce.

Now she's itching to do something on her own, something for herself so Jordan's putting her interior design degree to work by starting a business. Too bad her first professional foray was over a horribly mean meal with a bitter Oldest Radcliffe sister, Jordan's life is still in flux. Too bad her first professional foray was over a horribly mean meal with a bitter adult mean girl intent on betraying Jordan from the outset as she also invited noted and new to the area architect Owen Gage, who annoyed her just by breathing.

Not only is Owen attracted to Jordan, he believes in her talent and hires her to decorate the estate he bought next door. Owen's pedophobia against Jordan's determination to avoid romantic entanglements was a good and rarely used trope to put them in awkward situations as the relationship unfolds.

Jordan uncovers the undercurrents from the lunch and gets a taste of sweet revenge when the mean woman's boiling pot of trouble overflows on her own feet. While this outing had the same things going for it as its predecessor, soft romance, comfortable family and sweet heartfelt moments, this reader resisted mainly because of Jordan. The efforts to make her fit in felt forced and suspect, she needed a cape and tights to be more unbelievable.

However the conflicts and romance were believable. Also, thankfully the secret of the journal came to a head Rating: In this book we learn that not only did he cheat, but he also continued to do so after they sought help to save their relationship. Much like Remember Me, Believe In Me has a beginning that leaves little doubt that you are about to take an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Jordan is devastated when she learns her husband has been unfaithful. Even more harmful is an event that is witnessed by her entire family. Left with no other choice, she takes her children to Rosewood to heal following her divorce. Help arrives in the form of the handsome architect Owen Gage, a gorgeous and successful man who is interviewing for a designing job that Jordan wants.

When Owen offers Jordan a job, she has no choice but to accept. Unfortunately, her attraction to the man is undeniable. Embracing her sexual identity just might a step in the right direction. After Owen and Jordan fall into bed together, they never expect that their mutual passions could lead to something they never expected.

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Can a scorned woman find faith in a man who tempts her to give love another chance? Laura Moore has a writing style that I love. Her characters are memorable, flawed, and easy to relate to. I enjoyed revisiting the hero, heroine, and family from the previous novel. Rosewood has become more than an imaginary farm; it has become a very real place in my mind.

The backdrop is as enthralling as the stories, making returning all the sweeter. I highly recommend this series to diehard romance fans, as there is plenty of emotion, tension, and obstacles for the hero and heroine to overcome in order to truly embrace each other. Originally posted at http: Oct 11, Nath rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. I'm glad I listened to them, since I ended up enjoying Believe in Me a lot: Frankly, there was nothing new about the story told in Believe in Me, but the reason I enjoyed it so much was the beautiful execution: I mean, what more can I ask for?

I really like 4. I really liked that Ms Moore took her time developing and setting up every aspect of the story. Some will find that it made for a slow pacing and it was to a certain extent. At the same time, it allowed me to really get a feel for Jordan's life - her routine and her struggles - and it contributed to make the whole story more realistic and normal. As I mentioned above, I liked that Ms Moore kept the story grounded.

She didn't over-romanticize or dramatize the story. For example, Jordan's three children weren't overly cute or mature for their age. And Owen's discomfort with the children didn't miraculously disappear after one encounter. In fact, his wariness of Olivia was the source of a few chuckles LOL. And I have to say, I loved the way Jordan handled her situation with her ex-husband. I liked how level-headed and reasonable she was All in all, as I said, Believe in Me was an enjoyable book.

I have to say I enjoyed their interactions, their bond. The trilogy's storyline was also well woven into, it didn't steal the spotlight and didn't bore me. Oh and if you're a fan of horses, you definitively want to read this trilogy: In the end, when it came to Believe in Me, it was all about balance and Ms Moore did an excellent job. I only have two minor complaints about the book: Then again, he probably brought forth another side of Jordan, so it does work Given the rest of the book was so well developed, it feels like Believe in Me could have used the same development or an epilogue.

Oct 26, Divina rated it really liked it Shelves: Surprisingly a great read! The second book in the series is about Jordan Radcliffe and Owen Gage. The story takes place months after the first book, Remember Me. Jordan, elder sister of Margot is trying to start her life again after her nine year marriage ends in divorce. She has three young children to raise so she moves back to her childhood home in Warburg, VA. Their family home of Rosewood was on a brink of financial ruins after her father and step-mo Surprisingly a great read!

Their family home of Rosewood was on a brink of financial ruins after her father and step-mother died in a plane crash. But with the help of her sister Margot's modeling career, the house and family business was saved. She and her children have settled into their new home with the help of her family. Jordan was determined to pull her share to build their home and business by dusting off her Interior Design degree and start a business of her own.

Owen Gage is a well known architect who just finished remodeling a guest cottage of one of the "elite" members of Warburg. He had been invited to lunch and was introduced to Jordan Radcliffe. Unbeknownst to him, Jordan was there for an "interview" for the position to decorate the new remodeled cottage.

Jordan's ideas for the cottage was admired by both owner and architect. Unfortunately for Jordan, she was never really being interviewed for the job, the owner had Owen's company in mind to work on decorating the cottage.

Remember Me

The story continues on the premise of a misunderstanding. In return for the off handedness of cottage owner, Owen hires Jordan to decorate the home he just bought, the neighboring property next to Rosewood. There was an attraction between Owen and Jordan since they first met. Jordan was a newly divorced single mom of three children.

To Owen, that should have been a huge red flag warning him to keep away, but instead of listening to the warning signs, he pursues Jordan. In his mind it was going to be a "friends with benefits" until the project he's working on is completed. Neither one of them was prepared to fall in love. Yes, similar stories have been done with the same premise. Yes, the author tends to overly give too many details about horses, taking care of horses, etc.

But the author did a great job of pulling this reader into Jordan and Owen's road to romance. There were external elements that may have caused the story to drag in some places, but they balanced the story. An enjoyable read with great characters and wonderful romance. Jul 20, J. Saare rated it it was amazing. Although I didn't enjoy this book as much as the first, Remember Me , I still stayed up late into the night to finish it which means it deserves the five star rating.

If you've never read Remember Me , it's not necessary to follow Believe in Me. However, I feel it greatly adds to the richness of the story, as you get to revisit characters and there is a substantial build up to the third book coming soon in the series, Trouble Me.

In this installment, we meet the heartbroken sister Jordan Radcliffe. He world has been turned upside down thanks to a cheating husband who has continued an affair not only during her pregnancy with their child, but also after she is born. Determined to soldier on, Jordan returns to Rosewood with her children to stay with her sister Margot the complex super model from the first book , her husband Travis the swoonworthy hero from the first book , and her sister Jade the angsty teen from the first novel. Trying to rebuild her life, she's taken off guard by the very sexy, extremely intelligent designer Owen Gage.

Not only is he the competition for a job, he also manages to set of sparks where she wants to remain numb and dead. As with Remember Me , Believe in Me is a very character driven story that focuses on the complexities of people and their relationships with others. Throughout the book you wonder how Jordan will find love again when she detests men, just as you wonder how it will work with Owen as he makes it clear he intends to remain single and uninvolved.

Theirs is not an easy affair. Rather it becomes a very slippery slope, as their hearts begin to decide where love will take them. The only word of caution I'd give in regard to these books is that it does take place on a horse farm.

Believe in Me: A Rosewood Novel - Laura Moore - Google Книги

There are multiple scenes describing the daily lives of Jordan and her family, and if you're not interested in that kind of thing it might drag a bit for you. As a girl who loved visiting her aunt's farm, I enjoy that kind of thing very much, although I know it may not be to everyone's tastes. Feb 16, Tamera rated it really liked it Shelves: Wow, my first time reading this author and I really enjoyed it! Of course, it is part of a series so I missed some of the action.

However, i though the author seamlessly brought me into the story. I didn't feel like I was in left field regarding the plot or the characters. In fact, I admit to tearing up several times during this wonderfully told story. The first chapter grabbed me and had me teary eyed - when Jordan overheard her husband's unfiltered and unknown conversation over the speaker pho Wow, my first time reading this author and I really enjoyed it!

The first chapter grabbed me and had me teary eyed - when Jordan overheard her husband's unfiltered and unknown conversation over the speaker phone in front of her family I truly felt for all of the characters in this story. The author did an amazing smooth job of relaying Jordan's pain, Owen's own family history and personal doubts, and finding a way to work everything out to an emensly satisfying conclusion.

I especially appreciated Owen's unfamiliarity with children. It was a refreshing view, since it is one view I can definately relate to and frequently smiled over! Not everyone is a natural with children, take note authors! I am eager to read about Jade's story. This is an author to watch. Oct 13, Amanda added it. Was still doing it what kind of man does that?! Ahh and thatss not all that has my feathers ruffling from reading a review I learned the turd friggn marries the ho he slept around with, thats so unfair!

Actually nvm because I would never have taken him back I'd be disgusted to be around him to even be touched or in any near proximity, i would make me sick. I knew he was a shifty turd with thw way he acted wit Margot back in book one during the prologue and then I knew when it was a trilogy that he was gonna be a triffling turd. May 21, Mareli rated it it was amazing. I already knew that I would love this story about the first of Radcliffe sister. The one betrayed by her husband and left with 3 little children.

That kind of lying is ok and can be fun. What is not ok is when the couple has secretly liked each other for a long time. He did not act in accordance with his own feelings and motivations. This is the cheap way to create conflict. Wealthy RJ owns a horse breeding and training farm. His daughter Margot has been attracted to Travis for years. Travis works for RJ as a horse trainer.

At age 18, she tells Travis her feelings. Eight years later her father dies, and Margot returns to the farm. There is no money from the estate. To avoid selling the farm, Margot continues modeling to earn money to support the farm. Jade is difficult to get along with and has difficulties at school. Number of sex scenes: Total number of sex scene pages: That kinda pulled me out of the story and I never quite got back in.

Nov 11, Anne OK rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Her latest, "Remember Me" is written with exceptional care shown to language and detail, as well as plot and character. Her books weave passion onto the pages. She is a real writer!! Set in the two milieus of high fashion modeling and Virginia horse farming, the backgrounds are terrific! The wonderfully well-developed and smart lead characters share a myriad of emotions. They are supported by an equally well-drawn cast of secondary characters. As a reader, I could feel the emotions of hurt, mistrust, and love in these characters.

Believe in Me

Plenty of pleasantly steamy romance and fun is included, too! Apr 29, P. Sharon rated it it was amazing. Laura Moore obviously knows horses. Her peek into the inner workings of a Virginia horse ranch was fascinating for someone who knows nothing about that world. Equally fascinating and in complete opposition was her heroine's supermodel lifestyle. I liked the dichotomy and it made for lots of conflict between her hero, Travis--the hunky ranch hand from the wrong side of the tracks--and her heroine, Margo--the rancher's daughter turned supermodel who has to come home to save the farm after once hav Laura Moore obviously knows horses.

I liked the dichotomy and it made for lots of conflict between her hero, Travis--the hunky ranch hand from the wrong side of the tracks--and her heroine, Margo--the rancher's daughter turned supermodel who has to come home to save the farm after once having been spurned by said ranch hand. When the two worlds collide, it makes for a wild and romantic ride!

I found the story engaging and well written, with secondary characters worthy of their own stories. A perfect blend of steamy romance, family drama, and a hero and heroine worth rooting for! I've been reading easy going books, and this fit perfectly. View all 4 comments. Oct 25, skokiesam rated it really liked it. I hate romance books. Hate them, hate them, hate them. But I surprised myself after I read this and found I actually liked it. It's got the usual heaving bosoms pressed up against sweaty chests, but the author is either a expert on horses or did a lot of research on them, because the information about how to run a stable and raise horses was fascinating and interesting!

Oh sure, SOME of the writing was a little exasperating for me exasperating in the same way that you don't understand why so I hate romance books. Oh sure, SOME of the writing was a little exasperating for me exasperating in the same way that you don't understand why someone would run up the stairs instead of out of the house when Jason is coming after you with a machete Put aside the fact that this is a romance book and enjoy a little sauciness by reading this. You'll learn a lot about horses in the process! Nov 15, Nadine Jones rated it liked it Shelves: I don't usually like modern romances, but I do love romances involving horse people, so when I saw the horse farm on the cover in the library, and I happened to have nothing at home to read, I picked this up.

It is just as cheesy as I anticipated. It is fluffy cheesy goodness. It is so lame that I cannot in good conscience actually recommend it to anyone, and yet I am enjoying it. I am sick in bed, I barely have two brain cells firing, and this is perfectly mindless entertainment - score! Even though she was young, Margot Radcliffe fantasized about and lusted after sexy Travis Maher, the family's horse whisperer until he let her know they weren't going to happen.

When her father refused her help on the ranch again, home was suddenly extremely unattractive. Making her own plans, tearful Margot dusted off her feelings and went to New York to find fame and fortune as a model. Eight years later, tragedy touches the Radcliffe family. Their father and his wife are killed, leaving Margo Even though she was young, Margot Radcliffe fantasized about and lusted after sexy Travis Maher, the family's horse whisperer until he let her know they weren't going to happen.

Their father and his wife are killed, leaving Margot and her sisters, Jordan a mother and wife with a marriage less stable than she thinks and stepsister, Jade, a surly teen. It's up to Margot to find a way to care for Jade and save the ancestral home. Not to mention her own career. Margot's shocked to find she also has to find a way to make amends with Travis since no one knew exactly why her father fired him just before he died.

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Closed mouthed about the details of his leaving Rosewood, Travis grudgingly returns. Margot and Travis dance around their feelings as she hides the family's financial issues, parent Jade and tend her career and Travis tries to hide his feelings for Margot.

Paperback Editions

Pride, predictability and mixed messages had the leads hard pressed to stay out of their own way as the fashion industry and horse husbandry shared the spotlight. However, this fairly strong, medium-paced, heart-felt read with flawed characters had a bit of depth and would be a perfect beach or rainy day read.

Oct 13, Connie rated it it was amazing. The reader meets Margot Radcliffe at a crossroad in her life. Gorgeous and headstrong, she wants a place by her father's side to run Rosewood, a first-class horse farm in Virginia. Her father and, more importantly, his new trophy wife, think marriage is a much better idea for Margot.

Tempers flare, and Margot leaves her family to become a super-model. A tragedy forces Margo back to the farm and back to face the man she'd rather forget. I know what you're thinking. Erot The reader meets Margot Radcliffe at a crossroad in her life. First, the "horse book" genre is populated with young adult and coming of age novels.

This book is neither one of those. Yes, there is romance and yes, some steamy sections, but the similarity stops there! Margot has to do what she can to keep her family's farm solvent. Along with stepping into her father's shoes as farm manager, she has to step up as parent to her half sister. The inner life Moore brings to her characters kept me turning the pages. Bad boy Travis is a treat. Oh, and the terrific descriptions of horse farms and the business of training helped too!

What I loved about this book is what readers don't see a lot of.


Each of Moore's characters has a strong moral compass that keeps them on solid footing. Margot has to raise a teenager rattled by grief and determined to be, well, a teen. How Margot deals with the half sister is wonderful mix of love and muddling through the slop of life with only an inner compass to guide her. Moore's writing is first rate and her story is tightly constructed and readable. Treat yourself and read book one of the Rosewood Trilogy, Remember Me. May 20, Hope Frost rated it it was amazing. Remember me was full of technical information about the horses and breeding program, and you learned interesting info without feeling like you were bombarded with a technical manual.

The chemistry between Travis and Margot was electric, but my favorite two people to watch grow and change was Jade and Margot's relationship. Such a dynamic sister relationship, and it was really interesting to watch. Jade's book is the one I am most looking forward to actually. I hope we have met her HEA already, c Remember me was full of technical information about the horses and breeding program, and you learned interesting info without feeling like you were bombarded with a technical manual.

I hope we have met her HEA already, cause I have her paired in my mind!! I would highly recommend Remember Me to anyone who loves a great contemporary romance. I am looking forward to getting to know the rest of the Radcliffe girls!! Apr 12, Splage rated it really liked it Shelves: Very enjoyable read and probably could have been rated higher if I was really interested in horses, I tended to skim through a lo of that detail.

I was very interested in Margot's glamourous super model life. Did choke me up in the end, but I felt it took to long for the characters to get together. Looking forward to second book in series. Jul 07, Gerri Brousseau rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this book. I loved the idea that Laura Moore took a supermodel and gave her a set of problems that any one of us could have; then she introduced romance and tied it up into a lovely story. Oct 01, Laurie rated it liked it Shelves: At first I thought Travis was a major pain because his attitude sucked and he was so aloof it made me sick; however, after Travis apologized to Margot I forgave him for his stubbornness.

Margot was a great heroine. Smart,independent, and brave, she made Travis work for her affections. There is nothing sexier than a man who is persistent and passionate. That was exactly what Travis was. I was sad and a little angry at the end of this book, but in the end a happily ever after was just what the doctor ordered! I will be reading more of the Rosewood Trilogy to see what happens to the other sisters! Jan 01, Diah Didi rated it it was amazing Shelves: It's been on my shelf for months but I didn't even think to pick it up until I got bored and accidentally picked up this one.

And boy, how could I not reading it! First, this was my very first of Laura Moore's. The very reason I bought this along with the other two merely because of its cover. D And no, I didn't even read the back cover to find out what this novel is about. So anyway, when I picked it up and rea I loved it!

So anyway, when I picked it up and read the back cover, I liked it right away. And secretly, it eats him alive with jealousy knowing that men drool over her. But the truth is, she's not as bad as she may seems. It's more than meet the eyes. I loved the characters in this book. Even though I was a bit annoyed with Jade's behavior at first, I fell in love with hers easily. It's so comforting to know you have someone to hold on to. I liked Margot for being strong and brave. I liked Travis for being nice and sensitive but tough for others at the same time. I loved their chemistry. I think it's a very nice, light, sweet and comforting reading.

I really enjoy reading it and loved it since it involves family bonding. And reading the excerpt of Believe in Me at the end of this book makes me want to kick Richard hard in the butt and do the voodoo to make him suffer. I was all set to not like this book, since it had many of the characteristics that make me crazy in a romance - horses; people with more money than they know what to do with; a runaway that not only has no bad experiences, but becomes the world's top model without even realizing how beautiful she is; and an abundance of other cliches: By the middle of the book, I actually found myself caring about these characters and buying into the whole improbable scenario.

In fact, since this is book 1 in a series, I'm tempted - almost - to look for book 2. The "preview" at the end was a little off-putting.