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The ridicule implied by the original expression, towards the person reacting thus, is specific not only to the female sex but also to a wealthy and leisured class, like Boston Brahmins. Do you want to retain that class angle, too? Although the usual image is of a shocked woman doing the pearl-clutching, we found a couple of references in Google Books to male clutching, including a strange one from Arabian Antic, a book by Ladislas Farago about Jews in the Arab world.

To help others along, I can hear the WSJ referring to "histrionic concerns in bedroom communities" or something. John Lennon said something once at a Royal Command Performance that the Beatles appeared ' the people in the cheaper seats, would you please clap your hands.

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Hoke Currie 41 2. I like this usage a lot as a predicate adjective. It doesn't translate as well to a more abstract verb usage e.

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Rephrasing can largely get around that. FYI, this use derives from the movie "Casablanca".

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Renault says "I am shocked- shocked- to find that gambling is going on in here! Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

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Power in Church Leadership: Exploring our shared commitment to doing church together. As a global communion of Anabaptist-related churches, we share a common commitment to doing church together. Yet we know that in our diverse contexts of church leadership, power gets exercised in many different ways. My earliest recollection of power in church leadership was observing the awe with which my pastor was held.

At the beginning of a church service he and some others in leadership would not be visible in the auditorium; they would be in a backroom somewhere. Singing would start and then these leaders would file in, clutching their Bibles and hymnals under their armpits. At the end of the song the room would be quiet and expectant. Without conscious teaching on the matter, I somehow formed the opinion that a pastor was a holy man — closer to God than the rest of us.

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I noticed that even off the pulpit, if he expressed an opinion it was accepted without discussion or dispute. I too learned to revere him and all the other pastors I knew. As I grew older and started reading the Bible on my own, I discovered a new intimacy with my creator. Although I still esteem pastors as my spiritual leaders, I also realize that they are human and liable to all human weaknesses and faults, just like the rest of us. In my Christian walk I have worshiped God under the authority of many leaders.

In the hierarchy structure of my church, Ibandla Labazalwane KuKristu eZimbabwe Brethren in Christ Church in Zimbabwe , these leaders would include bishops, overseers, pastors and deacons. For this reason I have experienced as many leadership styles as the number of leaders who have ministered to me. From where I stand as a lay person, all leaders have power, and that power in leadership can either be positive or negative.

The leaders — all of whom are fallible human beings — set the tone among those they lead by the way they wield their power. One positive use of power is obedience.

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Sometimes this exercise of power may mean leaving the known comfort zones by venturing into unknown new ground. The group was started by Mr.

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Khono Ndlovu and Mrs. Abbie Dube who for 13 years had served first as Sunday school teacher and later as superintendent. The young people were now ready to explore a wider variety of topics than what was being addressed in Sunday school and they did not quite benefit fully from the predominantly adult-dominated worship services. To meet this need, the two leaders decided to create a forum for young people to meet, play games, sing and study the Bible together. Their vision spread to other Brethren in Christ congregations countrywide.

Today, we have a recognized arm of the church in the Youths. Many from that pioneer group of young people are still in active church ministries. Another positive use of power is in preparing for succession. Since I started having more interest in my church life, I have witnessed several leadership transitions in the offices of bishops, overseers and pastors.

When the leader in the office grooms other potential leaders, the transition is smooth and effective. There would be several eligible candidates from which to choose when the right time comes.