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He then holds up another sheet of paper with the sum: The next sheet shows the answer, which is of course eight. Next viewers have to add nine plus two to get 11, and subtract six from 10 to get four. The video, entitled 'I can read your mind', begins with the would-be mind-reader - who also goes by the name Lasse Balama - holding up a handwritten sign telling people to answer his questions quickly.

Lasse challenges viewers to do some very simple maths.

'Mind reader' Lasse Burholt asks internet to think of a number

The first step is to add five and three. The next simple sum is adding nine and two to get Next viewers have to subtract six from 10 to get four. Next Lasse holds up a sheet of paper with the word 'quick' before challenging viewers to rapidly think of a number between five and His next sheet of paper says: As he prepares to make the big reveal he rubs his hands together gleefully before announcing that the answer is the number seven.

After solving the simple sums, Lasse tells viewers to thin of a number between five and He nods and smiles, looking extremely pleased with himself, before donning a pair of sunglasses. However, opinions on his skills as a mind reader were certainly divided among his Facebook followers. Some were impressed that Lasse had correctly guessed the number they were thinking of with Ji Hed saying: Gino Lin speculated that asking people to think of a number between five and 12 implanted the idea in their minds.

As he prepares to make the big reveal he rubs his hands together gleefully and give the impression he's thinking hard. Looking pleased with his efforts, he dons a pair of sunglasses. The father-of-three said he created the video as an experiment after being inspired by Las Vegas based polymath and trickster Rick Lax.

Chris Wilson thought the trick was not mentioning the number seven previously. Not everyone was so impressed however, with Monique Boets saying she had chosen six. Some were impressed that Lasse had correctly predicted the number they were thinking of and tried to work out how he had done it.


Gino Lin thought that telling people to choose a number between five and 12 was a prompt as 12 minus five equals seven. Not everyone was impressed with lots of people saying they chose different numbers. However Lasse was not worried and said it just proves that people can't stop themselves from commenting when someone gets it wrong. A slew of other commenters chimed in to say they had chosen different numbers.

Lasse, who is a content developer and mentor for children and adults with learning difficulties, was unfazed. The father-of-three describes himself as a 'social media addict' and said he has 'vast experience In communicating'. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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Beatniks, bohemians and Bob Dylan: Girl, 12, is fighting for life after being mauled by a Woman's horror as she watches burglars prowling around The great 7-Eleven coffee ruse: The secret cup trick Four children aged four to 11 are hit by a train and Primary school assistant headteacher, 51, who was caught The battle for the Endeavour: For Pima legends see: The flood on Superstition Mountain.

Hardcover with dust jacket, xii, pages. Henty was a popular writer of boy's adventure stories. Stapled pamphlet, 20 pages. This is a one-act play for children. In his popular "Travelers" series of nine plays, which include Ghost Town, Pharaoh's Dagger, and Treasure of the Mayans, two likeable children find themselves in the center of amazing adventures that involve magic, exotic locations, and plenty of action and suspense.

Erin and Dirk have traveled to the wild west to explore a real ghost town The children meet an old prospector, Crazy Sally. She is searching for the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. Two nasty varmints, Boris and Lizard, are stalking Crazy Sally hoping to steal her map to the mine. Better things there are in life than gold. Seek instead to lead good lives, help others, and wisely keep away from Dutchman's Gold.

Sam 'n Me adventure books Volume 2. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Chris, Jenny, and Joe meet aliens in Superstition Mountain. I guess it is the Superstitions, the first two sentences: Chris stopped looking for gold nuggets. | books library

September Rose Searches for Hidden Gold. Hardcover, 40 pages vii, 29, and 4 unnumbered pages. Map and color illustrations by the author. September is allowed to bring her curious pet Pongo Pongo, a small young elephant, to help her look. The Kachina Doll Mystery. Simon and Schuster, Nancy Drew is off to Apache Junction and the Superstitions to help her friends solve some trouble at their new resort. Nancy has come to a friend's ranch to look into the case, and all she finds is trouble.

Now let's get on with the story! It happened a few months after my wife and I had taken a trip to Ariozna. It you go to Arizona you must visit the Superstition Mountains, where the Dutchman's mine is hidden! In case you haven't heard many people have lost their lives looking for it! A lot from the hands of others also looking. Hardcover, pages, with illustrations by Gerald McCann. Macrae Smith Company, Hardcover with dust jacket, pages, with numerous illustrations by Barbara Werner.

Calico Kate's adventures in the Superstition Mountains. Glen Haven, Scottsdale, Disneyland: Calico Kate's Pantry Shops, Illustrated by the author. Spiral bound, 33 illustrated pages. There are several Calico Kate books for little children, this one has Kate off to the Superstitions where she meets Mr.

I pity the child whose parents were stubborn enough to read them the whole thing. Illustrated by Louis Segal.

Classic Film-Noir_ [StCroiux]

Hardcover with dust jacket, pages, with 12 drawings. Illustrated by Maria Voris. The publisher sells these books as downloadable files that the buyer prints and then assembles into a book. These curriculum materials are available to teachers through a yearly subscription fee. This one is a reading text written for fourth graders: The boys are learning about Arizona in the s, and in particular the Gold Rush and a legend from that time.

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However, something goes funny, and the boys and their teacher end up searching for the gold from the legend. All is back to normal when Billy realizes he has just been daydreaming. Thunder on Forbidden Mountain. The Westminster Press, Amazon Digital Services, The stories are short with a length of approximately ten pages. Each story depicts and adventure undertaken by the three little nickels.

The stories are broken down into chapters that can be assimilated by children in a brief amount of time. Danny Orlis on Superstition Mountain. One in a series of many Christian stories for teens that Palmer wrote. It is Superstition Mountain in name only, in this story it is in Mexico.

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There are several different covers. Illustrated by Michael Calandra.

I'm going to tell you a story about a sixteen-foot-three-inch-tall Wild West wilderness girl named Strong Head Sam. Even when Sam was just a little tyke, she had the eyes of a six hawks and the strength of eight buls. Sam was a chip off the old block from her father, Sammy Strong.

Legend of the Superstition Gold. Danger abounds, yet twelve year old Annie and her Welsh pony, Midnight, can't wait to join the Shadow Riders in their annual overnight trek into the beautiful wilderness of the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. The trail ride she's dreamed of for so long is all she hoped for with wildlife, hidden oasis in the desert, and the stories etched in stone by nations long gone.

But Annie's telepathic connection with her pony, and the pony's ability to communicate with other animals, reveal the secret protected through centuries by The Thunder God of the Apache Nation. And Annie with her pony are swept away in a rockslide. Will Annie and Midnight be doomed to forever haunt forgotten trails and join the ranks of those 'gone missing' before her?

Josh Akers Mysteries, Book 1. His mother must travel a great deal, leaving Josh and Grandmother Mimi to have many adventures together. Josh and Mimi solve a mystery in their own town and uncover the gold. In the second adventure, they learn Mimi has inherited an old ranch near the legendary Lost Dutchman Treasure. Mimi and Josh, with the help an old prospector, unravel a mystery and discover the true meaning of the Lost Dutchman Treasure.

Find out what happens when Josh Josh goes exploring and is imprisoned by tomb robbers. Can Mimi solve this mystery on her own? Illustrated by Catherine L'Odense. On the back cover: For over one hundred years it has drawn gold seekers from all over the world, but no one has ever found it. When their Uncle Bob takes Chip and Tim on a "Dutchman Hunt," the brothers find the mountain is full of surprises and dangers beyond their wildest imaginations. They also learn that finding gold is not the most important thing in life.

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Mystery of the haunted mine. Scholastic Book Service, , c The haunted treasure of the Espectros. A writer of westerns and children's books. Wrote Rio Bravo and many other westerns. Somewhere in those canyons is a fortune The Indians say it is guarded by ghosts - but Gary and Tuck refuse to believe that ghosts use live ammunition!

Scotty and the Lost Dutchman Mine. There are two different covers for this book. Das Gold der Apachen. Verlag Hermann Schulte, German language edition of Scotty and the Lost Dutchman. Translated by Erna Schulte and illustrated by Egon Schwartz. Second printing in , Third printing The legend of the Lost Dutchman's gold mine. Sol de Oro Publications, Softcover, with photographs, illustrations and maps. The book can be purchased with either a blue cover or a golden-yellow cover, and with flat or spiral binding. The book can be ordered from Sol de Oro Publications. From the author's web site: It is filled with over 50 full-color photos and illustrations of the locale of this legend and of the era.

It also has a copy of the map that "the Dutchman" left to his caregiver before his death and a list of the 14 clues he left that still baffle us today. There are suggested reading lists for children and adults in the back of the book. Additional resources listing and maps are also included in the Appendix. The mystery of the lost mine. Softcover and hardcover, pages, illustrated by Charles Tang.

One of the numerous books in the Boxcar Children Mysteries series.

There is some intrigue, and most amazingly, the stone maps even get a mention: