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This poem has not been translated into any other language yet.

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Written On The Blank Pag A Romantic Comedy A Comedy. Still I Rise Maya Angelou. My father eventually moved on from his workshop to an indoor man cave for retired blokes.

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  • He created a billiard room instead, no doubt with images in his mind of cigar smoking Sinatra-style men sipping single malt scotch between shots, not so much the visiting daughters that tried to take over the space on weekends away from the big smoke. Previous slide Next slide.

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    Personal Development The love guru teaching men how to date again Contains: Personal Development Men need to start telling the truth when asked this question Contains: Personal Development The truth about being a 'dangerous dad' Contains: Personal Development The unusual personality trait you might have Contains: Self The new third wheel in your relationship Contains: Personal Development How stressed high-flyers are teaching themselves to chill out Contains: Self Crucial life lessons I'm teaching my son Contains: Self improvement Gus Worland takes a hard look at 'manning up' Contains: Self Paul Mac at Self Improvement Redefining what it means to be a modern man Contains: Sheds can be inspiring, creative spaces.

    The popularity of the garden office has grown in proportion to house prices as people search for a little more space.

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    Writers have long sought inspiration and refuge at the bottom of their gardens. Sheds even inspire writing about sheds.

    steve stirk

    There is a quarterly magazine - called Shed, what else - there have been books in praise of sheds, and there is even a Shed of the Year awards. My current favourite Twitter account is cabinporn, which is pretty much what it says on the packet: As for me and my shack, I resigned myself to building it in a slightly more urban setting, in a tiny garden in west London.

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    • One of the symptoms of years of travel is that I often find myself longing for home. More specifically, I think about home and how I can improve it.

      The Man in the Shed

      My explorer's shack is borne of those years of planning during my travels. While many people prioritise practicality, my vision is entirely driven by aesthetics and provenance. I wanted everything in my shack to have been recycled, upcycled or reused. And of course, it had to look the part. The doors came from an old museum, the wooden cladding was from pallets, the lights were salvaged from a ship, the windows came from an old factory.

      A man’s shed is his castle

      The crowing glory was a tiny wood-burning stove, to provide a glimmer of heat in the upcoming winter. All of this was topped off with a children's turret, with a tiny trap door, ladder and firemens pole. The result is, I admit, a little crazy. But it is my sanctuary. A place where I go to sit, read and generally contemplate life.