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The research was carried out on a group of volunteers by consultancy Mindlab International at the University of Sussex. Their stress levels and heart rate were increased through a range of tests and exercises before they were then tested with a variety of traditional methods of relaxation. Reading worked best, reducing stress levels by 68 per cent, said cognitive neuropsychologist Dr David Lewis.

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Subjects only needed to read, silently, for six minutes to slow down the heart rate and ease tension in the muscles, he found. In fact it got subjects to stress levels lower than before they started. Listening to music reduced the levels by 61 per cent, have a cup of tea of coffee lowered them by 54 per cent and taking a walk by 42 per cent. Playing video games brought them down by 21 per cent from their highest level but still left the volunteers with heart rates above their starting point. The research was commissioned by Galaxy choocalate to launch a campaign to give away one million books over the next six months.

For he is the living and eternal God for ever: I beheld till her wings were plucked off, and she was lifted up from the earth, and stood upon her feet as a man, and the heart of a man was given to her. Arise, devour much flesh. The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be greater than all the kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces.

I Daniel was much troubled with my thoughts, and my countenance was changed in me: No beast could withstand it or be rescued from its power; it did what it pleased and became very powerful. It threw the ram, which had not the force to withstand it, to the ground, and trampled upon it; and no one could rescue it from its power.

It cast truth to the ground, and was succeeding in its undertaking. But he said to me, "Understand, son of man, that the vision refers to the end time. He shall destroy powerful peoples; 25 his cunning shall be against the holy ones, his treacherous conduct shall succeed. He shall be proud of heart and destroy many by stealth.

But when he rises against the prince of princes, he shall be broken without a hand being raised. But I was appalled at the vision, which I could not understand. Yet we rebelled against you 10 and paid no heed to your command, O LORD, our God, to live by the law you gave us through your servants the prophets. As we did not appease the LORD, our God, by turning back from our wickedness and recognizing his constancy, 14 so the LORD kept watch over the calamity and brought it upon us.

On account of our sins and the crimes of our fathers, Jerusalem and your people have become the reproach of all our neighbors. When we present our petition before you, we rely not on our just deeds, but on your great mercy. O Lord, be attentive and act without delay, for your own sake, O my God, because this city and your people bear your name!

Therefore, mark the answer and understand the vision. Then transgression will stop and sin will end, guilt will be expiated, Everlasting justice will be introduced, vision and prophecy ratified, and a most holy will be anointed. From the utterance of the word that Jerusalem was to be rebuilt Until one who is anointed and a leader, there shall be seven weeks. During sixty-two weeks it shall be rebuilt, With streets and trenches, in time of affliction.

Then the end shall come like a torrent; until the end there shall be war, the desolation that is decreed. The revelation was certain: No strength remained in me; I turned the color of death and was powerless. Because of it I started out, 13 but the prince of the kingdom of Persia stood in my way for twenty-one days, until finally Michael , one of the chief princes, came to help me. I left him there with the prince of the kings of Persia, 14 and came to make you understand what shall happen to your people in the days to come; for there is yet a vision concerning those days.

For now no strength or even breath is left in me. Soon I must fight the prince of Persia again. When I leave, the prince of Greece will come; 21 but I shall tell you what is written in the truthful book. No one supports me against all these except Michael , your prince,. Strengthened by his riches, he shall rouse all the kingdom of Greece.

But her bid for power shall fail: But later 7 a descendant of her line shall succeed to his rank, and shall come against the rampart and enter the stronghold of the king of the north, and conquer them. For years he shall have nothing to do with the king of the north.

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When it returns and surges around the stronghold, 11 the king of the south, provoked, shall go out to fight against the king of the north, whose great host shall make a stand but shall be given into his hand 12 and be carried off. In the pride of his heart, he shall lay low tens of thousands, but he shall not triumph.

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The power of the south shall not withstand him, and not even his picked troops shall have the strength to resist. He shall stop in the glorious land, dealing destruction. He shall conclude an agreement with him and give him a daughter in marriage in order to destroy the kingdom, but this shall not succeed in his favor.

By stealth and fraud he shall seize the kingdom. Then he shall direct his rage and energy against the holy covenant; those who forsake it he shall once more single out. He shall prosper only till divine wrath is ready, for what is determined must take place.

Whoever acknowledges him he shall provide with abundant honor; he shall make them rule over the many and distribute the land as a reward. At that time your people shall escape, everyone who is found written in the book. Iniquity came out from Babylon from the ancient judges, that seemed to govern the people. And one said to the other: So going out they departed one from another.

Bring me oil, and washing balls, and shut the doors of the orchard, that I may wash me. I am straitened on every side: And on the next day, 28 When the people were come to Joakim her husband, the two elders also came full of wicked device against Susanna, to put her to death. Send to Susanna daughter of Helcias the wife of Joakim.

And presently they sent. As we walked in the orchard alone, this woman came in with two maids, and shut the doors of the orchard, and sent away the maids from her. O eternal God, who knowest hidden things, who knowest all things before they come to pass, 43 Thou knowest that they have borne false witness against me: What meaneth this word that thou hast spoken?

Are ye so foolish, ye children of Israel, that without examination or knowledge of the truth, you have condemned a daughter of Israel? Come, and sit thou down among us, and shew it us: Separate these two far from one another, and I will examine them. O thou that art grown old in evil days, now are thy sins come out, which thou hast committed before: The innocent and the just thou shalt not kill.

Under a mastic tree. Well hast thou lied against thy own head: O thou seed of Chanaan, and not of Juda, beauty hath deceived thee, and lust hath perverted thy heart: Under a holm tree. Well hast thou also lied against thy own head: And the king said to him: Why dost thou not adore Bel?

Reading 'can help reduce stress'

Because I do not worship idols made with hands, but the living God, that created heaven and earth, and hath power over all flesh. Doth not Bel seem to thee to be a living god? Seest thou not how much he eateth and drinketh every day? O king, be not deceived: If you tell me not, who it is that eateth up these expenses, you shall die.

And Daniel said to the king: Be it done according to thy word. And the king went with Daniel into the temple of Bel. Behold we go out: Are the seals whole, Daniel? They are whole, O king. Great art thou, O Bel, and there is not any deceit with thee. Behold the pavement, mark whose footsteps these are. I see the footsteps of men, and women, and children.

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And the king was angry. Behold thou canst not say now, that this is not a living god: I adore the Lord my God: And the king said: I give thee leave. Behold him whom you worshipped. The king is become a Jew. He hath destroyed Bel, he hath killed the dragon, and he hath put the priests to death. Deliver us Daniel, or else we will destroy thee and thy house. Carry the dinner which thou hast into Babylon to Daniel, who is in the lions' den.

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Lord, I never saw Babylon, nor do I know the den. O Daniel, thou servant of God, take the dinner that God hath sent thee. Thou hast remembered me, O God, and thou hast not forsaken them that love thee. And the angel of the Lord presently set Habacuc again in his own place. Great art thou, O Lord the God of Daniel.