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Is the Moon hiding a hollow core, one with an alien civilization? Do aliens take to hollowed out worlds out of a very real fear? However, after researching the facts, the author did something he rarely does. He made a complete about-face on his views regarding The Hollow Moon Theory! The wormhole was open at last. Kevin, clad in the very latest protective environmental suit, stepped through it. He stood on the surface of a strange world. A monstrous gibbous moon hung just above the eastern horizon. It dominated the black-reddish sky. Stars could not compete with its brilliance. Sent to Dartmoor on doctor's orders in , Chase eventually came to refer to herself as the "Lady of the Moor".

In her early books she describes her new neighbours with the florid, prayerful aloofness of a missionary. But for all her flaws as a writer and a neighbour, she can, occasionally, startle you with her vigilance. A sheep's eye, for instance, "looks to be made in two pieces joined in the middle by a long black seam". Tarka was rewritten 17 times, according to Williamson — "in what can only be described as anguish arising from a sense of insufficient knowledge". To ease that anguish he sought out his fictional otter's haunts, including the "high cold moors" of Devon and Somerset, often sleeping outdoors.

His friend Ted Hughes , who met Williamson while living with Sylvia Plath in the shadow of Dartmoor, observed that the older man came to resemble his subject — "that fierce, fiercely alert, bristly look". In order to write about an otter, it was necessary to become one. For Hughes himself, growing up in what was then the West Riding of Yorkshire, Tarka "gave shape and words to my world". In this volume of poetry he returns to the valleys and moors of his Calder Valley youth, reviving the land's myths and histories, and his own boyhood memories. In the volume's early editions his poems are accompanied by Fay Godwin's monolithic black-and-white photographs of the valley and its surmounting hills.

Ted Hughes's fellow poet and friend spent several impoverished years in the s garreted high above Saddleworth, on the edge of its dark moor, and in time he began to see the land with the beadiness of a native. In his epic little prose book about the south Pennines, he's snarky about Saddleworth's "didactic and sentimental" poet laureate, Ammon Wrigley ; but both men understood that the moors were not to be accommodated by any Romantic notion of "landscape".

For Hughes, the moor was a "desert", albeit one that had a "particular grip" on him. A generation earlier, Wrigley saw the moor as an enemy to be vanquished — a glowering menace, forever threatening to retake the cultivated land. The only downside I've found is these aren't longer stories I could keep reading about L. Muirs characters and never get tired of them. Feb 20, Carol rated it really liked it. And enjoyable read without the fast pace of book 2 this book is more about getting to the truth than it is about protecting a pretty young lady.

Jun 09, Denice Darland rated it it was amazing. Clever fun spun out of misery It took Jamie a bit to realize what his deed needed to be, but things fell quickly into place thereafter. Great short tale of magic and love. Jun 19, Kathleen Lowery rated it it was amazing. Wonderful I don't know if I want to cry or not at this one but I hope they get forever ,sweet Jamie. Jun 17, Ella Foisy rated it it was amazing.

Only my opinion I like this series because each story is different. The core is the same but the characters are different. The endings are different also. Dec 30, Jan Baldocchi rated it it was amazing.


Seek and Ye Shall Find Wow what a great story set within a great Scottish pastimes - ghost hunting. A twist of fate or a lost love - such is the tale of Jamie. Jan 22, Kristin Cook rated it really liked it. Better book than the last one. I'll continue reading them Sep 29, Joy rated it it was amazing. Great series so far Enjoying this series.

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I like the concept of each spirit trying to find a way to "move on" pass the moor they have been haunting for centuries. Jan 15, Tasha rated it it was amazing. This is a pretty good series. It does have some spelling errors in it but still quite simple to read and understand even with those. This is book 2 of this series and it featuring the next person up Jamie Houston he is known as 16 from his fellow Ghost friends Soni offers him the same chance that she has offered Lachlan book 1 and he accepts it.

However, instead of a different country he is sent to his former home, Kinkeld House where he must perform his heroic deed. He meets a ghost filming This is a pretty good series. He meets a ghost filming crew and takes up with them to discover ghost in the Kinkeld House. He is laughing to himself because he only knows of one ghost their, Himself. But he soon discovers there is more ghost there than just him including his former love interest Elspeth. According to legend she kills herself when her love, his brother Ian doesn't return after the war.

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  • Melodie Op. 18, No. 1.

Is this true or is she simply misunderstood. Well that is for you to find out but the book is hilarious. Aug 18, Carol Everson rated it it was amazing Shelves: Honesty is the best policy This set is so cool. Just love this series of books.