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The Magnuson-Moss Warranty act greatly affects the rights of car buyers. California Lemon Law March 01, at Debt Collection Laws March 24, at California Lemon Law May 19, at Texas Lemon Law November 08, at These failed products are called "lemons" In the s, it is said, people started to use the work "lemon" to describe others who were sour or unfriendly. I agree with above comment. Tom Kane Real Lawyer News: Subscribe to this blog's feed. Cooley Law School William H. The opinions expressed in this weblog represent only the opinions of the author s and are in no way intended as legal advice upon which you should rely.

Every person's situation is different and requires an attorney to review the situation personally with you. This weblog does not create an attorney-client relationship. We'll tell you exactly what your state's laws say regarding what qualifies as a lemon, how long you have to file a claim, and what the burden of proof is. With a purchase this expensive, it's critical to make sure you don't miss the deadlines or omit required paperwork in your filing.

Make sure our Newsletter makes it to your inbox by adding email dmv. Register to donate your organs, eyes, or tissues today. You Can Blame the Time of Year. Then when I came out said Oh no there is not hd tow. Took me too office manager , alcohol smell ,refused to refund my cash i just pd.

Back to manager office made me wait long. Told them no I did not want the car or anything without a tow van. I sat in the van calling the chrysler maine dealership owners who kept saying we cant help you and that was it. The manager kept coming out to make me take my new car out of the parking lot, leave.

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My first trip my brakes on a trip alone to meet my son from fla. The garage repaired 2 calipers front ,informed me ,went back again , informed now need 2 rotors on back, left the garage again. Replaced rear rotors now says need front rotors to and extreme heat melt all along. Told to hang on to reciepts to get reinb. Did not know There maybe help. Dealership quoting high charges repeatedly and crooked. My money was low. March 28th, at 4: The money to pay for my new van.

Injuries when a elevater exploded me off it in Is there any recourse for either situation. I am still trying to heal. March 31st, at 6: April 13th, at 9: April 20th, at 8: Numerous forums are out there that suggest this issue is a brake pedal sensor; but getting the run around.

Iowa Lemon Law

It has 47, miles but still under an extended warrenty thoughts? May 1st, at I have the manufactures warranty on my ford focus for powertrain. I have been experiencing shuttering, hesitation, and slipping of the gears. The dealership refused to fix the problem the first time I dropped the car off.

This will be the second trip and they said it has to slip after rpm before they will fix the transmission. I have yet to see any paperwork on that from ford or in the warranty book. May 13th, at Buy brand new Toyota 4-Runner. Have miles on it Take for oil change by two months ago dealer told me bottom framework is so corroded is not safe to drive any more,is there anything I can do? Most likely no but I would not let that stop me from calling Toyota. There may be a silent warranty regarding the issue.

June 9th, at 3: I called the mechanic this week he said engine replaced car will be done Friday so I called they said there was another problem but it will be done Saturday morning called all morning with no response so I was upset because the lender had been harassing me for payment and I was broke from trying to get back and forth to work and etc so they gave me a rental that jerks like its ready to break down. June 12th, at Purchased a Fiat L Lounge less than 3 weeks ago with miles on it. Second day engine light came on, called a local Fiat dealer and took it in for service under warranty.

Took it back a week later, part replaced. Next day, engine light back on. Took it back immediately, was given a rental car by dealer. They had my car for 5 days, replaced a part on the replaced part. Next day engine light back on. Frustrated and even though very low miles and covered under manufacturer warranty it is not covered under Fl Lemon Law being that I purchased it used.

In less than 3 weeks it has only had 3 days without service engine light on. Just over miles now and more than of the miles are just driving back and forth to dealer. Is it possible that it might be umbrella-ed under Magnuson Moss Warranty Act? June 16th, at 1: June 16th, at 5: When you say manufacturers warranty, does buying a used car and the extended warranty mean the same thing?

I bought a used GMC Sierra and has been in the shop about an accumulated time of 3 months or more for several issues and the last 4 times has been for same complaint reduced engine power-engine cuts out and loses all power. June 25th, at I purchased a Yamaha r6 last month. It has miles on it and is already on its third time at the dealer. It would not start or crank over. Took it in and they told me the motor was hydrolocked with oil.

It had miles on it after the oil change when this happened. I called to check on it since I did not hear from them. Pulled it outside to let it warm up before the ride home and the oil light came on. Back in it went for another 2 weeks. Called to check on it 2days again and yet again they said it a been done for a couple days and it was good to go.

I made it a little farther this time. Out of the 7 weeks I owned this bike I have had it in my possession for 2 weeks. Where do I go from here? July 3rd, at 9: I certainly see a potential claim. Sadly, it does not mean the same thing. In almost every state, your car would be too old to apply.

I would still call your state attorney general and find out if they have a used car lemon law that may come into play. July 8th, at 8: Recently, starter started to struggle. I brought it in. The battery seemed old so my brother paid to have it replaced. It stalled three times so I brought it in again, but the tests could find nothing wrong with the starter. They told me to make sure not to flood the motor with gas upon startup. Two more weeks, then the car suddenly died, on a hot day. What are my rights to have this car replaced?

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Or at least to have them pay for the starter replacement? July 29th, at 7: I got a ford focus in The first while I had it it was alright then it seemed like the transmission started to shift stangly. If I braked and then accelerated it would slip the gears. This time it really went south. I was 25 miles from home just finished working and got in my car to go home.

The transmission would shift past 2nd gear. And then I told them about the 3rd recall on the transmission. I had to borrow a vehicle from my company to make it to work tomorrow. I got a card in the mail with this website on it. July 31st, at 3: With your service records in hand, give us a call at 1 to determine if you have a potential claim. August 11th, at 9: I have an 09 Dodge Grand Caravan that I purchased three years ago. It now at a third dealership being looked at.

October 22nd, at 4: I was in a car accident in August when the funeral home rear end me from the back. My former truck was total lost so I just brought this Ford Explorer in August 25 and I was told it the barring and changes 4 tires. He wanted 1, for it but he drop the price to 1, Do I have a case on this lemon law? I am about to have back surgery due to this car accident. Highly upset about this guy ripping me off. Looking forward to hear from u soon.

November 12th, at 1: January 15th, at I have had my car in for the same tire 4 times now. February 12th, at 9: We have owned a Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland since the vehicle was released. When the initial 35k warranty expired, we purchased the extended warranty with Mopar. At 74K miles, the compressor for the air suspension failed. The compressor kept running, and we had to remove the fuse to shut it off.

Lemon Laws by State |

The authorized dealer replaced the compressor and it seemed fine, with deductible in hand. Not 2 weeks later in February , the compressor is having the same issue and is back at the dealership today. We love the Jeep brand but are completely frustrated with this issue and the lack of attention to the repair.

What are our options? March 5th, at 6: Then a few days later it rained and in order to drive it I had to use a cup to shovel the water out.. I been to this dealer several times n time n time again the problems not fixed and 3 month warranty has run out now months later they say I need a motor.. March 18th, at 3: I purchased a MB. In , the car experienced ignition problems.

Again in , the car experienced the same issue. And agian in , the same issue occurred.

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Finally, in , the car was back at Mercedes with the same issue. March 19th, at Before delivery I seen driver seat belt problem. They hold this car to days and deliver me on 4th ant the same night i have seen engine Singh are on next day front right tire low air. They are still repairing. One bad things is I have 60 days warranty.

I was asking the person how I can return the vehicle. If u guys thing so that I can get the justice for this happen let me know I will upload dealership name and person who made this happens…. March 21st, at 5: We are running into the same issue with the brand new RV we purchased from them. Had it in the driveway for 2 hours and the furnace had major issues. LED lights are out and a tear right at the seam in the new couch noticed before any of us even sat on it. We will see what happens. April 29th, at I have a Jeep Patriot that I bought in August , I got the lifetime added care plus lifetime power train warranty.

In December I was told my warranty covered the front right wheel hub. Had to take it back February 29, to replace half cracked hub.

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I still hear the noise and my mechanic seems to think it is once again the front wheel hub. Unfortunately the wheel lock key broke when he tried to remove it. I now have to pay to get it removed and replace all the locks with regular lug nuts.

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  8. Then I can find out if the wheel hub is the problem. Can I do anything about this? I feel that they may have intentionally sabatoged my wheel lock. August 10th, at August 10th, at 2: I have a jeep liberty that I bought 6wks ago. I have had it to 4 mechanics, including 2 dealships and the used car lots garage. NO one including the sales man wants to help. August 11th, at 5: September 6th, at 4: I gave a deposit of , and went the next day to pay the rest of the money and sign the papers. The guys tells me that he has to take pictures of the car, before taking it.

    I drive the car and a week and a half later the car overheatsl I call them up, and they tell me to take them the car.

    Theycheck and tell me it was a hose clamp. I take the car and it overheats again, I take it to another mechanic who tells me it is the thermostat and the sending unit. I payed 90, and take the car which overheats again. I My last stop was at a Monro, where they inspected my car, searching for the noise and rattling in the wheel, after the replacement of the headgasket. September 8th, at 1: Sadly, the age is a big problem. Call your state attorney general and see if you have any used car statutes in your state. It would be too old to qualify for protection under the Magnsuon Moss Warranty Act.

    December 28th, at Hi so I am financing a suv that is a jeep grand cherokee. The jeep just turned 1 year of purchase date 2 weeks ago! The wheel bearing went on the vehicle and I spent 4 days arguing back and fourth with the garage I purchased from and the garage that specializes in jeeps!

    New Jersey Lemon Law Consumer Information (Part 1)

    I had supposedly manufacturer warrenty on this vehicle when it was purchased because It only has 31 thousand miles on it now! Was 20 when purchased, both garages told me that my warrenty expired and I would have to pay out of pocket and basically do everything plus pay for this vehicle after 4 days of sitting on a lot! Anything that I can do law wise??? I am looking to filed a claim! They were not honest with me , they kept trying to make deals and then trying to evolve me into paying more I spent my whole holiday without a car and had to deal with emotional distress and argue with these dealerships because they had to clue what they wanted to do.

    Such a huge mess. January 16th, at 3: I have a dodge nitro 4wd. Has been in the shop about 6 times , and current in shop now and has been for around 2 weeks.