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ON the other side of the planet, another great civilization has entered a moment of consequence.

Did a Black Hole Create the Milky Way?

In seeking to end the feuds of a thousand years, Europe constructed a common market without equal in scale and scope, becoming a paragon of peace, reconciliation, and prosperity over the past decades. ITS fledgling recovery from the Great Recession was interrupted by upheavals in the Eurozone, as well as by a series of ruptures in its periphery and neighborhood. As a result, Europe is facing an increasingly complex set of economic, social, ideological, institutional, and security challenges. Due to confidentiality reasons I cannot discuss the finer psychological aspects of the mission, however I can entail my other experiences.

Here lies the heart of the operation, where students and space professionals work in a variety of different roles and teams. To name a few, these include:. It was the EarthCom position that struck me as highly interesting from a psychological standpoint, as the individual in that role holds responsibility for communication from the MSC to the Field Crew.

A Tale of Two Planets (episode)

This requires a level of sensitivity and situational awareness from the individual working in that position, as it is not only important to send the relevant commands and decisions from the MSC, but the manner in which you communicate these can also be influential. A more serious example of such an event occurred in Skylab 4, where the crew shut down all communications with Earth for a full day, and is now a case study in team management and psychology.

In regards to Mars missions such situations could be dire, as the communication delays between Earth and Mars can range from 3 to 21 minutes. A contingency situation on Mars would be difficult enough with this delay, let alone with a blend of miscommunication and team fission.

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As a result communication is not taken lightly even in analogue missions, and OeWF members are required to take several training courses in team-building and mindfulness, with the aim of raising empathy between crew and preventing such situations. So when I was asked to step in the role of EarthCom for a while I was initially apprehensive, however I was soon delighted to find that the high team-spirit within the MSC was also shared with our colleagues in Oman.

I was particularly interested to see the Field Crews outlook on the mission, as they had been alone in the Dhofar desert for almost three weeks when I joined.

Even worse than poor Mars did. You know what happens next, sweetie?

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Earth caught his gaze, suspicion radiating from her globe. Mars found the son of a musician and filled him with dreams of the stars. The boy built a slender, metal toy to gaze at the sky. But he looked at Mars for only a moment before turning all attention to Sun. Awestruck, the sailors stared at the diamond studded night. But they too ignored Mars and focused on a distant star. Polaris stole his glory. A black-haired human, short but powerful, seemed promising. But he never looked upward longer than to chart the course of his war path.

Mars pulled away his mind, sweeping Earth for the kings and chiefs of the minuscule humans. He pushed, urging them to explore and travel—and they did, but not to Mars.

A Tale of 2 Planets

Armor and weapons gleaming, the humans assaulted one another, seeking for what their neighbors owned. Mars glared at Phobos, wondering if he really needed a second moon. After all, Deimos never shared unwelcome advice. Earth trembled, tectonic plates grinding, tsunamis washing across her shores. She sent up another tidal wave in despair. Earth looked to her own moon.

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His own crust grated uncomfortably. Her focus lifted, and Mars thought Earth had heard him, until he saw her true focus—the rockets. And then one made for Mars. Not manned by humans, but small metallic creatures. Her vermin have gotten out of hand.