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During the course of his service, Scott picked up an assortment of skills. Lastly, Scott maintains a network of friends and comrades scattered throughout the military, the federal government, local and state law enforcement, and various other convenient places. Scott's Evolved ability allows him to summon his own personal pocket plane with a holding capacity of exactly one cubic meter. This fold of space is nearly always nearby see below , and he is able to transport objects in and out of it at will.

He can only dematerialize and re-materialize one object at a time, and that object must be a single unit; he can't take out a section of wall, for instance, but he could take an entire wall — if it was freestanding and within the volume limit. Which, really, isn't much of a wall to begin with. Robert A.V. Jacobs: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

The pocket has no set dimensions. Its length, width, and depth are perfectly malleable, but its volume is never greater than a cubic meter. There is no limit on how many objects it may hold, so long as their total volume does not exceed that amount. Within the pocket, time moves at a rate of 1: Effectively, any objects stored within are in temporal stasis until Scott chooses to return them to this world. Scott may put living things inside the pocket plane as well, but if he does so and if the living thing is larger than a bug , it no longer moves with him.

Robert A.V. Jacobs

It stays exactly where that living thing was in the real world until the living thing is called back, no matter what he does or where he goes. He always knows where it is in relation to himself, so he will never lose track of its location, and is always aware of its contents. More specifically, he can think to himself "Is this in there?

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In truly desperate times, Scott can even hide himself within his pocket plane, though doing so poses significant risks. He can't see outside from within his plane, and its stasis effect means he can never be sure that the situation outside is the same as he left it. As living things must re-materialize at precisely the place from which they left, the consequences should something else be occupying that space — living or dead — would be dire indeed.

For obvious reasons, then, Scott has invoked his ability in this manner just once. The range on his power varies depending on what he's attempting to transport.

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Smaller inanimate objects — guns, ammunition, rope, bottled water, medical supplies, and the like — he can place within his pocket plane as long as they're within his line of sight; larger ones require him to be within ten meters of their closest point. He doesn't know, and frankly, he doesn't care: So far, he hasn't been able to transport living matter on sight; to accomplish that feat, he must touch the subject's bare flesh, if only for a millisecond.

The Ferryman has grown quite adept at this sort of teleportation, to the point at which he has merely to want something inside to make it so, provided the range condition is met: However, his capacity to do so is not limitless, and continuous usage of his power will assuredly tire him out — for instance, if he attempts to vanish all the bullets fired from a machine gun over the course of ten seconds.

The consequences of entering this refracted state are severe: Worst of all, Scott doesn't know how exactly how much mental effort will cause him to burn out, although he's fairly certain the threshold is quite high. Nevertheless, the precise trigger seems to vary each time, transforming each particularly adventurous use of his power into a roll of the proverbial dice. Edit History Tags Source. Create account or Sign in. Spinward Fringe Broadcast Star Wars Journey to the Force Awakens: The Ballad of Bad Jack. The Twice and Future Caesar.

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