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You are on an emotional roller coaster with worry, fear, grief and an overwhelming sense of helplessness.

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You wish you could ask your pet to tell you what's wrong. You want, with all your heart, to "Do Something"! Animal Communicator Dr Monica Diedrich faced this very same dilemma when her two-year-old Shih-tzu was close to death. As she lay on the floor beside him, she clearly heard him say, "You call yourself a healer. It was Chop Chop's heart-felt plea that then inspired Dr Monica to develop this series of books.

After our third session, my client sent me this wonderful picture of the two of them together. Camaro insists on visiting Good Boy, stopping by his stall and saying hello every day when he is taken out on his walk. Good Boy is a different horse now. He enjoys his human, who now showers him with love and praise.

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His riding work with beginners has been put on hold and he now enjoys and looks for treats and love when people stop by to talk to him and remind him how handsome he still is at 18 years old. Good Boy's last comment to me, "It's nice to have a friend," reminded me once more that healing can be as simple as someone smiling at you or wishing you a good day.

Our idea for this e-newsletter is to involve you as we create it.

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We want it to be exactly what you're looking for in your mailbox. So please, let us hear from you! We also want it to speak for us - in our own voices - sharing our ideas and what we're learning in this great adventure of working with your pets. In order to make this work financially, we're looking for several co-sponsors. We would like to open our e-newsletter to them, to share their ideas along side ours. If you are interested in joining us as a sponsor, or know someone who might be, please email me. This is an opportunity to expand our "team" a little bit and bring more love and support to you and your pets.

Thank you for helping us make this e-newsletter the best it can be for all of us! My editor forwarded an e-newsletter to me, advising me that the writer and I had something in common. I laughed to myself, thinking back to 36 years ago when no one even knew what an Animal Communicator was. And now a like-minded person is going to connect with me through a common friend - by e-mail no less? I was wrong, Rog is not an animal communicator at all, but he does 'talk' with nature and in his way he communicates too.

I read his e-newsletter with interest and then visited his blog. I laughed again at his funny way of poking fun at what he does and, by extension, at what I do. He calls his blog " Woo-Woo Wellness " and I could almost picture him shaking his hands as he says out loud the words "Wooooo- woooooo! It occurred to me that you would love him too.

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When I was a landscaper, I figured out it's a lot easier to work with Nature than against Her. That seems pretty obvious, but it's highly counter-intuitive in a field like landscaping, where the apparent goal is to shape Nature into exactly what you want it to be. During this period, I read an interesting book about the Findhorn community. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of seeing gardening. By this time I was already defining landscaping as "three-dimensional living art. There's just too much writing and evidence about Nature Spirits to ignore or write off their existence.

Call me an English major if you like, but those old poets did have a hot line to something of value that many of us seem to miss in our daily lives. I decided to ask the Nature Spirits for help.

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In less than four years, I find myself once again living in a botanical garden - one of peace and joy. This time, I'm amazed at how little time, energy, and money went into it - remember, I used to do this work professionally, so I've done more than a few designs and more than a few estimates. This time, I simply follow the guidance of the Nature Spirits.

And, this sets us up for healing plants. Plants want to be healed. Nature wants to cooperate. The knowledge and information is "out there.

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I've heard reflexology is a powerful healing tool for pets and would like to try it on my dog Rusty, but he won't let me touch his paws. What can I do? Dogs can be very responsive to reflexology. If we catch a condition early, a single treatment may eliminate it. Here's a bit from the chapter on reflexology in my latest book: At first, they'll automatically pull away, even when no pain is involved. They need time to discover that good things happen when you touch their feet, and the need to learn to trust you. If you get your pet as a puppy, it's important to begin right away to gently touch and hold its paws several times a day so the puppy becomes used to the feeling.

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If you adopt an older dog, he or she can also become accustomed to having the paws touched regularly, though it may take a little longer. Keep at it - Rusty will be glad you did! It's a blessing to feel connected to all of you again. Let's stay in touch! Heal and Communicate with Your Pets. From the Pet Bible.

He or she then takes the picture information the animal "sends," and "translates" it into sentences, so that it makes sense to the animal's human companion. Read Rog's blog about healing your pets. Roger Wyer W. Ste Gilbert, AZ Greetings to all my dear friends and clients!

I'm delighted to present this e-newsletter where we can connect with each other.

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  8. It's a wonderful opportunity for me to share information about pets and healing, and to give back to every one of you and the pets who have given me so much joy over the years.