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The flood and the rising of Sirius also marked the ancient Egyptian New Year, and so she also was thought of as a goddess of the New Year.

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Her aspect of being a fertility goddess was not just linked to the Nile. By the Middle Kingdom, she was believed to be a mother goddess, and a nurse goddess, changing her from a goddess of agriculture to a goddess of motherhood. This probably was due to her strong connection with the mother-goddess Isis. Not just a goddess of the waters of the inundation, Sopdet had another link with water - she was believed to cleanse the pharaoh in the afterlife. It is interesting to note that the embalming of the dead took seventy days - the same amount of time that Sirius was not seen in the sky, before it's yearly rising.

She was a goddess of fertility to both the living and the dead. In the Pyramid Texts, she is the goddess who prepares yearly sustenance for the pharaoh, 'in this her name of "Year"'.

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She is also thought to be a guide in the afterlife for the pharaoh, letting him fly into the sky to join the gods, showing him 'goodly roads' in the Field of Reeds and helping him become one of the imperishable stars. She was thought to be living on the horizon, encircled by the Duat.

In the Pyramid texts, parallelling the story of Osiris and Isis, the pharaoh was believed to have had a child with Sopdet: Your sister Isis comes to you rejoicing for love of you. You have placed her on your phallus and your seed issues into her, she being ready as Sopdet, and Horus-Soped has come forth from you as Horus who is in Sopdet. Sopdet's symbolism and meaning were absorbed into the well-known national goddess, Isis, due to another legend about the star.

Sirius happens to travel the sky just ahead of the large constellation of Orion. His belt of three stars serves as an easy pointer towards Sirius, the unmistakable bright star that is one of the few visible even in city lights' glare.

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Orion was identified with the dying-and-resurrected god Osiris, in Egyptian mythology, who was one of the most well-known gods of the pantheon. His wife and sister Isis was Lady of Magic, who brought her husband back to life, and the bright star his constellation followed naturally came to be associated with her.

The function of Sirius as herald of the life-giving inundation of the Nile added another layer of metaphor to this age-old story. Brundige, Inventing the Solar System: She was also thought to give birth to the Morning Star Venus , the pharaoh being described as the father in the Pyramid Texts. Sopdet was also connected to the goddess Satet at Abu Elephantine. Sirius was the most important star to ancient Egyptian astronomers because it signalled the approach of the inundation and the beginning of a new year. New year was celebrated with a festival known as "The Coming of Sopdet".

In fact, the "Sothic Rising" only coincided with the solar year once every years. The Sothic Cycle the periods between the rising of the star have been used by archaeologists trying to construct a chronology of Ancient Egypt. Sopdet was the wife of Sahu "the hidden one" , the constellation Orion, and the mother of Sopdu "skilled man" , a falcon god who represented the planet Venus. This triad echoed the trio of Osiris , Isis and Horus , but the connections were not always simple.


Sopdet became increasingly associated with Isis, who asserts that she is Sopdet in "the lamentations of Isis and Nephthys " c B. C and will follow Osiris, the manifestation of Sahu.

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However, as well as being considered to be the spouse of Orion Osiris , she is described by the pyramid texts as the daughter of Osiris. Although Sopdet started out as an agricultural deity, closely associated with the Nile, by the Middle Kingdom she was also considered to be a mother goddess.