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Fifth, tap on the drop down box for the target audience.

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Located below the post to share, the default selection is On your own timeline. When you tap it, you can choose to share to a friend's timeline, In a group, or On your Page. Sixth, use the Type a page When it comes up, tap on it to select it. Finally, make sure everything looks Ok and then tap on Post.

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The shared post will then appear on your Page wall as a share by your Page. They'll get filed away within the Posts By Others area and may never be seen.

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If you really don't want to use your personal Facebook account to Like and monitor these other Pages, you can set up a username and password for your Facebook Page and then log into your Facebook app as that Page. That does require that you regularly log back and forth between your personal and your business accounts, which adds time to the experience and makes it less likely that you'll do it.

While Facebook does offer a Pages Manager app link below , the app does not offer a News Feed for the other Pages that you've liked using your Facebook Page. Now that Facebook has revamped the Notes feature , more and more people will be creating great content using Facebook Notes.

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Ans that means they're going to want to share that content to their Facebook Pages. While it's easy to do on desktop, mobile requires that you or someone else has already shared the Note to a personal feed. So, to share one of your own notes, you must first go to that Note, tap the Share button, and share it to your personal stream. Next, go back to your personal profile within the Facebook app, look for the shared note in your stream, and share that.

You're going to want to tap the Share button, choose Write Post, and then change "Your Timeline" in the top to be whatever Page you want to share to. We already mentioned some general sources and kinds of Facebook Pages you might follow, but what, exactly, should you look for to share. From an informational perspective, look for interesting images and helpful articles that you would be interested in yourself if you were one of your clients.

While it's OK to demonstrate and talk about some of your personal interests sometimes, don't make that a habit. While I may love my St. Louis Cardinals, and I follow several Pages on Facebook that regularly share cool Cardinal images and articles, they're not of interest to most of my Page followers, so constant sharing of that kind of story would be counter-productive.

When it comes to News stories, you will definitely want to share stories that would be of interest and potentially affect your followers, but don't just spam posts from major news networks. Instead, watch for stories from or about specific vendors or businesses in your industry.

Local news, business press releases, and other kinds of stories that aren't as mainstream are what I would look for. Site administrators can restrict sharing so that only owners can share files and sites. For information about an admin can enable sharing links, see Video: Share a site without access request. If site administrators have not restricted sharing to site owners, any user with Edit permissions to a file or folder can share that file or folder with others by clicking Share or Copy link.

Users who don't have edit permissions can use Copy link to get a link that will work for users who already have permissions to the file or folder. Didn't find your answer here? Try posting your question in the Microsoft community. Share SharePoint files or folders.

How do I share a post with a link?

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Share a file or folder

Thank you for your feedback! What you do next depends on what you see in the Homegroup window. You can skip on to step two, where you connect other PCs on the network.

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Click Next and then you can close the Homegroup options and move on to step two. Instead, Windows will authorize you automatically. The following screen just tells you a little about Homegroups. Again, your first step is making sure the printer is connected to a PC and that you can print to it. Customizing Your Network Sharing Settings. You are informed that the printer will not be available when your computer sleeps or it is shut down. Also, if you are using password protected sharing, you are informed that only users on your network with a username and password for this computer can print to it.

We suggest you read up on customizing your network sharing settings before making that decision. If this setting is enabled, all the documents that will be printed are rendered on the computers where people are doing the printing.

When this setting is disabled, the documents are rendered on the computer to which the printer is attached.