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Dan komplett bebildert Product Features: Paperback Language of Text: Domenic Hesse, Elies Retzek Publisher: Be the first to rate this product Rate this product: In David Clark Hrsg. Theory, culture, practise S. Leitfaden zur Trauertherapie und Trauerberatung. Der Wille zur Gewalt. Was willst Du, Du lebst. Phasen und Chancen des psychischen Prozesses. Sich einlassen und loslassen. The craft of dying: The modern face of death. In Niklas Luhmann, Soziale Systeme. Senses of the modern self. Sinnkrise und biographische Entwicklung. Endlich die Menschen entdeckt?

Zugleich eine Kritik an der Tiefenhermeneutik. Die Methodologie einer objektiven Hermeneutik und ihre allgemeine forschungslogische Bedeutung in den Sozialwissenschaften. In Hans-Georg Soeffner Hrsg. Bereavement as a psychosocial transition. Processes of adaptation to change. Theory, research and intervention S. Gestalt und Struktur biographischer Selbstbeschreibungen. Auf dem Wege zu einer hermeneutischen Wissenssoziologie S. Biographieforschung und narratives Interview. A review of the grief work hypothesis. Journal of Death and Dying , 26 1 , The dual process model of coping with bereavement: Death Studies , 23 , Does "grief work" work?

Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology , 59 3 , Cultural variations in the emotional reaction to loss. Theory, research and intervention. The sociology of emotions. Die Herstellung von Biografie n. In Johan Christoph Student Hrsg. The revival of death 2. The culture of grief. Voraussetzungen, Strukturen und Funktionen von Individual- und Gruppentherapien.

Vom Beichtstuhl zum Chatroom. Zur gesellschaftlichen Bedeutung von Beratung S. Zur Codierung von Verlusterfahrungen als individuelles Leid. Geschlechtersoziologie, Religionssoziologie, Thanatosoziologie, Biografieforschung. Killing the victim after it ended the relationship Solution: John Lennon about violence. Valerie Hudson and Chad Emmett: May WomanStats Database , the world's most comprehensive compilation of information on the status of women. Neuroscientific research will change the way rape is perceived and prosecuted.

Ending male dominated social control and culture of shame. Nietzsche understood warriordom as a virtue of thinkers not fighters. Desensitized by hard core pornography and alcohol Bundy was "possessed" by "a separate entity inside" when he raped and murdered and engaged in necrophilia. Addiction to sexual violence induced by pornography and alcohol had Bundy commit capital crimes. Childhood sexual abuse memories: Freud's Suppression of the Seduction Theory , Expressing and receiving appreciation and gratitude vs. The suicide rate in the US military is nearly double the national average of the US population.

Painful, fearladen sex with fallen god entities, origin of pornography. There are around complaints of rape and sexual assault in Germany annually. United States of America. A study conducted by the South African Medical Research Council on 1, sampled South African men from different race and age backgrounds, from urban and rural areas, revealed the following results [status June ]:.

Aftermath of childhood trauma and humiliation in a racist mysogynist culture. Rapists are men who have predominantly been traumatized in childhood by experiencing severe physical violence or sexual abuse, emotional and physical abuse and neglect. Their anger and pain thereof is translated into violent behavior or violent tendencies. Worldwide, the suicide rate of men is 4 times higher than with females.

Male brains are more wired for systemizing than for empathizing. Dabbs studied 4, men. Online pornography portraying sexual aggression as pleasurable for the victim misleads young men. Gender binary cultures based on a gender hierarchy are fueling moral twists and violence.

The psychology of abusive patriarchal societies favors rankism which forms pseudo relationships subjected to the power-and-control model. For roughly 5, years marriage used to be an institution where women and minorities were seen and treated as property of the state and their husbands. For millennia sex was the only currency women had to trade for their survival. Given no choice, women adopted the idea that sex is a commodity for attention , status gain, love, care, and security. In underdeveloped societies women have still no choice than to feed the longstanding rape culture resulting in the humiliating deep-seated sex barter wound.

A true culture of consent requires an overhaul of longstanding gender roles. It takes into account that women are sexual beings with developmentally-appropriate and positive desire. Providing "out there" men i. Sometimes the sheltering "superiors" become the ones second class-gender-nobodies need shelter from.

Shielded men, lacking proper initiation into a heart-centered culture of dignity , adopted a misrepresented model of masculinity that shamed and turned off their own feelings of vulnerability and compassion. Rape culture , ingrained for millennia, has it that women and men fail to notice how much they actively or passively partake in severe damage. Since Western men and women are nominally equal , women no longer subscribe to sex trade concepts consciously. Nevertheless, imprinted and programmed, women subconsciously think, "I must please the man first" not minding their own standards.

In subtle or gross ways women allow and comply to submission that is expected and wanted of them. They find it hard to say "no" to a man's wishes. To be real in their yes women need to be honored, supported and loved — in their no. That way men and women heal the relational sex wound on both sides and give birth to a more authentic world. A husband surrenders to the NO of his wife and transforms into a new man. Shaming of masculinity triggers violence, shaming of femininity silences women.

Appeasing the demons is an ancient Buddhist practice. Continually feeding of the outer and inner demons and the elated and egocentric demons with wisdom nectar will eventually transform them for the better. She is the author of Feeding your demons. The story of Machig goes that the demons were so moved by her fearlessness and by her generosity, compassion , and the stability of her meditation that they said to her,. Taming wild young elephants with ear flapping elders.

Various studies found that the activity in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis with bullying victims tends to be altered. The altered cortisol response thereof increased the risk for developing depression. Copeland's study Adult Psychiatric Outcomes of Bullying and Being Bullied by Peers in Childhood and Adolescence concluded that the effects of being bullied are direct, long-lasting, and pleiotropic [genetic]. The Bystander effect also called Genovese syndrome is a social psychological phenomenon.

Many of the witnesses reported that they did not realize that Kitty Genovese was actually being murdered. They believed that they were witnessing a "lover's quarrel". There is also neighborhood watch and the " mad mob effect ". A study on victims of bullying showed "blunted cortisol responses to stress in bullied twins in comparison with their non-bullied co-twins.

Violence expert and psychiatrist James Gilligan, M. To his own surprise he discovered that the Republican periods had consistently added to poverty and violence in the United States whereas the periods ruled by Democratic president consistently lowered the unemployment and homicide rates. Treatment of mentally ill people.

The rate of imprisonment in the US was mostly unchanged for the three quarters of the 20th century. Beginning mids US steadily raised her incarceration rate:. Yet nearly four million colored and poor white Americans were deprived the right to vote, often for life. The benefactor of this strategy is the Republican party. Norway's reoffending rates of former prisoners are the lowest in Europe: Tendency rising since Prison guards in Norway train for three years, whereas in England they train for six weeks only.

Called both "holiday camp" and the world's first "human ecological prison", this island prison is housing prisoners. The main requirement for its inmates is the determination to live a crime-free life on release. Norway coined the unique term Likeverd , which does not exist in other languages. The concepts of human dignity and equality have had a chance to develop organically in Norway's past history due to the circumstance that this formerly very poor country was never conquered by neighboring nations.

Hence, her people were saved from prolonged subjugation. This violent, humiliating, pain-lust form of sexuality requires two "consenting" players: Same way despotism requires the cruel rules class and the "consenting" dumbed-down desensitized massminded people. In the beginning of the Aquarian age women are being empowered winning both more influence and standing in public life, while at the same time they are more "oppressed" in even more sinister approaches.

Pronounced as "Miss SM-Appeal", it calls upon the violent streak in viewers. A forerunner of designing BDSM and punk attire, Diana Rigg played both the roles of the dominatrix and the sex sklave in movies. That way she indeed influenced the modern image of women in a degrading sense.

Israeli 'Nation-State' law a 'clear form of apartheid', says Barenboim

The novel trilogy 50 Shades of Grey 70 million sold copies followed by the movie with the same title are corporatist mainstream media hyped culture destroying and human degrading trash. It is not a "love"story, but a continued story of abuse with an irreal happy end between a superrich psychopath and a minor, a schoolgirl. It mirrors the way how the archetypes Pluto and Persephone Wolf and Red Riding Hood were engaged in an imbalanced relationship. American professor of family studies Amy E. In her first study Dr. As a result of her second study on the "50 Shades of Grey" phenomenon Bonomi concluded:.

Fifty Shades of Grey , the book and the movie, is a celebration of the sadism that dominates nearly every aspect of American culture and lies at the core of pornography and global capitalism. It glorifies our dehumanization of women. It champions a world devoid of compassion , empathy and love. It eroticizes hypermasculine power that carries out the abuse, degradation, humiliation and torture of women whose personalities have been removed, whose only desire is to debase themselves in the service of male lust.

The film, like [the produced American biographical war drama film] American Sniper , unquestioningly accepts a predatory world where the weak and the vulnerable are objects to exploit while the powerful are narcissistic and violent demigods. It blesses this capitalist hell as natural and good. Like most pornography, the storyline is weak, the characters one-dimensional, while the sex itself graphic, detailed, but formulaic.

The underlying theme to 50 Shades is something far more sinister and appalling though than your mere run-of-the-mill porn. Bekenntnis und Erkenntnis einer ehemaligen sexuelle Masochistin. The role of shame in the etiology of murder; Disrespected, indignified and humiliated mainly male murderers in a shame-pride culture symbolically attempt to punish others for their sense of shame; guilt feelings inhibits violence; punishment tends to generate violence; both in parenting and in the dysfunctional U.

Every bit of it. See also related book: Tracing the historical impact of polarized thinking from ancient Greece and Rome down to Hitler, Stalin and Bush. The damage and destruction to civilization because of "I'm right, you are wrong" thinking is staggering. Misogyny as a debilitating process is policed, enforced, upheld, rationalized, and justified, whether overtly or covertly, in order to subordinate women and uplift men as a dominant, privileged and entitled gender. Non-disclosure agreements in sexual misconduct cases violate public policy and should be made unenforceable.

Eliminate the statutes of limitation for sex abuse, assault, and harassment. The defamation laws need to be rewritten to protect the victim who goes public. Krieg Faschismus und Krankheit Pharmazie sie die lukrativsten Profitquellen der westlichen Hochfinanz. Though it seems illogical and even obscene, given Iraq and Darfur, we are living in the most peaceful time in our species' existence. Charting the decline of violence from Biblical times to the present.

Bully syndrome — understanding how bullies are made and unmade. Isolating the victim 3. Threatening the victim with acts of violence 4. Violently abusing the victim 5. Organized shadow elite child abuse and child sacrifice. Chenoweth researched campaigns concerning the relative success of violent efforts versus nonviolent efforts. Her historical studies of social change movements in the 20th century proved that between , nonviolent civil resistance was twice as successful as violent campaigns.

Civil resistance is ten times as likely to lead to democratic outcomes as violence. Currently the United States has the highest rates of violence in the developed world.

422. System Balduinstein

Explaining the reasons why the United States has the highest rates of violence in the developed world today. Capital punishment is murder in return.

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The African Americans and the Native Americans have been treated as inferior people by the white population who rationalized it. Drawing on a century of evidence, American psychiatrist James Gilligan's theory has implications for every country that calls itself democratic and humane. Celebration of life, no blame — no praise, no punishment — no rewards. Expressing and receiving appreciation and gratitude; false humility. Department of State estimates that every year ,, people, mostly women, are transported among international borders in the worldwide illegal sex trade.

After drug trafficking human trafficking is the second-most lucrative illegal industry globally followed by labor trafficking. Pine Grove Hospital , Hattisburg, Mississippi, offers a 6-week residential program task-model for addiction treatment. Social and cultural impact of pornography in American society. Boys first view porn at the average age of The global reach of explicit pornography via the internet creates addicts , desensitizes men and degrades, debases, dehumanizes and objectifies women.

The impact of pornography and its impact on men, discussing pornography in terms of morality and religion, Jensen's discussion of his personal history and relationship with pornography and masculinity. Difficulties in confronting the realities of patriarchy, and how men and women respond to the notion of moving beyond dominating masculinity and feminity roles. Crucial questions about pornography, manhood, and paths toward genuine social justice. Internet pornography is NOT harmless. Interviews with sociologists, psychologists, scientists and law enforcement officials detail the negative side effects of pornography consumption.

Discussing the relationship between pornography and brain circuits. Discussing the physiology of erections, ED, virtual overstimulation, recovery from Internet porn. Wilson explains the science behind the effects of pornography on the brain and body, how addiction is developed, and the widely published! Best, Sexual assault victims: Mord an der Seele , Spiegel , 3.

Burt, Rape myths and acquaintance rape , In: Bechhofer, Herausgeber, Acquaintance Rape. The Hidden Crime , New York. People prefer to think of incest as rare. But in every fourth family, a girl is sexually abused by a trusted adult. Moreover, some men and women have a "dopamine hole" — their brains' reward systems are less efficient — making them more likely to become addicted to more extreme porn more easily. As with any addiction, it is very difficult, for neurochemical reasons, for an addict to stop doing things — even very self-destructive things — that enable him to get that next hit of dopamine.

Could the widespread availability and consumption of pornography in recent years actually be rewiring the male brain? James Dobson, Life on the Edge , S. September , minute Violence, race, and the politics of gender , presented by the International Journal of Health and Services, E. Prevention of child sexual abuse: An analysis of issues, educational programs and research findings. School Psychology Review, 17 4: Zwei aufeinanderfolgende Angriffe auf das ermordete Opfer Kitty Genovese.

Niemand hat einen Notruf abgesetzt, zumal es die Nothilfenummer damals noch nicht gab. Sie glaubten, es habe sich um einen "Beziehungskrach" gehandelt. Es gibt auch Nachbarschaftswache und die Auswirkung einer aufgebrachten Menschenmenge. Zwei wesentliche Faktoren spielen hier eine Rolle: Die Anwesenheit anderer Menschen erzeugt eine Durchmischung von Verantwortung.

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  8. Wenn Mitbeobachter nicht reagieren, nehmen Einzelpersonen dies oft als Signal, dass zivilcouragiertes Eingreifen nicht erforderlich oder angemessen ist. Zudem ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit geringer, dass die Anwesende eingreifen, wenn die Situation nicht eindeutig ist. Video presentation by Paul Whalen, Ph. April , YouTube film, June An underdeveloped anterior cingulate cortex in the brain of an ADHD patient results in poor emotional regulation of conflictuous social interaction.

    Vergewaltigungsstatistik in Deutschland 3. Kollektive tabuwahrende Verleugnungsmatrix 6. Statistische Daten zur Internet-Pornographie 7. Englische Texte — English section on Violence 9. Formuliere klare Bitten , stelle keine Forderungen. Gehe keine Kompromisse ein. April Siehe auch: Stunde Sehr schnell Widerstand Entdeckung Verbrechen wird bekannt.

    Der Stechlin: Roman by Theodor Fontane - Free Ebook

    Das kann gar nicht sein. Wir haben nichts davon gewusst. Wir haben nur Befehle befolgt. Jahr Sehr langsam Widerstand Entdeckung Verbrechen ist etabliert. Sie waren selbst schuld. Arthur Schopenhauer deutscher Philosoph, Hochschullehrer, Schriftsteller, paraphrasiertes Zitat aus: Durchschnittlich schauen junge Frauen 15 Minuten pro Woche Pornofilme an. Januar Gegeninitiative engl.

    A quarter of the young men met the criteria for Internet addiction. Less than one in ten females met the criteria for Internet addiction. Former addicts are showing evidence of reversal of symptoms and brain change. Im Jahr gab es in Deutschland Verurteilungen wegen folgender Verbrechen Korinther 14, 20 NT. Da sprach Jesus zu ihm [dem gewaltbereiten Apostel Petrus]: Stecke dein Schwert an seinen Ort; denn wer das Schwert nimmt, der soll durchs Schwert umkommen.

    Aus meiner Kindheit und Jugendzeit. Zwischen Wasser und Urwald. Briefe aus Lambarene , S. Es war, als erwachte man aus einer schrecklichen Trance oder einem Traum. Ich gebe nicht der Pornografie die Schuld. Ich sage nicht, dass sie es war, die mich veranlasst hat, aus dem Haus zu gehen und bestimmte Dinge zu tun.

    Das ist unbestritten hier. Dezember , Abschrift von Ted Bundys letztem Interview engl. Eine Sprache des Lebens , Junfermann, 9. Martin Luther King, Jr. Interview mit Stanislav Grof, M. Mindestens Kleriker haben sich im Zeitraum bis an Schutzbefohlenen vergangen. Eine neue Studie der katholischen Kirche offenbart: Mindestens Kleriker haben sich von bis an Schutzbefohlenen vergangen. Und der Missbrauch dauert offenbar noch an.

    I am sending you out as sheep among wolves. Therefore, be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. Matthew 10, 16 NT. Then said Jesus unto him [violence prone apostle Peter]: Put your sword back in its place. All those that take up the sword shall perish by the sword. Matthew 26, 52 NT. Personal avowals They may torture my body, break my bones, even kill me. Then they will have my dead body, but not my obedience. Attributed to Mohandas Karamchand Mahatma Gandhi Indian Hindu sage, spiritual activist leader, humanitarian, lawyer, nonviolent freedom fighter, cited in: I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.

    We felt purified, liberated, we felt an enormous hope. Lewinsky scandal , Dan Rather: The central question, if I may, and I know this is difficult, the central question is why? I think I did something for the worst possible reason — just because I could. I think that's the most, just about the most morally indefensible reason that anybody could have for doing anything. When you do something just because you could I've thought about it a lot. And there are lots of more sophisticated explanations, more complicated psychological explanations.

    But none of them are an excuse Only a fool does not look to explain his mistakes. June , cited in: Tornado , Central Oklahoma.

    Joyce Meyer erzählt aus ihrem Leben - Talk

    The Roots of Violence are: Mohandas Karamchand Mahatma Gandhi Indian Hindu sage, spiritual activist leader, humanitarian, lawyer, nonviolent freedom fighter, source unknown. Article 5 dangerous myths about sexual assault perpetuated by the Jian Ghomeshi trial , presented by PressProgress, Empathy for victim scapegoats is lost because they are so full of our negative projections and are seen as bad children — growing, striving, wanting too much. The larger the success and new freedoms a society must face — the more its progress overreaches its childrearing evolution — the larger the historical punishment it must stage.

    Literary quotes I must be cruel only to be kind; Thus bad begins, and worse remains behind. Exclusive video interview with Ted Bundy US American kidnapper, rapist, serial killer of 28 women and girls, necrophile, Fatal Addiction: Even all these years later, it is difficult to talk about. Reliving it through talking about it is difficult to say the least, but I want you to understand what happened. It was like coming out of some horrible trance or dream. I can only liken it to and I don't want to overdramatize it being possessed by something so awful and alien , and the next morning waking up and remembering what happened and realizing that in the eyes of the law, and certainly in the eyes of God, you're responsible.

    To wake up in the morning and realize what I had done with a clear mind, with all my essential moral and ethical feelings intact, absolutely horrified me. The wedding of those two forces — as I know only too well — brings about behavior that is too terrible to describe. I take full responsibility for all the things that I've done. That's not the question here. The issue is how this kind of [pornography] literature contributed and helped mold and shape the kinds of violent behavior. In conjunction with my exposure to pornography, alcohol reduced my inhibitions and pornography eroded them further.

    I've lived in prison for a long time now, and I've met a lot of men who were motivated to commit violence. Without exception, every one of them was deeply involved in pornography — deeply consumed by the addiction. The FBI's own study on serial homicide shows that the most common interest among serial killers is pornography. Truth , January The pornography addict soon forgets about everything and everyone else in favor of an ever more elusive sexual jolt. He […] will place at risk his career, his friends, his family.

    Satinover compared pornography to heroin, saying, "Only the delivery system […] and the sequence of steps" differ. No one can cause emotions in you. Another person can trigger emotions in you. However, it is your way of thinking about what they should or must do or what one usually does, what is correct or right, which causes emotions of anger , pain or annoyance. A Language of Life. Connect empathically before you educate.

    Make clear requests, not demands. Hear the needs [not wants] and feelings behind thoughts. Do not hear thoughts and expectations. Do not make compromises. All needs can be met. Other people's needs can be met without you. Nobody can cause the psychological pain of others. Lobster meal , Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada. The words are useful. It means writing about female slavery or men playing the role of female slaves. And erotica comes from eros, and has an idea of mutuality, free choice , mutual pleasure. Video presentation by Gloria Steinem gloriasteinem. September , YouTube film, minute Personal avowals I don't believe rape is inevitable or natural.

    If I did, I would have no reason to be here [ It's not because there's a shortage of kitchen knives in this country. It is because we believe in your humanity, against all the evidence. Andrea Dworkin US American sociologist, radical feminist, anti war activist, writer, most vilified of US American feminists, Four-stage dismantling of culturally upheld taboos Stage Round Speed Evolution Non-violent resistance Mahatma Gandhi Standard science faced with new discoveries Rape myths extracted Existence of death camps during the Nazi era 1.

    Annually complaints on sexual assaults are filed in Germany. The suspected number of the victims of sexual child abuse is enormous. There are accusals followed by a trial , out of which perpetrators are convicted. In most cases the result was not published. Once a victim does come forward the process can be healing. In the final analysis women always suffer the consequences. June ] 52 The U. This figure is 50 per cent higher than the national figure of 16 per cent.

    A study conducted by the South African Medical Research Council on 1, sampled South African men from different race and age backgrounds, from urban and rural areas, revealed the following results [status June ]: Biologists and anthropologists found out that young human males belong to the most dangerous species on Earth. Young men at age are the most violent and most dangerous among the human males.

    One in four men rape , IRIN humanitarian news and analysis, The male brain is not wired for empathy. Men can learn to become more empathic. Males have higher levels of testosterone. Strengthening of family ties; encouraging fathers to stay involved with their children 3.

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    Males generate lower levels of oxytocin. Get a good massage regularly. Males have fewer friends than females. Engage in close friendships. Join a men's group. Men react more violently to shame than women. Accept it rather than denying it. October See also: There are more than one million people who die by suicide each year in the world, which is more people than those who die from war, terrorist attacks and homicides every year.

    Men between the ages of 65 and 85 killed themselves almost 10 times more frequently than do women of the same age. Further, unlike women, men often "act out" their depression and become more aggressive and sometimes violent. Men invade another country. It's a whole different way of thinking. The female brain is predominantly hard-wired for empathy. The male brain is predominantly hard-wired for understanding and building systems. In such a state we relate only to things or to people as if they were just things.

    Testosterone leads toward violence, and violence is often criminal. The overall picture among the high-testosterone men is one of delinquency , substance abuse and a tendency toward excess. He is out of touch with his emotions and his body. He is playing by the rules of the male game plan and with lemming-like purpose he is destroying himself — emotionally, psychologically and physically. Surviving the Myth of Masculine Privilege , Signet, original issue , 10th anniversary edition 1. Our Deadly Epidemic and its Causes , S. Rape myths are prejudicial, stereotyped or false beliefs about rape, rape victims, and rapists.

    Abstract of the study by Kimberly A. June , reissued by Summing up the "Rape Myth: Everett Koop said, "I am certain that pornography that portrays sexual aggression as pleasurable for the victim is at the root of much of the rape that occurs today.