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If you love hot, southern boys this one is for you!! Kash Bennett is beyond fucking amazing I love that he is a bad boy who has an amazing good side to him and such a big heart! Yes he was player but honestly the past is the past! I don't hold it against him at all! Mackenzie I honestly just love this girl she's been through so much. I honestly just feel for this girl to be a verbal abusive relationship and physical one no women should ever have to live through that no man should ever put his hands on a women.

I'm so just greatul she had Kash Bennett walk in her life. I just hate jake so much he makes me sick to stomach. Nicole hart I love the ending it made ball my eyes out doll you fucking did again doll great job amazing!! Kash Bennett is my new favourite book boyfriend!!! You all will love this book I can guarantee it!!!!! I love the way Nicole bring this story alive, my man Jase is my forever but Kash owns my heart too. This was a great way to continue the history of every characters and it was super great. Nicole once again you did it girl.

Oh Nicole Hart you are amazing!!!!! Oh how I love me some Kash!! Love me some tattooed bad boys. If you have not read this series you most certainly are missing out The only reason it's not a 5 star because I wanted to know more about the conversation Mackenzie and her parents had at the hospital. Once again Nicole Hart has done an amazing job with this book. Jul 25, C. Sep 14, D. I have a new book boyfriend and his name is Kash.

This is my fave of the Roughneck Series! I absolutely loved Kash and Mackenzies story. My heart was broke and put back together by Nicole's words, I am looking forward for more from Nicole. Jun 09, Tara Smith rated it it was amazing. Hot bad boy meets sweet girl! Kash is a bad boy, manwhore that lives by his own rules. Mackenzie is sweet and loving with a controlling ex. What was supposed to be one night, has left them wanting more. Do these two have the strength to survive?

This book was nothing short of fantastic! Mash is your typical hot as hell bad boy, who never sleeps with a woman more than once. Mackenzie is fresh out of an abusi Hot bad boy meets sweet girl! Mackenzie is fresh out of an abusive relationship. As her ex begins to threaten Mackenzie, Kash begins to have feelings for her. This book gave me so many feels! My heart went out to Mackenzie. There was plenty of hot and steamy sex, lots of love and passion, and just right amount of angst.

Best book of the series! I,m giving it 5 stars!

Redemption Road (Vicious Cycle, #2) by Katie Ashley

This book is so fucking good! I love Kash he was just amazing he loves Mackenzie so much that it just makes my heart happy! And Mackenzie is so strong Just not when it comes to staying away from Kash because she is totally in love with him. But Kash and Mackenzie are perfect for each other! I want a Roughneck of my own! Nicole Hart is an amazing author. She did such an amazing job on this series and i'm sure I will be re-reading these books again soon!

Redemption Road

I loved this book! Kash and Mackenzie were great! Kash a bad boy who did the whole no strings attached lifestyle for so long meets Mackenzie! And he doesn't know what to do with the feelings he is having! She makes him feel like he can be a better man for her! It scars the hell out of him but when he comes to the realization that it's her he wants, he goes for it! Mackenzie disowned by her parents and fresh out of a controlling turned abusive relationship just want to be free!

Kash has been in h I loved this book! Kash has been in her mind for months! Once she gets another taste of him she is hooked! Their love is new and faced with the stresses of outside meddling! It's going to take the 2 of them working together to get through it! It had sweet love, suspense and steamy scenes!

I can't believe it's over. The Roughneck Series has been one of my favorites. I love all of the Roughneck guys but Kash Bennett Is my absolute favorite. The way he loves Mckenzie and would do anything to protect her was just absolutely the best. With everything Mckenzie went through with her crazy ex boyfriend I'm glad she had Kash to help protect her. As sad as I am that it's over I'm glad that everyone got their happy ending. The third book in the roughneck series and just like the others it does not disappoint. Each has their own trials and tribulations as did this, they were a little different just as the characters.

I would've liked to see more of Kash's POV in the beginning while they fell in love but that is it. Awesome job like always Nicole!! I honestly don't even know were to start with this book. The minute I got it, it was like a slice of heaven when I opened it. This has been one of my favorite series of all times. And im seriously so sad and heartbroken that I wont be getting any more of my Roughneck Fix Fabulous Kash Bennett was a bad boy He had rules he didn't break for anyone!!!! Mackenzie Harrison has spent her life pleasing everyone else!!

And forgetting about herself!!! Due to unfortunate circumstance Mackenzie has to move in with Kash!!! And my god there is chemistry and Temptations!!!! But their Journey is hard and filled with heartache will they find redemption!!! Ok, The Roughneck Series has by far been better with each book written. But this one, This one will make you fall in love with the author. Kash Bennett the bad boy. This is a story of how one's past can never be set aside fully. The shadows of it cast largely into the present and the response is, often times, not pleasant or palatable.

This is my first encounter with John Hart. Oh, please know, I will be reaching back into his other published works. This author writes admirably with the likes of John Grisham and Harlan Coben. I am officially taken with this very talented man. View all comments.

This man can pen a story unlike any others. Create characters that are never just one thing, memorable, so very memorable. This story is gritty, no this is beyond gritty, it is violent, at times graphically so. Dark, but really darker than dark, whatever that would be. I have gotten wimpy in my reading, graphic violence is no longer my thing. Yet, I could no more put this book down than I could refuse to eat or sleep. Compelling, intense with an intensity that never lets up. Actually had to put This man can pen a story unlike any others. Actually had to put it down and read something else forma while, but it called to me, boy did it ever.

The characters, the many different shades to their personalities, the conflicted feelings we all share, how one person is never just one thing and how sometimes experiences affect us all differently. What would make one a killer would make another a saviors. Hart, gets this so right. Believe it or not there is also a great deal of love.

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Love for the wounded in body and spirit. The scarred children of the world, trying not to let the darkness define them. What people will do out of love, for love and how this will change them, lead them to do things they normally would not. There is evil, born out of greed and those that are caught in its path will never be the same.

Maybe not the same but Hart makes sure we realize there is still a chance to live a good if different life. That is his genius, his writing ability, that he makes the reader see all this. See the many shades and experiences that go into making a person who they are. Characters and a story that despite the violence is so much more. My only wish is that this author could write faster. View all 44 comments. I absolutely loved this book!!! You can feel the despondency of all the characters, like a ton of bricks.

The writing was sublime!! View all 27 comments. The road to redemption is a road filled with compassion and emotionally troubled relationships that will have you totally engaged to the surprising and gratifying ending. JOHN HART delivers an extremely well-written read here that takes you on an emotional and bumpy road of trust and betrayals that tests the beliefs and the personal strengths of our two main characters, Elizabeth and Adrian throughout their complicated relationship.

We loved the unique relationships and understanding Elizabeth had with troubled, flawed and damaged Gideon and Channing which added some backbone to the storyline. The relationships added contrast to Elizabeth's strained relationship with someone close to her. We suggest catching a ride along with Elizabeth on her road to redemption. It's a thrilling and electrifying ride! View all 70 comments. Mar 09, Elyse rated it it was amazing Shelves: Obstacles and emotions submerge like a Hurricane in this wonderful literary-mystery-thrillers!!

I can't think of a better book in this genre! I've read many of the popular best sellers in years past the psychological- mystery -thrillers Even the epilogue will keep throw you for a loop. I saw a 'few' things coming down the pipes early into this story I'm guessing many readers will but the writing is so page-turning terrific you won't care. Plus, Obstacles and emotions submerge like a Hurricane in this wonderful literary-mystery-thrillers!!

Plus, I only got a few sprinkles right - not the whole sundae. I'll give you a hint - I promise there are enough twists and turns you can't possibly guess everything-- situations will be 'at least' a little different than the puzzle you might be trying to put together in your head. Taking the Fifth on sharing anything else about this story Martin's Press, Netgalley, and the man who captures us: View all 31 comments. Mar 08, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a heart thumping right out of your chest kind of read.

In this complex narrative, the characters are shamelessly flawed. There is Elizabeth- a broken cop trying to do the right thing in the wrong ways. We have an ex-con, Adrian, also an ex-cop, recently released from jail with a claim of innocence. He is broken from the 13 years of time served where victimization peaks within the institution itself and power taken to an extreme. We have good cops, bad cops, a twisted warden and his posse This is a heart thumping right out of your chest kind of read.

We have good cops, bad cops, a twisted warden and his posse. The plot itself surrounds a disturbing murder s but we are witness to other deviant acts and crimes that will make you shudder. Redemption road is about making peace with oneself. It's acknowledging the past betrayals and moving forward. It's not always about choices made or the circumstances in which they happened, as these are often beyond our control, but rather the reality of living one's life on their own terms and deciding if the past is going to define who you are or if it's an opportunity to reinvent oneself.

Hart, your writing has redeemed the thriller genre for me. For as few of them as I read, they need to give me a jolt and this one delivered. Well played, John Hart. View all 51 comments. I am in awe of John Hart's ability to tell a story and there's no way my words can do this book justice.

It took me on a thrill ride, but with fully developed characters and a story that touched my heart. The experiences that Adrian, Liz, Channing and Gideon go through, while absolutely horrible, are told in bits and pieces and Mr. Hart's handling of those aspects of the story was masterful. Deeply troubled North Carolina police detective Elizabeth Black prowls the streets of her hometown, wondering if she will be charged with murder. While rescuing kidnapped teenager Channing Shore, Elizabeth killed the two men who were sexually assaulting the teen in a desolate house. The case became a political hand grenade.

I am going to stop here because I do not want to spoil it, but I loved every minute of it. View all 56 comments. Apr 06, Maureen rated it it was amazing Shelves: A master storyteller, creating psychological fear of such depth that by the end of the opening chapter I felt traumatised yet hooked on his every word. Detective Elizabeth Black is smart and tough, but has an ice cold persona that hides a wealth of love for those she sees as victims. As the story begins, we see her having to confront her past in the aftermath of a double shooting that causes both anger and suspicion, even among her fellow officers.

Adrian Wall, an ex cop and convicted murderer is released from prison after 13 years. He suffered extreme violence during his prison term, and he has no reason to believe life will be any different on the outside. There are certain people out to get him wherever he is. He and Elizabeth are inexorably linked in their quest for justice and truth, and in Elizabeth's case almost to the point of self destruction, but it will lead them to some very dark and dangerous places.

I hated to put this book down, and when I did, it called to me with a persistence that was hard to ignore. Wonderfully written with a host of powerful characters, and a storyline that took my breath at times, then gave it back again - but not for long! View all 79 comments. He is very talented. I highly recommend you read his other novels. May 20, Julie rated it it was amazing Shelves: So, sometimes authors slip past my radar, even when they are back to back Edgar winners, like John Hart.

I am just now getting around to reading one of his books, but with so much positive press behind him, I was confident I was in for a real treat. Elizabeth Black, is a well -respected cop with an impeccable record, until she makes a spontaneous decision that has her under fire by the press, the state police, her partner, her superiors, and her father, who is a minister. Her former idol, Adrian, also a cop, who has spent the last thirteen years in prison, has been released early for good behavior, but his freedom is very short lived, and he soon finds himself the prime suspect in another murder, and on the run.

Elizabeth always believed in his innocence and still carries a torch for him, but helping him could cost her everything. Deemed a literary thriller, this story delves into the murky waters associated with the prison system, rogue cops, and religious zealots. The innocence of children and their victimization is a key theme in the story as several threads come together exposing horrendous crimes that have far reaching consequences. Elizabeth Black, is a character I will not forget anytime soon, but the supporting cast is also stellar, each bringing a crucial element to the story.

I felt compassion, righteous indignation, and even fury on more than one occasion, on behalf of these characters, but I also came away with a lot of respect for them too. This crime thriller has everything fans of the genre crave, but it is layered with a rich texture of emotions that touched every nerve fiber in my body.

While, it is difficult to provide too much in depth analysis due to the possibility of giving away a key plot twist, I can say I felt some uneasiness due to a few free passes, and was left scratching my head about the attitude of some secondary characters, but overall, I felt the key players came away with something they never really had before, which gave me a feeling of fresh hope even if their circumstances are flawed.

So, all in all, I was quite impressed with this story and the author is certainly deserving of all the accolades. View all 28 comments. With all the early five star love that this book has been receiving, I was pretty quick to queue this one up. But then the darndest thing happened. At the proverbial last minute, I came down w With all the early five star love that this book has been receiving, I was pretty quick to queue this one up. At the proverbial last minute, I came down with a nasty strain of that Mitchell virus , which must have infected my mind because.

Not any of it. Not even for a second! Fellow officers so quick to turn on one of their own and believe the worst. Wrongfully accused man convicted, with Matlock as his attorney. An old inmate with a secret stash of buried treasure. A killer too obvious to be believed. No one bothers to stake out the church or put a tail on Liz.

No one checks a downed officer for a concealed firearm. All ring blatantly false. Essentially, Hart painted himself into a corner with a narrative that was too unwieldy with so many competing storylines that, in order to bring it all together, the climax came off as ham-fisted and contrived. Apparently that Mitchell bug in conjunction with my general negativity, broken belief system, and fundamentally reading all things wrong flaw is a deadly combination.

Baa, baa, black sheep. View all 45 comments.

Redemption Song

Adrian Wall, formerly a very good cop, is on the cusp of being released from prison after thirteen years served, for a crime he may or may not have committed. A heinous crime that left a young mother naked and strangled on the altar of a church. Once revered by the small North Carolina town that he served, Adrian has become an outcast, an ex con, an undying blemish to the community that once loved Adrian Wall, formerly a very good cop, is on the cusp of being released from prison after thirteen years served, for a crime he may or may not have committed.

Once revered by the small North Carolina town that he served, Adrian has become an outcast, an ex con, an undying blemish to the community that once loved him. Meanwhile a teenage boy, Gideon Strange, sits in the dark wondering if he is man enough to do what his father could not. His father is a broken shell of a man who can not pull himself out of a bottle long enough to offer any comfort, guidance, love or support to his young son. He lives for the memory of his dead wife, the woman whose life Adrian Wall allegedly snuffed out.

Elizabeth Black, daughter of a local reverend, who has had a very strict upbringing, is a good cop. Years ago Adrian Wall saved her life and she idolizes him or at least she used to but the truth is she has had no contact with him the whole time he has been in prison. She is unsure just how she will respond on his release, but these days she has bigger problems to worry about. She has been suspended from the force pending the results of an investigation into the deaths of two brothers who had held and brutally raped an eighteen year old girl. Elizabeth rescued Channing Shore from these scum buckets and the problem is not so much the deaths of these two brothers as it is her methods.

The real problem here lay in the evidence of excessive force and potential torture that these two men suffered. If only Elizabeth would cooperate and tell the investigating officers what really happened in that basement, but Elizabeth is not talking and neither is Channing. And upon the altar of a long since, abandoned church, as yet undiscovered, another young woman lay stripped and strangled beneath the pure white linen so carefully laid by her killer.

Wow, I have previously read two other John Hart novels and while I can say I enjoyed them because I really did, Redemption Road is in a league of its own. It is a tautly told thriller with unforgettable, sympathetic characters that you will find yourself caring about and rooting for long before you even know who they truly are. With lies, deceit, long held loyalties questioned and dark family secrets at play, it becomes difficult to know who you can trust or believe. Meanwhile, in the dark of night there is still a depraved, psychotic, serial killer out there and he has a plan.

John Hart has hit a homerun here folks. Be sure and pick this one up. Five fully engaged stars. View all 30 comments. Apr 18, Kelly and the Book Boar rated it it was ok Shelves: Find all of my reviews at: Dear co-worker who sits across from me - I apologize for what you had to experience upon me finishing this yesterday. The office is really not the place for that type of outburst. And to all of my friends who have already read and loved this book — I wish I could join your ranks. Redemption Road got put on my TBR simply for the author name.

When I noticed friends enjoying this 4. I immediately grabbed it from the library without even bothering to read a synopsis. It gives me a reaction that is a complete of this chick. My reaction after wrapping up the aforementioned bitchfit???? Basically, this is the synopsis of Redemption Road.

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I assumed since it was so obvious that meant the story would get twistier and turnier, but that was not the case. The plot points here barely even reached a shade of grey on my scale of dark. Per usual, I probably read this wrong. I definitely recognize I went in with my expectations set way too high. View all 25 comments. The last time I wanted From the blurb: The last time I wanted to grab my heart in my hands and run for the hills was with Patricia Cornwell's series with Dr.

Kay Scarpetta turning my nightmares into a Halloween funfair for real! The escapism in Redemption Road felt more like criminal minds on steroids. There was no super written all over the characters of events. Reality with the spotlight turned on. All the issues in the book could be true, but combined in this thriller, it promised me a night of sleepless hours with my eyes bigger than the planets. I'm a little speechless after closing this book. It was really good. Not only was there an economy of words, but also precise characterization without too much extreme exaggerations in descriptions, plot, tension, probabilities, reality.

I never wanted to escape this plot. Neither did I ever disliked or despise any of the characters. The atmosphere and tension never released me. I did not want to come up for air. Oh but did I get mad! Then scared, then sad! Indeed, completely invested in this drama. Yes, I'm exaggerating, because in reality this book addressed corruption, abuse of power, religious insanity, betrayal, lost children and loneliness- as the central axes of motives to kill, lie, and steal.

But an element of kindness and compassion filters through by way of the 'show, don't tell'-principle. And I liked that. Behind it all are imperfect individuals who deal with these flaws in human behaviour as part of their baggage and bloodlines. Events drove them to despair and destruction of body mind and soul. However, the human spirit still hangs onto the goodness of the heart.

And hope writes the final sentence over their stories. There was a cliffhanger feeling to the ending, even though it was good. I know if I read my own comments on the book a few months from now, I won't remember what it was and I cannot leave it in a spoiler. But overall, I absolutely loved this book. This first encounter with this author was a thrill! He added much more to this story than the usual elements. What a road to redemption it was! I'm still rating it five stars, despite my slight annoyance with the ending, Yes, five stars it is and now I will stop babbling.

For murder mystery and psycho-thriller fans. This is for you! View all 26 comments. Mar 23, Paromjit rated it it was amazing Shelves: John Hart has put together an incredibly good multilayered and complex crime story set in North Carolina. It is an intricate puzzle of a plot and inhabited with characters with such depth that they became real in my head. I could not stop myself from reading this twisted and exceedingly dark tale. Hart's writing expertise spins a mesmerising spell of tangled actions and people, and their history that explodes in this town.

An experienced cop, Elizabeth, is being investigated for a shooting in whi John Hart has put together an incredibly good multilayered and complex crime story set in North Carolina. An experienced cop, Elizabeth, is being investigated for a shooting in which her actions are deemed as excessive. A 14 year old boy, Gideon, is looking to avenge the killing of his mother whilst his father seeks to blot out the world through drink. Adrian, an ex cop, is being released from prison. These characters connect and interweave, the past raises its head, reluctant to remain hidden.

This is the first book that I have read written by John Hart. It is not going to be the last, I will be trying to get my hands on his other books as soon as possible!

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By the way, be prepared for violence in this gritty read. I cannot express how much I loved this book. Grateful thanks to St. Martins Press for an ARC via netgalley. View all 20 comments. Oct 03, Debra rated it it was amazing Shelves: There are good books and there are great books Redemption Road is one of those books. I love everything about this book. First off, this book is beautifully written.

I also love how all of the subplots and main plot pints were woven into each other like a tapestry that if you keep reading you see how all the threads fit perfectly together. After 13 torture filled years in prison, Adrian Wall has been released wearing an ill fitting suit and 5o There are good books and there are great books After 13 torture filled years in prison, Adrian Wall has been released wearing an ill fitting suit and 5o dollars in his pocket.

He has been in prison serving time for a crime he claims to have not committed. Aiden is scarred inside and out, free but not free. Gideon Strange is a poor neglected boy with an alcoholic father. His Mother, Julia, was the woman Adrian was convicted of Murdering.

He was to seek revenge for the death of his Mother. The only constant in his life is Elizabeth Black, a police officer with a tender heart for young people. Elizabeth Black is a female police officer who has a tenuous relationship with her father. She has always believed in Adrian Wall's innocence. She met him as a teen and has felt a kinship with him every since. She has always looked out for Gideon Strange.

She is a strong flawed woman with a tender heart for young people who have been wronged because she can identify with them.

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Beckett, a police officer and Elizabeth's partner, would do anything for his wife. He looks out for Elizabeth and tries to help her but the past has a way of creeping up and tapping one on the shoulder. The story opens as Adrian is released for prison as Elizabeth is being investigated for shooting 2 rapists. Channing, an 18 year old girl of privilege has been kidnapped and raped by two men. Elizabeth entered the home alone where she was being kept. Only the two women made it out alive. What really happened in that house in the dark. Why are Channing and Elizabeth not cooperating fully with the investigators.

Then there is a matter of another dead woman being found dead on the alter of an old church where Elizabeth's father used to preach. Coincidence that this happened right after Adrian was released from prison. There are so many terribly flawed damaged people in this book. I liked how his characters were multi-dimensional. His characters can be both strong and weak, soft and hard, good and bad, right and then just so wrong.

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They make mistakes, they use poor judgement, they do wrong things but for the right reasons. There are some really evil characters in this book but then there are some good ones as well Crybaby Jones. I liked how his main characters were incredibly human Elizabeth, Bennett, Adrian. Many of his characters are looking for redemption, revenge, or just to get on with their lives. I forced myself to read this slow as I tend to devour books that I love to fast. Then I get mad when they are over.

I read this slow and savored every word. There were no slow parts to this book, no parts I wanted to skim through, there was nothing that deterred from the story line. I will admit, I thought I figured out what was going on. I love books that make me think and feel. This book did both. This was my first book by John Hart but it definitely will not be my last. I see myself binge reading the rest of his novels. View all 8 comments. Mar 16, Zoeytron rated it really liked it.

Copy furnished by Net Galley in exchange for a review. Late night in a dangerous neighborhood, an abandoned house with blood curdling screams coming from the basement. A good cop gone dark and unpredictable after her rescue efforts.