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I believe Pride of the Clouds was the first Elemental Cat to be listed as such on the card itself. Coldsnap had just one Cat: Jedit's Dragoons Cat Soldier. Two of the Cats were re-imagined versions of legendary characters. Jedit Ojanen of Efrava imagines what would have happened if he hadn't "forsook the forests of his tribe. This lead to the first ever Cat Vampire.

Blade of the Sixth Pride is the first card printed as Cat Rebel. Nacatl War-Pride was well known for being a busted card in full Time Spiral block draft. It redeems itself though by being the block that first introduces Ajani Goldmane his first planeswalker card was in Lorwyn.

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While not technically a Cat from a gameplay perspective, Ajani is the first, and so far only, Cat Planeswalker. Shards of Alara block introduces Naya, Ajani's home world.

The Planes

Remember, at the time, Alara was split into five distinct shards, Naya being one of them. We meet the Nactal, the tribe that Ajani comes from, as well as the Leotau, a wilder type of Cat. The first core set to introduce new cards—well, since Limited Edition Beta —had two new Cats, both super simple: Mist Leopard and Silvercoat Lion.

Not too much advancement of the Cat cause, but Steppe Lynx was a tournament-viable creature. Magic only introduced one new Cat, Ajani's Pridemate. The card was designed to combo with Ajani Goldmane , which was reprinted in the set.


A return to Mirrodin meant a return of the Leonin. That led to nine new Cats one of which was an artifact creature and not a Leonin. The biggest addition from the block for Cat lovers was Kemba, Kha Regent , a new option for a Cat commander. While she didn't enhance Cats like Raksha, she was good at creating Cat creature tokens. Also, the fact that both she and Raksha require Equipment support made them play well together. Magic had done a lot with jungle Cats and Cat Warriors over the years, but other than one Zombie Cat in Onslaught, it had never just done simple cats.

The audience loved it.

Michael Cremo The Truth about Ancient History

Neither Black Cat nor Sanctuary Cat were particularly strong, but they were much beloved. Each set in the block introduced one new Cat: All were jungle Cats and none particularly memorable. Magic introduced two new Cats: In Magic Origins , we learn that Regatha is the first world Chandra visits when she sparks. Every December, we release a silver-bordered holiday card.

In , we released our first, and so far only, Cat holiday card. The creative team wanted Ajani to be part of the Theros story, so they decided to include a race of Leonin on the world to help him blend in. The block introduces nine new Cats and a new Ajani:.

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Born of the Gods: Nylea's Emissary was the first ever Enchantment Cat. Brimaz is yet another legendary Cat, another one good at making Cat creature tokens. This product only had one Cat, but it was a splashy one— Jazal Goldmane , Ajani's dead brother. Jazal was obviously designed to be a strong commander and one that played well with many of the white Cat cards. This set introduced just one new Cat to Magic — Enlightened Ascetic. Only two new Cats appeared in this block: Felidar Cub and Scythe Leopard , both in the first set. Pyretic Hunter was the only new Cat added in this product. Kaladesh introduced Bandars, creature type Cat Monkeys.

It also had Felidar Guardian , the first Cat ever to get banned in any format. More importantly, though, it adds the second-ever Cat lord Regal Caracal and the first one to boost your Cats without first having to jump through a hoop. It also creates a bunch more ordinary Cats for players to play with. We had seen the popularity of the house cats in Innistrad block and had been waiting for a place where more normal cats made sense.

As we delved into our studies of Egyptian flavor, we realized that Cats were a perfect fit.

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A violet-eyed human with second sight and distant elvish blood, Ataleena was the last in a long line of female seers. Betrayed by their own kin, Ataleena and Karal were slain by the forces of evil. The series follows the progress of the orphan beggar Gord, from his lowly youth to celestial heights as the avatar of the Balance. These books appealed to a largely male readership, with writing styles reminiscent of Fritz Liber's Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser series.

Gord is somewhat less than heroic, but his early mentors, Gellor and Curley Greenleaf , continually steer him toward honorable ends. Eventually Gord is revealed to have a kinship with the enigmatic Cat Lord. The series also spawned a collection of short stories.

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