Manual Final Warning: Because the Hour of His Judgement has Come

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And, what is the motive? I would start changing the picture on the lesson.

April 30, 2010

We may make a mistake while stereotyping sometimes. In that image there could be me or even you! Perhaps a "normal" looking person! Of course we may pass a message by the way we look, but God is not really interested in the outer image. He looks into the heart! I would even change the down looking for a straight up face! Just because of the fact that standing before God takes one and only Lawyer to be with! Pleading for us, not because we deserve, but because He totally paid our debts! Perhaps I could even be smiling, or crying of happiness At this point, one of men's greatest talent to point fingers at others could again come out and say "I am here because of Him!

That is so cool JC.

Yet we are free to serve Him or reject His love. We look at it as service out of love.

The Three Angels of Revelation 14

Judgment by the Sovereign was always inevitable. Doesn't Eden prove this, along with the flood, the tower of Babel, the cities of the plain, and many other times as recorded in the Bible? Judgment is the way of our lands, where those who violate just laws are prosecuted according to what they have done against others. Out of this inevitability the Gospel was conceived, because God is love. While sin would affect all of Adam's race, the Prince of Peace was set for the "fall and rising again" of many in Israel" Luke 2: In this good news the power of God for salvation is revealed, and may be experienced by all who "repent and believe the gospel".

As Phil pointed out above, it is WE who determine the outcome of our judgment by the omnipotent and unerring Sovereign of all creation who only reveals the truth concerning every soul. Thus, the merciful will obtain mercy, the pure in heart will see God with exceeding joy! Who would deny themselves of such blessings?!! Then "the meek shall inherit the earth, and delight themselves in the abundance of peace" Ps I am having a 'Big Problem' with this and I'd be happy if someone could explain this to me.

Yes, God is a God of 'justice' and 'judgement'. However, what kind of justice and what kind of judgement is being referred to? The views I now hold regarding the kind of justice and judgement that God is a God of are very different than those I grew up with. And these latter ones come from much deeper Bible study. It is very easy to read a word and impose our meaning upon it. This is the 'default' tendency of our brain - and unfortunately all too frequently results in misperception.

Christianity would be served much better if key terms were defined and explained within reason. One of the sources of misunderstanding is our life and culture here on earth.


Even our government's criminal justice system I speak from the perspective of the US, although it probably is true of most countries is often geared at retribution--getting even. We say justice has been served when someone is sent to prison for the rest of their life or executed, even though that can't undo the damage of the crime. And those metaphors even appear in the Bible--probably so we can relate to them. But God is not like that. He is "not willing that any should perish".

His preferred solution is an about-face: But given that sin is inherently destructive, not only to the perpetrator, but to others, and the whole universe, He cannot leave it entirely to run its own course. Justice for Him involves preventing evil from harming the innocent. And if I might add to your last sentence, God's justice also involves trying to redeem those who perpetuate injustice 2 Pet 3: The first 5 verses in Revelation 14 is about the , before God's Throne.

This symbolic language shows that the end-time antichristian powers will force the people of the world to submit to their political and religious authority. First He presents the Lamb Jesus , who has already defeated the dragon by dying on the cross for the sins of the world.

Angel of Revelation 18

Then he presents the ,, who are the special group that He has prepared to deliver His last message to the world. The message itself is presented as being given by three angels.

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Angels are sometimes used in Revelation as symbols of human messengers, and that is apparently the case here. The everlasting gospel is the good news that Jesus has paid the price for our sins on the Cross, has defeated death by rising from the dead, is ministering continually for us in heaven, and will come again to put an end to sin and to welcome those who believe into His eternal kingdom. While the specific situation described in the email is a complex one, involving also the significant issues of racism and of political and interfaith involvement, in the current blog post I will consider only the fundamental issue of the relationship of involvement in social concerns to the message of the three angels.

Adventists have long recognized the three-fold message of the angels as a passionate wake-up call sent to all humanity from God Himself, announcing the beginning of the judgment in heaven.

However, to those who are tempted to stubbornly cling to their own humanly-constructed means for worldly success and eternal salvation, the angels offer an anguished warning of imminent destruction. But what is the basis of this judgment of which we preach? Scripture attests to the joyous assurance that salvation is given as a free gift to those who truly believe, yet at the same time also to the reality that God, in the judgment, examines the lives of professed believers for evidence of that faith. Central among the actions for which He looks is a sincere and active concern for the suffering and the poor.

Indeed, as Scripture insists , care for others, the concern of the last six commandments, flows from true loyalty to God. The fourth commandment itself models such a connection by directing attention as well to the rest and worship needs of servants and strangers. The Pentateuch as a whole gives careful attention to the needs of those who have fallen on hard times as well as to initiating reforms of prevailing injustices, a concern especially evidenced in the laws of Jubilee. This is nowhere better expressed than in Isaiah 1: In His ministry Jesus initiated the fulfillment of this promise in both a physical and spiritual way, bringing healing and delivery from demonic oppression, while focusing His ministry primarily, though not exclusively, on the poor.

His concern for the suffering and oppressed is nowhere more evident than in the dramatic conclusion to His apocalyptic discourse in Matthew 24 and 25 where He portrays the nations gathered before the judgment seat of God. If the issue of care for the poor and suffering is indeed such an important aspect of the judgment, it is also one that must be included as part of the proclamation of the three angels message, which concerns itself with preparation for judgment.

Adventists have done well in addressing human need in many corners of the church including the sharing of the health message, the international work of ADRA, and the historic work of the Dorcas Societies now known as Community Services.

Perhaps it is time to consider recognizing compassionate action not only as an optional sidelight, but as an integral part of living and proclaiming the message of Revelation