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Organizations establish hierarchies and formal positions to enable them to focus efforts, set and accomplish goals, and maintain order. Someone in a formal organizational position holds Legitimate power. There are several aspects to Legitimate Power that are useful to recognize and understand.

Formal Power

OK, fine, so we have defined the idea of legitimate power. Do it because I said so! Not if you want to stay in that position for very long. Leverage your other formal tools.

7.6 The Three Ideal Types of Authority

You probably have some formal authorities to reward and punish — maybe you are in charge of some incentive programs, or have to fill out annual performance evaluations on your people. Think about how you want to use them to get your work done. Follow these links for some helpful ideas about reward power , and coercive power.

Plug in to your other resources. Depending on your organization, you may have control of things like time, labor, funding, assets or other resources.

Legitimate Power: 6 Things You Need to Know

Make a list of the resources under your influence and think about how you can use them to make your team successful. Connect with peers and higher leadership. Whatever level you are in the hierarchy, you now have formal access to other leaders at your level and to leaders at least one level up, possibly more. You can use this access to build your information power, develop insight, and learn from the experience of others. As you encounter challenges and problems, connect with your peers and find out what they did to resolve them.

Understand what it is: All leadership is provisional and subject to vote. The President may roll into office with a landslide of popular support, but if he fails to perform, his ratings will fall and his ability to lead will fall with them. In the same way, holding a new Legitimate position is your initial foot in the door. You need to work to build and retain their trust in you as a leader. All leadership is subject to a vote. Recognize the purpose of the perks. How secure do they feel around your manager? How comfortable do they feel around you?


Is your staff comfortable admitting mistakes? How comfortable are they in stating they do not know something? Is your staff motivated by fear or inspiration? Do they feel appreciated? Would you put your child for adoption for performing poorly? You would guide them into performing well.

Why is it we do not feel the same way as leaders? Work relationships in our days are based on curriculums, which might tell you what a person has done , but does not tell you what they will do for your company; knowing how to do it and being willing to do it are two different things. A curriculum is not a relationship it does not tell you enough about who somebody is. A leader has the responsibility to get to know how an employee functions. To lead well, one must care to understand human behavior and why they behave the way they do.

Poor performance could many times come from poor orientation. An employee can perform entirely different according to the environment, leadership, and type of management motivations, which could be negative fear or positive inspiration. Whenever you are dealing with a poor performance employee make sure to ask yourself these questions from an empathic point of view:. We all lack at something and we all must seek to better ourselves. Yet, no one performs well when they feel unappreciated or looked down upon. Instead, they should know that as long as they are giving their best, they can always be trained for whatever it is that they may be lacking.

And keep in mind we are speaking of employees who give their best, and we are not exempting them from their responsibilities, including the poor performance in question. They must be accountable, and if they are, then take that as a trait of a good employee.

Employees should feel very comfortable asking their leader s for help. Intimidation is a subtle sign of weak leadership, most likely from someone who manages by using manipulation and control. Sometimes intimidation may happen with an aggressive approach which makes it easier to identify, but in many situations, the passive-aggressive attitude is present in a weak leader as well, which is much harder to identify, unless you are the person receiving it. A lack of tolerance for errors is also an indication of poor leadership and also causes intimidation.

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Sometimes a leader does not mean to be a poor leader, and he or she should also learn to be a leader instead of simply managing, and that is okay. They should be provided with the proper training as well.

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  5. Dear business owners, please be HONEST about who you have managing, training and leading your team including yourself. Your entire company depends on that. Many companies prefer to give absolute power to managers and leaders without ever having anyone supervise the supervisor simply because it is convenient for them to transfer responsibility and not have to worry at all about the staff, and that my friend is a big mistake. Of course, we do not want to think the worse of somebody we have placed in a position of trust, but it is important, to be honest about it. It could either reinforce the trust or expose the truth which either way could have many benefits including saving you lots of money.

    We all have the ability to be leaders, but we are not all willing to do what it takes to become a true leader. Leaders go before their staff to show how it is done, whether it is a task, dealing with a customer, creating a welcoming environment for a new employee or solving any issues.

    The Concept of Legitimate Power in Leadership Explained With Examples

    They are the best example of cooperation, inclusion, trust, motivation and growth. The staff is watching at all times and will mimic accordingly. If the manager mistreats people Overtly or covertly your staff will feel comfortable to do so as well, including amongst themselves, if the manager cares for people so will your staff. Of course, there are exceptions, but most of the times the majority will mimic. And this true whenever there is any kind of authority in place; it could be within a government or a family. If a parent is disrespectful, their children will be disrespectful and worse yet, they will feel comfortable with being disrespectful.

    Bad leadership will cost you to lose the exact kind of employees you are searching for. Leaders are honest and do not put their integrity at risk to save their own skin, because they know the entire team and company under them would suffer the consequences. At Quantico-Virginia-Base an officer was kicked out of the marine corp. Being kicked out for sleeping in the woods even though they were not even in combat?

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    But his colonel explained: When we questioned him about it he lied until we proved it to him, and so he confessed. Dishonesty and a lack of integrity are traits of weak management. Leaders understand the gravity and importance of truth.