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Summer Stock UK title: Nicholas Castle Sr was the choreographer. Judy Garland struggled with many personal problems during filming and Summer Stock proved to be her final film for MGM as well as her last onscreen pairing with Gene Kelly. B Mayer said he later regretted doing. Jane Falbury Judy Garland is a farm owner whose actress sister Abigail Gloria DeHaven arrives at the family farm with her theater troupe.

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They need a place to rehearse, and Jane and her housekeeper Esme Marjorie Main reluctantly agree to let them use their barn. The actors and actresses, including the director Joe Ross Gene Kelly , repay her hospitality by doing chores around the farm.

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Although Joe is engaged to Abigail, he begins to fall in love with Jane after Abigail leaves him in an angry fit. The film's most famous scene is the now legendary final song-and-dance number " Get Happy " performed by Judy Garland in a tuxedo jacket, black fedora , and black nylons to an arrangement by Skip Martin. This sequence was choreographed by Charles Walters and filmed two months after the rest of the movie, after Garland sought the help of a hypnotist in Santa Barbara and lost 20 pounds.

Garland performed the number perfectly in just a couple of takes. In another notable sequence, Kelly performs a solo dance in a darkened barn, using a newspaper and a creaky board as partners and props; the musical accompaniment reprises "You Wonderful You". The dance "turned out to be one of the breakthrough numbers" of his career.

In the film, Garland and Kelly share what may be Garland's best dance duet on screen [ citation needed ] , the swinging "Portland Fancy" where a square dance turns into a heated challenge dance for the two stars. All songs were written by Harry Warren music and Mack Gordon lyrics except where noted.

Orchestration chores were divided between Conrad Salinger and Skip Martin. It wasn't all difficult times. Many times Judy could summon up her special magic and deliver. Just watch her dance with Kelly in "The Portland Fancy. She could also help out the rest of the cast. For example, she went to Eddie Bracken's aide when he was in fear of losing a stage role in New York due to the film's being over schedule.

I said, 'Do you mind if I call her? But I called Judy and said, 'I know that you're feeling terrible, but I've got another job on Broadway, and could you try and gain enough strength to get here and knock off this scene?

Summer stock theatre

She would do anything for a friend. But the authority - the upper echelon - people who were yelling at her, telling her what to do, that she refused to do. And if someone had asked her nicely, it would have been done in one second. That was the difference with Judy Garland. In spite of the issues, filming took only fifty days and was over budget a minor 43k it was common for films to be over budget, especially musicals. Much of the final success of the filming can be attributed to the affection and support of Judy's co-stars and crew.

Everyone rallied around her because everyone loved her and wanted her to succeed. Ever the trouper, Judy delivered regardless of her physical and emotional weaknesses. Summer Stock turned out to be a breezy and sparkling lark. Critics and audiences love it see reviews below , making the film a financial and critical success. Audiences applauded Judy's numbers as though they were watching a live stage show, something unheard of even today. Judy's performance is, as usual, wonderful. Of particular note is the fact that Summer Stock bridges the style of Judy's on-screen singing from the sweeter sound of the 40's to the fuller, more mature sound that she would present to moviegoers in 's A Star is Born.

In Summer Stock Judy really lets go vocally, more than she ever had in her previous films. Her voice is strong with a new maturity. This is nowhere more evident than in the the usually overlooked "Friendly Star.

Summer Stock

Teaser Trailer firefox html5 video by EasyHtml5Video. Judy's final solo number in the film is also the last number she filmed at MGM: The reason for this is that Judy's appearance in "Get Happy" is much thinner than the rest of the film. This is because "Get Happy" wasn't an outtake but an addition that was recorded and shot over a month after production had finished.

During that time, Judy was afforded more rest and lost more weight. It was Judy's idea to sing "Get Happy" being a personal favorite. Adding to the overall exuberance of Summer Stock are such dependable supporting players as Eddie Bracken, Phil Silvers, Marjorie Main and Hans Conried cast as the troupe's resident romantic baritone!

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George Wells , Sy Gomberg. Judy Garland as Jane Falbury. Gene Kelly as Joe D. Eddie Bracken as Orville Wingait.

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Gloria de Haven as Abigail Falbury. Marjorie Main as Esme. Phil Silvers as Herb Blake. Ray Collins as Jasper G. Carleton Carpenter as Artie. Nita Bieber as Sarah Higgins. Hans Conried as Harrison I. Carol Haney as Members of Stock Company. Dorothy Tuttle as Members of Stock Company. Dick Humphreys as Members of Stock Company. Jimmie Thompson as Members of Stock Company. Bridget Carr as Members of Stock Company. Joanne Tree as Members of Stock Company.

Jeanne Coyne as Members of Stock Company.

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Jean Adcock as Members of Stock Company. Rena Lenart as Members of Stock Company. Joan Dale as Members of Stock Company. Betty Hannon as Members of Stock Company. Elynne Ray as Members of Stock Company.