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Top Liner Rag (Lamb, Joseph Francis)

He also had the unique opportunity to get Joplin's own imprimatur, when the two met at a publishing office in New York in -- Lamb later played his "Sensation Rag" for the man who had inspired him, and got his blessing and endorsement for it. Joplin took him under his wing and secured him a publisher for the piece, and Lamb's reputation was more or less made from that point on.

Top Liner Rag by Joseph Lamb (1916, Ragtime piano)

He fell into relative obscurity when ragtime fell out of favor in the s, and he lived the next three decades out of the public and musical eye until the end of the s, when his music started coming back into fashion. He resumed performing, and then, in the early '50s, scholars Rudi Blesh and Harriet Janis found him during the process of researching their book, They All Played Ragtime. Having missed out on the post-World War I recording boom, he didn't come to records until the end of the s, just before his death in at the age of The Composition of Nightingale. The Naming of Contentment.

About Joseph Lamb Joseph Francis Lamb occupied a unique niche in the history of jazz, as one of the three "fathers of ragtime," alongside Scott Joplin and James Scott -- but unlike the other two, Lamb was white, and came from the Northeast Montclair, NJ, no less , and would seem an unlikely candidate for such a position in history. Here's the exact wording of his introduction of his wife to me: He was not a newlywed — he had children going to school.

From observation then as well as in later years they lived the kind of life together that you would expect from an introduction like that. When Joe Lamb died in at the age of 72, he left a rich legacy. Lamb was a composer of imagination, craftsmanship, experimentation, and longevity. He synthesized the widely divergent styles of Joplin and Scott with the idioms of commercial ragtime, manipulated disparate musical materials into organic wholes, and utilized a tremendous diversity of textures. By thinning out its texture, Lamb distilled and culminated the legato piano rag style.

He was able to break through the rag's convention of four-measure phrase lengths, and brought tonal and structural sophistication to the piano rag. A white emulator of a black musical tradition, Joe Lamb took for granted the very respectability of ragtime, which his black hero, Scott Joplin, died proving. These two publications of are convincing substantiation of Lamb's claims to being innately talented and self tutored.

Joseph Lamb

At the same time these examples contain awkward voice leading, monotonous harmonic rhythm, and slipshod notational grammar, lending credibility to the composer's assertion that he was self tutored. The Florentine Waltzes of exhibits considerable improvement. The strength of Joplin's ideas in ragtime is best exemplified by the rags of Joe Lamb. Rags written before which is to say before he became aware of the Joplin rags. From the twelve works published between and , we find that his rags are more predictable, as he synthesized the Joplinesque legato melody style with Scott's expansive keyboard work.

Then, Lamb replaced Joplin's phrase structure, making the first half of a section contrasting rather than parallel. He also avoided the short, motivic phrasing of James Scott, but used Scott's echo effect and rhythmic exuberance. Among Lamb's greatest original stylistic features are his use of sequences for developmental purposes and his diversity of texture, not only from light to heavy rags, but from section to section and even phrase to phrase.

As a lad he had listened to German folk singers in Berlin, Ontario, and late he learned the music of Sissle and Blake, amassed an impressive library of popular songs and all types of rags, listened to black religious singing at a camp meeting ground, and participated in family sings and parish minstrel shows.

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His experience with music was multifaceted. Set out below is a complete listing of Joseph Lamb compositions, published and unpublished.

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For those compositions in the public domain, the sheet music is provided for free. It is likely that Lamb wrote many of these pieces between and when he was a student in Berlin now Kitchener , Ontario and that publication was delayed by Sparks see Scotti Toronto Reference Library Special Collections. True Eyes words by Llyn Wood. Joseph Lamb, arranger composition by Charles Wellinger.

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Love in Absence words by M. O'Reilly Gordon Hurst, As such, it is believed that Joseph Lamb is the composer of the pieces below. In fact, Scotti Moore, Harry likely pseudonym for Joseph Lamb. Harry H Sparks, British Library [ top ]. The Engineer's Last Good Bye. Library and Archives Canada [ top ]. I'm Jealous of You. The Ladies' Aid Song.

West, Earl likely pseudonym for Joseph Lamb. The Joseph Lamb "Stark" rags below are all in the public domain and are set out below.

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    Joseph Lamb: The Humble Ragtime "Sensation" by Ted Tjaden

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