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Dark Enchantment (Vampire #2) by Karen Harbaugh

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. This is a collection of paranormal erotic short stories, and I liked it pretty well. There were a couple that have really stayed with me, and all of them were enjoyable to read. Most of them were pretty imaginative.

The sex is hot and copious. There is some light BDSM and some scenes involving borderline consent. It's definitely a bit on the dark side, but all the more enjoyable for that. Another reviewer suggested reading one story a night, and I think that's good advice. It's all I can say. Some stories were good, others not so much. Some visuals were good, but the story line wasn't interesting enough. One person found this helpful. I am a voracious reader, but this collection of short stories by Janine Ashbless took me a couple of weeks to read.

That's because I could only handle one story per night. Because each is a unique, finely crafted, sexy, kinky piece that demands to be savoured. This is a collection that should not be rushed. Within the genre, Ms.

Ashbless has explored the future, the past, the present, the imagined future, the mythical past, the mythical present! Imagine that, if you will. Dishonour - Raihn is third concubine to Lord General Mershen. I want you to hear it. This could be the story that gets Janine accused of writing rape fantasies, although it's only fair to add that it's actually a love story.

Ruby Seeds - The retelling of a myth in all its original sexiness. More almost rape, although again it's only fair to add that in the original myth it IS rape. This one is also a love story. Warm Heart - Your classic ghost story, only sexed up to the max.

Chimaera - Honeymooners acquire a third, whether they like it or not, who demands satisfaction before he will depart. Scratch - Even God can't protect her from her past forever, nor can her husband. When her previous master visits, all hell breaks out. The Red Thread - She's the only one brave enough to face the monster in the basement, until the Prince of Athens appears.

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Janissaries - Eight robust warriors and one abject slave girl. Can she satisfy them all? Darkling I Listen - A girl passes the time by telling a ghoul an X-rated fairy tale. Every one of these stories is elegantly written. This is the latest book for Janine, and it showcases her imagination and her talent as a writer.

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The heroine is also plagued by a dark and evil force that hunts her and endangers all who care for her. She doesn't want this man whom she feels to indebted to harmed in any way. He may not love her, as thin and dull as she is, but he is her friend and if not for him, she would have died on the streets.

As they travel to her family home she is torn between the desire to be with this hansom, kind man and her desire to be reunited with her family- even if she doesn't remember them. Once she is delivered, the hero flees as quickly as he can, hoping to out run his emotions. The heroine is left to rekindle her life with her beloved brother and sister. But almost instantly, she begins to recall the sexual attack done to her by her betrothed and the dark and evil magic he preforms as a sorcerer.

Now, the hero must race back and defy death itself to reach the woman he loves before it's too late. Another book falls prey to the long weekend curse. I didn't entirely enjoy this book, but neither did I hate it. What it failed to do was capture my attention enough to pick it up and spend time reading while the sun is shining outside. This book was predictable in it's villain and over all mystery. It was also rather disjointed and confusing at times. This series is title Vampire yet it was not at all about vampires. It was about evil magic and stigmata and extremely religious characters.

The heroine is blessed by the markings and she wants to be rid of it. She even sleeps with the hero in hopes that the sin will lesser her apparent 'goodness'.

She did however possess a strong spirit and the willingness and ability to learn to defend herself and those she cares about. The hero was a sort of two faced kind of guy.

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On one hand he is devoted to his honor and his loyalty to his king but on the other hand he's willing to basically sell the heroine back to her family, even though he believes- at the time- that her injures are because she's been beaten by them. They had a very odd sort of relationship that allowed them to sleep with each other and develop feelings but when it comes time to part, neither really puts up that much of a fight.

The last 50 some off pages are spent apart and having the hero rush urgently back to the heroine, injured badly from the fight with an evil demon. The book was not horrible. I will say that. But something about it just didn't jive with me. Too many randomness and hodge podged storytelling. Aug 28, Monica rated it really liked it Shelves: That being said, I enjoyed 'Night Fires' more than this book.

This book was excellent, but it was missing some of the rawness of the first book, could be the fact that these characters are human and the last 'de la Fer' was not. I also would have liked to see some sort of segway from the first book into the second, like how they are connect 'Night Fires', the first book in the 'de la Fer' series is one of the first romance novels I ever read, so Karen Harbaugh holds a special place in my memory. I also would have liked to see some sort of segway from the first book into the second, like how they are connected besides the family name.

I don't know about anyone else but I am not all up and up on my French history. Beyond those minor flaws though, this book was great. The characters are real, the history definitely seems well researched and the plot moved at a generally good pace. I liked Catherine's character a lot, she is a strong women and I always love to see strong women in historical type romances. I also have a soft spot for Jack, because he acknowledged his love for Catherine as soon as he felt it, didn't have to do any of that running around crap.

I enjoyed this book and hope to see many more 'de la Fer' books in the future. Apr 09, Cathy rated it it was ok Shelves: The second volume of the Vampire series felt short in my expectations. The first book was good enough, so I though this one would be a sequel. But that was not the case.

I think the only relation between the two is both of the main female characters belong to the La Fer family.

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The first half of the story was intriguing and the romance was nicely inserted. Bit by bit my rea The second volume of the Vampire series felt short in my expectations. Bit by bit my reading got slower, the connection I felt with the characters lowered, the story became predictable, the ending was rushed off … Overall, the interest just dropped. Jul 12, Lauren rated it really liked it Shelves: Amnesiac heroine meets foreign hottie who rescues her from the streets of Paris, but is intent on returning her to her family because that's where she, as a woman, belongs.


Now, granted it's set during the time period when Cromwell had control of England, but still, grr. The whole bit of demonic sorcery seemed thrown into the story too haphazardly for my liking too.

Dark Enchantment

I'm wondering;however, if the fact that this is the second book in the series has anything to do with my reaction to the sorcery bi Amnesiac heroine meets foreign hottie who rescues her from the streets of Paris, but is intent on returning her to her family because that's where she, as a woman, belongs. I'm wondering;however, if the fact that this is the second book in the series has anything to do with my reaction to the sorcery bit. In spite of my negative reactions, which truth to tell, really weren't all that many, this well written book is still a delight to read and is over seemingly way to soon.

Aug 20, Loretta Logan-Sause rated it liked it. Jun 30, Deanna Against Censorship rated it it was ok. Good book, well written. Brings you into the lives of the characters. Aleshia Mallon rated it liked it Mar 25, Mippy rated it liked it Aug 12, Chris rated it really liked it Sep 02, Lorraine rated it liked it Apr 23, Shelly Tschupp rated it really liked it Jul 11, Andrea rated it really liked it Mar 03, Victoria rated it liked it Dec 13, Penny rated it it was amazing May 19, MB What she read rated it it was ok Jan 19,