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I toy with the idea that she's a "poet's poet," like Elizabeth Bishop, but that makes her sound difficult, which she can be -- but perhaps more subtle and interesting than difficult.

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I've admired many of her poems, and this is the first full collection I've read, but there are so many strange and interesting and relevant lyrics her Stephanie Brown is one of the most underrated American poets writing today -- if not one of the absolute best. I've admired many of her poems, and this is the first full collection I've read, but there are so many strange and interesting and relevant lyrics here -- if you like poetry, and especially if you write poetry, you should see what you're missing.

Aug 04, Louise rated it it was amazing. I love Stephanie Brown- she's subversive, naughty, funny and self-incriminating.

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Jan 11, Elevate Difference rated it really liked it. It is not in the same style, ethos, or niche as Martha Stewart Living, though it could deceivably pass as such if you only consider its title and cover. Actually, this acclaimed poet is writing about life — real life — and the experiences and escapades of the confusions, transgressions, and mistakes that have become - or perhaps always have been - a part of our everyday lives.

The words and stanzas of each of her poems are arranged perfectly, and the order of her works is stitched into a solid, enjoyable compilation. My aversion to over-embellished, flourishing poetry with hyperbolic metaphors and painfully lyrical grandeur made me appreciate each poem in Domestic Interior that much more. Most of her poems read in a stream-of-conscious-esque vein, extending an irresistible invitation to her perceptions.

Yet, to her credit, even in her most introspective moments, there is no air of pretention.

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Each poem reflects her intelligence and sensitivity, as well as her perseverance. Her poems encompass a cold, hard look at the trauma and violence people impose on each other, house her theoretical musings, and also document what it feels like when the only reason you get upset or confused or feel complicated is because you care and things matter to you.

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At eighty-three pages slim, it may not catch your eye or take up much room on a bookshelf, but it surely stands its ground and meets the critical acclaim Brown has received. Review by Yujean Park Nov 15, Rebecca Grace rated it really liked it. In Domestic Interior, Stephanie Brown gives her readers a look into marriage and parenthood from a realistic and sometimes disturbing perspective. In the poem "Domestic Interior," a marriage that was founded on "the macho stuff" slowly dissolves as the poem progresses and yet the relationship itself is never directly criticized.

For readers who come from households with imperfect marriages, it certainly hits home. As for her style, Brown utilizes repetition and an almost list-like structure in s In Domestic Interior, Stephanie Brown gives her readers a look into marriage and parenthood from a realistic and sometimes disturbing perspective.

Domestic Interior

As for her style, Brown utilizes repetition and an almost list-like structure in some poems to emphasize the situations. Her language isn't particularly ornate and feels as if she's speaking to you instead of writing a poem. This down-to-earth language adds to the subject matter and creates a collection of extremely emotionally-charged poems. Feb 21, Lorene rated it it was amazing. Not that her words are pure or chaste, but they are forthright, brave, and often colloquial. Her lines propel us down the page into a sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always spot-on world of housewives, husbands, fathers, mothers, and children.

No one is left untouched, not even the speaker herself.


Nov 13, Teresa rated it really liked it. Stephanie Brown's commentary on contemporary America is both engaging and frightening.

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In this book she opens the curtains that have long been closed, revealing that not all naked people are attractive, that more goes in in the home besides dinner-making, that we are all trapped in the understanding of existence. This poet is a social landscape artist. If you want to laugh out loud and then wonder if it's appropriate to laugh, go ahead, read this poetry.

It is a collection of raw truth. Mar 18, Allison rated it did not like it. The ideas are promising, but the execution is disappointing. I will give Brown this: But a handful of interesting lines and concepts does not a full and satisfying collection make. Jul 15, Brooke Champagne rated it it was ok. I'm not very attracted to the speaker of these poems, but I'm plodding along with her and her large breasts nonetheless. Mar 17, Ruth rated it really liked it Shelves: My first reaction was, whoa! Then I read it again.

Allison rated it really liked it Apr 24, Ritter Cuba faced an economic meltdown of catastrophic proportions in the early s when covert subsidies from the former Soviet Union disappeared. Policies instituted by the island republic's government to handle the worst problems have had inconsistent results. Opening the economy to foreign ent Powerful, passionate, humorous, and often complex, yet fun to read. They go down easy, but pack a whallop. These poems are artful yet accessible, lyrical yet direct, strange but recognizable. Beginning in the s, promoters sought to bring the work of these artists to the U.

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Pitt Poetry Series

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