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Newspapers got hold of his story and he soon became known as the "Drummer Boy of Shiloh.

Drummer Boy of Shiloh

In the thickest of the fighting, three bullets passed through his cap without doing him any harm. Separated from his unit, he escaped capture when he shot and killed a Confederate soldier who ordered him to halt. Newspapers now labeled him "The Drummer Boy of Chickamauga. He was freed in a prisoner exchange a short time later, but not before the Confederates held him up as evidence that the North was so desperate that it would enlist children in its fight.

Duke Library One of the legends of Shiloh was of a young drummer boy who died on the battlefield.

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Receive me to thy fond embrace, Oh, take me home to thee. I've loved my country as my God.

To serve them both I've tried"' He smiled, shook hands —death seized the boy, Who prayed before he died. Each soldier wept then like a child.

Drummer Boy: Johnny Clem

Stout hearts were they and brave. They wrote upon a simple board These words; This is a guide To those who'd mourn the drummer boy Who prayed before he died.

To those who'd mourn the drummer boy Who prayed before he died. Ye angels 'round the Throne of Grace, Look down upon the braves, Who fought and died on Shiloh's plain, Now slumb'ring in their graves! How many homes made desolate-- How many hearts have sighed-- How many, like that drummer boy, Who prayed before they died!

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