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The second, A God in Ruins , was published in The novel has an unusual structure, repeatedly looping back in time to describe alternative possible lives for its central character, Ursula Todd, who is born on 11 February to an upper-middle-class family near Chalfont St Peter in Buckinghamshire. In the first version, she is strangled by her umbilical cord and stillborn. In later iterations of her life she dies as a child - drowning in the sea, or when saved from that, by falling to her death from the roof when trying to retrieve a fallen doll. Then there are several sequences when she falls victim to the Spanish flu epidemic of - which repeats itself again and again, though she already has a foreknowledge of it, and only her fourth attempt to avert catching the flu succeeds.

Then there is an unhappy life where she is traumatized by being raped, getting pregnant and undergoing an illegal abortion, and finally becoming trapped in a highly oppressive marriage, and being killed by her abusive husband when trying to escape. In later lives she averts all this by being preemptively aggressive to the would-be rapist. In between, she also uses her half-memory of earlier lives to avert the neighbour girl Nancy being raped and murdered by a child molester.

The saved Nancy would have an important role in Ursula's later life s , forming a deep love relationship with Ursula's brother Teddy, and would become a main character in the sequel, " A God in Ruins ". Still later iterations of Ursula's her life take her into World War Two , where she works in London for the War Office and repeatedly witnesses the results of the Blitz including a direct hit on a bomb shelter in Argyll Road in November - with herself being among the victims in some lives and among the rescuers in others. There is also a life in which she marries a German in , is unable to return to England and experiences the war in Berlin under the allied bombings.

Ursula eventually comes to realize, through a particularly strong sense of deja vu , that she has lived before, and decides to try to prevent the war by killing Adolf Hitler in late What is left unclear - since each of the time sequences end with "darkness" and Ursula's death and does not show what followed - is whether in fact all these lives actually occurred in an objective world, or were only subjectively experienced by her.

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The series was preceded by a two-hour special that aired on January 21, on the History Channel [1] which served as a de facto pilot for the series that premiered April 21, The documentary and subsequent series were both narrated by James Lurie. The program does not speculate on how humanity may disappear, stipulating only that it has, and that it has done so suddenly, leaving everything behind including household pets and livestock that have to fend for themselves.

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The thought experiment is based on documented results of the sudden removal of humans from a geographical area and the results that have occurred when people discontinue the maintenance of buildings and urban infrastructure. The series' episodes thematically offer examples of urban and biological decay. The focus is on specific locations such as skyscrapers , religious icons , bridges and dams , and government buildings, and the fate of certain related objects, such as artifacts , documents and human bodies.

The fate of some kinds of flora and fauna are covered as well.

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Each episode also contains a segment in which experts examine real locations that have been abandoned by people, including ghost towns and other sites of deterioration, where the deterioration has been caused by events similar to those outlined in the episode. Although the series speculates on the fates of landmarks around the world, the main focus is on situations that may occur at locations in the United States.

The various events that may occur after people disappear suddenly are depicted using CGI dramatizations.

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The timeline of predicted events begins approximately one day after the disappearance of humankind and extends up to one hundred million years into the future one day, one week, one year, 10 years, 15 years, 25 years, 50 years, years, years, etc. The two-hour special documentary had an audience of 5. The success of the special eventually spawned a spin-off television series , which premiered on the History Channel on April 21, A second season began airing on January 5, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Archived from the original on April 29, Retrieved August 3, Retrieved 1 October A look at would happen if humans [suddenly] disappeared from the Earth. Life After People — Episode Guide. Retrieved February 19, Retrieved January 11, Retrieved February 15, Archived from the original on February 9, General references that apply to most episodes "Life After People Episodes". Retrieved April 2, Retrieved June 1, Project Blue Book The Commanders. Retrieved from " https: TV channel original programs Documentary television series about science Urban decay Thought experiments.

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What would happen if every human on Earth disappeared?