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As soon as the sacred source of magic starts to diminish the entire world of wizards is put under threat, and ultimately the use of magic itself. Continuing from the fifth sorceress this next installment within an epic fantasy series is just as spellbinding and creatively imaginative as the first.

The complexity of the plot and fast-paced action and drama, make this book gripping and exciting being unable to put down even for a moment. The quest stands on a knife edge that makes you sit tensely on the edge of your seat, wanting to find out along with the characters the truth and how to end this cataclysm waiting to happen.

I felt like I was in the middle of the most compelling saga that only had two possible outcomes, which was mesmerizing hence I sat riveted to the spot whilst my mind was lost within Eutracia. Each separate section the hunted, the stricken, the children, the warriors and the vanquished was just as intensely rich as the one prior to it, as each section grew in profundity which built more anticipation. I cannot enthuse enough about an author who has written a most masterful work that is a tour de force in this genre, and which sets the standards sky high.

Electrifying and intense, I know for certain that you will be hooked for a very long time. Jul 20, Adon Coya rated it it was ok. While not actually bad, I won't be reading it again, ever. The characters were for most of the book sitting in the one room or another discussing and explaining what is happening or what happened in the past.

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While simple and easy to read, there's no depth in the characters, no choices or dilemmas, just the evil guys against the good ones. There's hardly any character development, and the writing is repetitive, using lots of the same phrases all the time, and some of them not even correctly. The While not actually bad, I won't be reading it again, ever. The pacing of chapters is lacking, some of them range up 30 pages, while some of them hardly reach pages.

But what I liked the worst, was the plot development.

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That's a way of telling oral stories, or maybe TV series endings; but in this book, it felt like the writer intentionally kept secrets the reader, and so often that he broke my trust in his honoring his side of our contract Apr 10, Steen rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

I think this book was better written then the first one, it annoyed me less. At least he didn't use the same phrases all the time. I dunno it's not my favorite series but I have to read the rest of them now to see what will happen.

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Although I must say the ending was very surprising. I knew som I think this book was better written then the first one, it annoyed me less. I knew something had to happen because the author couldn't kill of the evil side in the second book with four more to go. I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't what happened.

Maybe that is why I'm still interested.

The Gates of Dawn (Chronicles of Blood and Stone #2)

May 14, Ubiquitousbastard rated it it was ok Shelves: This is fantasy tripe. It is not good, but it's so simple and easy to read that the pain isn't too overwhelming. There's nothing remotely interesting about the characters, and they tend to be massively evil, evil bad evil guys or super perfectly angelically good goodguys.

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Throw in some Goodkind-esque misogyny and that's basically what this series is about. Except these books are shorter. Apr 27, Amber rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Wow this book was NOT great. Tell me I wasn't the only one that felt totally robbed by this ending? The first book was sort of interesting but I just lost all interest entirely by the end of this book. Oct 29, Aaron rated it did not like it Shelves: More of the same There's always some secret being hidden from the protagonist that moves the action forward.

Mar 22, Alyce rated it it was amazing. Richard has a son! Apr 29, Michael rated it it was ok. I knew better but read this anyway. Surprisingly, there were no superpowered dominatrix rape scenes but the mindless droning of the story continues. Coming up with a bogus Dewey decimal system, blood transfusions, library catalog computer, and Gregorian calendar was done half-hearted.

And he was not fully born therefore his blood was incomplete?! The explanation might work for 5 year olds but come-on. Put some thought into what you type. So little nick can popping Celeste but not two flying Minions waiting to save Big Nick?!? And a blood transfusion after Nick is dead? It's as if I am being lectured and I am 3 years old. Spending several pages to explain your ripoff of the Dewey decimal system was so painful I skipped a few pages. Overall, this book was a letdown. I still rate the first book marginally higher than this one.

Sep 04, Stephanie rated it did not like it. Well, I only vaguely remembered reading the first book in this series, The Fifth Sorceress, so I went in to this one pretty much a clean slate.

The Gates of Dawn

Which is OK, because repetition abounds! My biggest gripe is that the author would set up these awesome plot twists and situations and then just easily write them off via the Prophecies or magic or some other "just so happens" excuse. It just so happens we sent some minions to fly in and carry you away from certain death.

And, oh yeah, they grabbe Well, I only vaguely remembered reading the first book in this series, The Fifth Sorceress, so I went in to this one pretty much a clean slate. And, oh yeah, they grabbed the antidote, too! It all came together too conveniently.

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There's a comparison to George R. Martin's writing on the sleeve to this book, and having just come off of reading A Game of Thrones, I find it pretty laughable. Martin crippled kids and beheaded kings - there was nothing convenient about it. Feb 11, Delia rated it liked it. This book starts off a little slow for me. The book before ended so mysteriously that I was hoping it would pick up where it left off. While it sort of did that, I still find the pace of the book to be slow.

When the Paragon, the mystical crystal that harnesses the power of the endowed blood, starts to lose its power, Tristan of the House of Galland fears this means the end of his country Eutracia and the end of all magic, in Newcomb's dizzyingly uninspired second Blood and Stone fantasy after his controversial debut, 's The Fifth Sorceress.

The forces of good—headed by Tristan, his twin sister Shailiha, and the two wizards Faegan and Wigg—must find out who is draining the stone, why it's being drained and, most importantly, how to stop the magic from disappearing from Eutracia completely. As the prophesied "Chosen One," whose azure blood is the purest ever seen among the endowed, Tristan has a lot going for him, though the author's repeated emphasis on the purity of blood smacks uncomfortably of eugenics. As in volume one, the "data dump" method of offering plot points slows the action, what little there is of it.

The wizards spend most of their time talking, while Tristan can scarcely contemplate lifting a sword against his evil nemesis. Those readers who were hoping Newcomb might avoid some of the first book's problems will only find more ammunition here. While some fantasy fans felt Newcomb's first book lived up to the hype likening him to David Eddings or George R.