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It's also about the chance to try the road you didn't take the first time around. You get to hit reset.

The Younger Games

And one thing I was very attracted to about the book was that it wasn't about time travel. There was no magical element to it. And in a weird way, I think the show is becoming less and less about the age conceit, and more about the relationship between these women, and people just relating to each other, whatever their ages.

That's really smart, too. And that makes me feel better about my job security. Liza was still 26 this season. I'm like, "You gotta get her up at least one year! As much as it's a rom-com, it's hard to find a show with more female friendships. Females supporting one another, rooting for each other in the workplace, out of the workplace — I think that's nice to see.

Nobody's blowing each other up, or stabbing each other in the back. They're actually trying to support each other. I think that's important.

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As long as we're talking about female friendships Darren, you're writing about a group of hot women in Manhattan. How did you feel about revisiting that territory? When I wrote Sex and the City I was in my 30s, and I understood what it was like with those relationships. I understood that world pretty intimately. Now I understand what it feels like to experience the generation gap. I'm guilty of liking to film in New York, and I love doing shows about women. I'm influenced by them, in a way.

This isn't about repeating yourself. It's a different story. There's another element you brought from Sex and the City: I hope I inspire her. It's just a fun, rewarding partnership. I don't pretend to be an expert in how to dress these women, but she is, I'm lucky to have her.

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Another thing about her is that she's ageless. She's a walking example of what the show is. I've never met anybody like her in my entire life. Patricia has such a great sense of humor about Liza's wardrobe. Liza is trying to fit into this world, and the clothes have a sense of that. It's great to be able to play a character who's playing a character. So it's really been fun.

The Younger Games

It's gotten a little more sophisticated this season, as Liza's becoming more confident, and finding her own self more. It's reflected in the storytelling. These are people who know what they're doing. We have a lot of mature millennials. Hilary's 28, but she's a mom, which automatically makes you more mature.

She's got that up on me. I'm not a mother; I'm a mom to my dog. She's also been working in this industry for a long time. Nico is a real mature guy. What I find really cool about this young generation is their sense of individuality and singularity. There's this openness to anything.

The Younger Games: Drums

Since Hilary's a mom with a lot of responsibility, I think she's getting to experience her 20s vicariously through this character. She has fun doing that. Nico is a millennial through and through. I did love when they both showed up with green hair last year at the premiere, unbeknownst to each other.

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They both have unbelievable social media presences, so they're showing their millennial stripes there — Nico on Instagram and Hilary on Twitter. There definitely is a generation gap, but I don't think of my coworkers as kids. They truly are my peers, and I look up to them quite a bit. And it's nice to stay current on what the hell they are up to! Sometimes I feel like I've been under a rock the last 10 years.

It's not my world, and I love living through our something writers, who are hilarious. Sutton, what kind of input did you have into the character as Darren was developing the show? I just focus on bringing as much of myself to Liza and keeping her truthful and earnest — while telling this lie. It's really about being truthful, all of it. As much as I can.

She embodied the physicality of the character. It's not just about the clothes — it's how she internalizes being younger. Yeah, but I kind of promised her I wouldn't. She has plenty of opportunities to do that on stage. This is the place for her to show a whole different side of herself. Mary Tyler Moore is another great example. That's sort of the basic-cable landscape. People are consuming everything on so many different platforms. They're not making the distinction between what's on TV Land, what's on Amazon — they're just looking at the show.

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We're out to tell fun, truthful stories. We don't censor ourselves, but we're not out to push the envelope either, because I feel like the envelope's been pushed. I feel really lucky that I have a great relationship with Nico and Peter. We all get along so well. Nico and I shot a scene in a bathtub in the first season, and we were like, "Oh, just another Thursday, getting in a tub with my coworker. Liza's becoming more comfortable in her skin, in a weird way. She's having more fun, even though it's bringing up enormous complications. In the latest episode of The Younger Games, Kelly Deadmon tries to defy gravity, which according to her can ""really wreck havoc on your ass.

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An Inside Look at Neck Tightening. Kelly Tries a Chocolate Massage. A Gravity Defying Workout. Customers who watched this item also watched. Available on Prime Beauty Battle.

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  • Available on Prime We Tried It. Available on Prime The Plastics. Available on Prime Beauty Lounge. Available on Prime To the Test. Available on Prime Beauty Lab. Available on Prime The Movement. Available on Prime About Face. Available on Prime Untangled. Available on Prime Last 5. Available on Prime Style Lab. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. The episodes are very short. As a woman who is in her 40's this short series is hilarious and very informative for me to watch.

    I had no idea what some of the procedures entailed but Kelly is the one who tries it out for us and shows what it is like. The episodes are very short, around 3 minutes. I had a fun time watching all the episodes.