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Your pre-orders will enable us to bring the first Pearl Collection childrens books to life! The profits will cover. The risks are low as we are ready to go! The books are written and were approved as official Happy Parent Media for Kids literature. All the illustrations are finished and we printed proof copies of the books We tested the books on children in Celine's care who ask for them to be re-read each session and as you saw in the campaign videos, some of the kids already know the Baby Book Lullaby by heart!

So we know the product will be loved by many more children.

Ohr Somayach

Celine has studied Fine Arts and has an MA in Devised Theatre, and a network of trustworthy, talented artists and designers who are here to advise and help at each step along the way! We created a detailed business plan which takes into consideration how many books need to be sold to reach our target. This has informed the price of the rewards. We have taken time before launching to take advice from other successful Kickstarter campaigns and advisers, so everything is in place: We put in place social networks on Facebook and Instagram to build an audience around the project.

We've presented the stories at festivals, organised a free reading for friends, built an email list, and written press releases. We are confident that with the help of all of you backing and sharing the project, the total will be reached! To further minimize risks, we started working on this project four years ago, testing the stories with children and working on several formats before the style and look of the Pearl Collection children's books became clear.

The next stage now is to send the book for printing which we will do in the first half of the campaign, so you can have your books before Christmas. Celine has an extensive experience of project management for her husband's band Massive Vibe Live - empowerment through music , she has set up several nurseries at retreats centres and is used to coordinate volunteers during gatherings, ensuring every task is taken care of. This has given her hands on experience of bringing projects to the final stages and delivery! Nothing is in the way of full completion of the project!

We've been passionate about this vision for many years and bringing the project to completion is a great honour.

  • Your Mind and How to Use It: A Manual of Practical Psychology.
  • Eknath Easwaran;
  • The Lord Builds the House: The 127th Psalm.
  • Self Control - Its Kingship and Majesty.
  • Listen to Audiobooks written by Eknath Easwaran |!

Relaxing for short moments, open like the sky, repeated many times until continuous, which is the practice introduced in the books has been very helpful to breakthrough every limitation that has seemed to come our way so far, always showing the sky is the limit! Please let us know how the books are for you, as hearing from our readers is what is informing what next books are needed! Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ.

Support the project's outreach, receive exclusive backers updates and receive a pdf copy of either: Order a book to be donated to a library or school, giving access to Education in the Nature of Mind to children everywhere!

  1. Mariage au bout du monde (Harlequin Azur) (French Edition).
  2. Your Mind and How to Use It: A Manual of Practical Psychology by William Walker Atkinson;
  3. LOVE AND REVOLUTION: Moon Over Carolina (Moonlit Romances)?
  4. Catlord Chronicles – Book Ancient History.
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  6. You will also receive an E-book of your choice. Order the 1st Book of the Pearl Collection: Put "Ben Pot and the Stormy Feelings" on your book shelf or give it as a gift. Receive a paperback copy of the book! Order the second book of the Pearl Collection: Happy Lane or Whiny Lane". Things don't go how Lucy Diamond had planned and Lucy is faced with a choice Order the 3rd book of the Pearl Collection!

    Order the first book of Baby Skye's adventures Like all babies, Baby Skye has all kinds of feelings, sometimes she is happy, sometimes she is sad. Something about Baby is always fine and open like the sky, no matter what feelings flow on by! You'll receive 2 hard copies of any book of your choice, specify which. Same shipping costs as for one book. We love to collect books that are nothing but illustrated Bible passages. When a child hears a beloved book read over and over, he and his mommy! My children have memorized a number of Bible passages through this sort of book.

    We are so blessed to be able to add this incredible book to our collection. My children do not want to put it down! It is a slim hardcovered book that is beautiful, the illustrations are so rich, but the most impressive aspect of the artwork is the tenderness and beauty of family life.

    Johanna's art conveys warmth and innocence. It is also wonderful example for our daughters of the value of nature study and provides an excellent springboard for Poetry month. Why not get a blank book and choose a couple of Psalms to meditate on and illustrate during poetry month. Using the words of the th Psalm, the art engraves them on the reader's heart. While the book is written for children, its beauty and charm make it welcome on any coffee table.

    The Book That Will Change Your Life! (Pure Wisdom!)

    The turn of each page is like a journey into sweet scenes of loving family life. Soft pastel colors and quaint illustrations portray the family surrounded by the beauty of nature. Johannah Bluedorn has done a superb job of bringing out the beauty of the scripture. This Psalm will unfold before your eyes as a Psalm for the family that puts their trust in the Lord. Homeschooled by her parents and a self-taught artist, she wondrously depicts the story of the Lord building our homes and families.

    Each page is filled with peaceful, innocent paintings of families, animals, and nature. Glossy pages set off glowing colors, making each page a visual dessert. Love of home and family is evident throughout the book. At the end, the Psalm is set to music by Johannah's father. The illustrations are beautiful and express the text very well.

    The Problem - Children's Media don't give kids tools to face life in a real way

    Review by Dena Wood of timestales. Psalm is brought to life and given meaning for children when associated with the beautifully detailed artwork that depicts its message. Children will enjoy poring over each picture to fully discover the beauty in each scene. Paintings of family and wildlife, God's creation as it was intended to be, show us how the Lord would build His house.

    This book is the perfect means to cement God's Word in the hearts and minds of your children. Review by Lorrie Flem at teachmagazine. Johannah Bluedorn, a homeschooled girl and self-taught artist, has illustrated two lovely hardback books that are overflowing with gorgeously detailed color illustrations. Each page is a delight to the eye and requires a few minutes to savor and take all the loveliness in.

    In these pages her artwork serves the purpose of illustrating the Holy word of God. As you look a little more closely you will see in the trees an angel watching over them. The girls and I spent about 30 minutes the evening these books came.

    Book Excerpts « Literary Corner « Ohr Somayach

    We opened them intending to read them but instead we needed quite a while just to exclaim over the sweet wholesome pictures. After we had carefully looked at each page in both books we were ready to read. Then we found that the pictures were not just fun to look at. They successful help bring the point of the message across. Each piece of art is carefully done for that portion of scripture.

    We love these beautiful books. Meanwhile, he was becoming a Talmudic scholar and "thinking his way" to traditional Judaism as rigorously as he approached his intellectually demanding field in academia. In , he traded his university career for a life of teaching and study in the Torah world of Israel Since then, the author has been a popular and respected speaker and teacher on four continents, exploring the knottiest issues of modern life through the lens of a Jewish philosophy of life.

    His audiences include a wide range of people, ages, and cultures. Their attitudes toward Judaism include curiosity, skepticism, disbelief, developing commitment, and bitter hostility. The one factor they share is a desire to increase their knowledge and understanding of traditional Judaism. The discussions are intense, the questions probing and often unsympathetic. The results are the stuff of which this remarkable book is made. Between these covers are the most stimulating of those lectures and the ensuing give and take between Rabbi Gottlieb and his listeners.

    The topics range from the abstract to the perplexing to the infuriating. With uncommon sense the author dissects each theme and opens new vistas of understanding - and, amazingly, he does it as well on the printed page as in the classroom or lecture hall. He has the gift of clarity and the great teacher's ability to draw his readers into his train of thought.

    This is a book for intelligent, thoughtful people. Anyone who fits that description will find it a rare treasure. Akiva Tatz Now, a book that tells the inside story of the Teshuva Revolution. Akiva Kevin Tatz is a physician who made his way from medical practice in Johannesburg, South Africa, to yeshiva in Jerusalem. In these pages he takes us through his experiences at medical school, as a young doctor faced with the drama of the medical wards and the operating room, through his work in the violence of South Africa's bush war and later, on to Ohr Somayach Yeshiva and its kollel.

    The Bhagavad Gita

    As you share his life and those of the young people from different backgrounds whom he meets and later tutors in the yeshiva, you will gain a rare, first-hand insight into the Teshuva Revolution and the personalities and ideas which are making it the most exciting element on the Jewish scene today. World Mask by Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz The world is a mask which hides a deeper reality.

    • EMDR und Biofeedback in der Behandlung von posttraumatischen Belastungsstörungen (German Edition).
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    • Dementielle Erkrankungen im Alter: Krankheitsbild und Ansätze sozialarbeiterischer Intervention (German Edition).
    • Best Sellers.
    • Figura (German Edition).
    • Ben Pot & the Stormy Feelings - books for empowering kids by Celine Wright — Kickstarter.

    But it is a unique mask: This Book, by the author of Anatomy of a Search and Living Inspired , reveals some of the Torah wisdom which reflects that duality, both within the world and beyond it, in physical expression and in root depth. One who learns to perceive the depth behind the scenes of life will experience exhilaration and wonder.

    The careful reader who explores the chapters presented here will discover some of the keys which unlock the world behind the mask. Akiva Tatz This book powerfully explains some of the deepest concepts in Judaism, demonstrating how those ideas and principles can, and should, guide decisions, relationships and growth to real maturity.

    There's no "talking down" here; there's just straight inspiration, depth, and many answers. He relates old dilemmas to today's problems and shows how Jewish history is an endless and inspiring continuum. The times were exotic, exciting , dangerous, triumphant. This book does them justice. There is no more exciting story anywhere than the Jewish People's march through the menaces of history. It's a gripping, absorbing story, peopled by great names and arch-villains, full of courage and cowardice, and leavened with the conviction that the Chosen People must survive - come what may.

    These books are the work of two great names in today's Jewish literary world: In all truth, this writing experience has touched me, my soul and being, in a way that I never foresaw. When Rabbi Berel Wein makes a statement like that, you know you are in for a remarkably enjoyable reading experience. As a speaker, historian, and teacher - Rabbi Wein never disappoints. This book is a sheer joy. Provacative, humorous, thoughtful, stimulating, informative - it is filled with all the mervelous qualities one associates with one of our generation's favorite Rabbis.

    Rabbi Wein distills the best of his many careers - rabbi, lawyer, rosh yeshivah, historian, teacher, lecturer, observer - into the scores of keen and cogent observations that make up this precious little book. The rest of us go through life and see a lot but perceive very little. Rabbi Wein observes a bunch of green bananas or two armfuls of loaded shopping bags and discerns a blueprint for more enjoyable, more productive living. This book will amuse, enlighten, provoke, inspire Don't be left out; let bunches of green bananas ripen in your mind.

    We could go on and on, but you get the idea.

    See a Problem?

    The book's a treat. We invite you to sip some Vintage Wein. Its an intoxicating pleasure. The man shared with us a secret, a magic elixer that would lead to the kind of live everyone desires - and every Jew should live. In Who Wants to Live?