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It has been suggested that the restrictive membership policy was implemented in order to prevent the club from being taken over by hostile supporters. He also said that the conditions that had prevailed at some other clubs had certainly not been positive for their development. The club entered a cooperation agreement with the supporter organization Fanprojekt Leipzig in , and the club also has a dialogue with the fan representatives of the supporter union Fanverband RB Leipzig Fans.

Both Dietrich Mateschitz and sporting director Ralf Rangnick have made comments on transfer policy. Dietrich Mateschitz commented on the football commitment of Red Bulll GmbH in and said that the company was "no good stars buyers". What we do, we try to do with our brain. Nothing is easier than to take a bag full of money and go shopping. That is stupid, stupid we are not".

And that with as many own players as possible". Bundesliga who had not signed any players from another club in the league. Several people have responded to the rejection of RB Leipzig as a "plastic club", which lacks traditions. Sporting director Joachim Krug said in that RB Leipzig was simply a newly founded club with high ambitions.

By this, he meant that also RB Leipzig will one day become a traditional club. Sporting director Ralf Ragnick declared in that there were actually advantages to working in a new club without deep-rooted traditions. He explained that structural changes and staffing decisions could be implemented quickly and flexibly at RB Leipzig, since there are no established hierarchies and less resistance in the environment.

He further said that he had seen enough examples of traditional clubs which have not made it anywhere. He said that to him, what mattered was if there existed a working philosophy and sustainability. RB Leipzig has also received positive criticism and praise. He explained that young players will stay in the area and that the overall level of football in Lepzig will rise. Mayor Burkhard Jung praised Dietrich Mateschitz as "honest, ambitious and serious". The prize ceremony was for the first time attended by the Minister-president of Saxony, Stanislaw Tillich.

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He said that he hoped for high class football, and that it would have earned the whole region and East Germany. Bundesliga was a great development for East Germany and that the attendance boom in Leipzig showed just how much the club had been awaited. He said that decisive would be what the club could offer its fans, and that if the model works, it would be beneficial for all football, not only for football in East Germany. Bundesliga in and said that it was the best thing that could happen to football in Leipzig. He also rejected the complaints of "traditionalists", as 1.

In interviews published in German newspaper Bild in , representatives of several Leipzig football clubs explained how their clubs had benefited from the establishment of RB Leipzig. Former FC Sachsen Leipzig liquidator Heiko Kratz explained that by , the club was no longer able to finance its youth academy, but by selling its A to D junior teams to RB Leipzig, at least they could give the players a future.

Ralph Zahn from ESV Delitzsch said that the financial compensation from RB Leipzig had made it possible for the club to build an artificial turf pitch with floodlights for the cost of , euros.

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RB Leipzig also had an increase in five out of six image values. Sympathetic had increased 2. A study carried out by the company Repucom in showed that RB Leipzig had a nationwide increase of 60 percent in press, radio and television. It also showed that the reports had become more objective and complex. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The neutrality of this article is disputed. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page.

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Please do not remove this message until conditions to do so are met. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Red Bull Arena Leipzig. This article may be too long to read and navigate comfortably. Please consider splitting content into sub-articles, condensing it, or adding or removing subheadings. The neutrality of this section is disputed. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. List of RB Leipzig seasons. Retrieved 8 April Deutsche Welle in German.

Retrieved 28 January Retrieved 19 May Die Welt in German. Retrieved 27 February Archived from the original on 7 December Retrieved 4 February Zeit Online in German. Frankfurter Allgemeine in German. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung GmbH. Red Bull plant Liga-Einstieg". Spiegel Online in German. Retrieved 28 February Die Attacke auf den FC Bayern". RB Leipzig is coming].

Der Tagesspiegel in German. Verlag Der Tagesspiegel GmbH. Perform Media Deutschland GmbH. Red Bull auf Eroberungsfeldzug". Die Presse in German. Die Presse Verlags-Gesellschaft m. Der Freitag in German. Retrieved 13 June Retrieved 20 March Kicker Online in German. Retrieved 11 June Retrieved 27 July Retrieved 7 August In acht Jahren in die Bundesliga". Fliegt RB auf Vogel? Retrieved 6 August Badische Zeitung in German.

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Türkei - Ein Dorn im Auge (politische Analyse)

Archived from the original on 4 March Retrieved 21 November Leipzig-Stars zoffen sich um Ibrahimovic-Trikot". Major League Soccer, L. Mitteldeutsche Zeitung in German. RB Leipzig fast gleichauf mit Borussia Dortmund". Dann mach ich's eben selbst". Retrieved 22 November RB Leipzig holt St. Faszination Fankurve in German. Faszination Fankurve, Sole trader: RP Online in German. Leipzig auf dem Weg in die Bundesliga". Retrieved 20 November Retrieved 15 April Retrieved 1 April Retrieved 21 March Retrieved 31 January Retrieved 28 April Retrieved 9 May Retrieved 26 May Retrieved 30 January Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in German.

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Faszinaton Fankurve in German. Retrieved 20 December Archived from the original on 25 September Das steckt hinter dem Retortenclub". Retrieved 22 October Retrieved 22 May RB Leipzig baut bis neues Trainigszentrum am Cottaweg". Blick ins RB-Heiligtum am Cottaweg". Neues Deutschland in German. Retrieved 26 January Retrieved 17 May Retrieved 3 August Retrieved 6 January Retrieved 11 November Retrieved 8 May Retrieved 3 July Fernsehen in Dresden GmbH.

Retrieved 4 July Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten in German. Ist Aufstieg Nummer drei schaffbar? Retrieved 23 January Retrieved 4 August Retrieved 12 February Retrieved 2 September Retrieved 1 September Leipzig drawn with 'sister' club Salzburg, Frankfurt have it tough". Retrieved 15 December RB Leipzig hanging by a thread after Salzburg loss". Retrieved 19 June Retrieved 22 January Sportive LE in German.

Wir haben von den Bullen profitiert". Retrieved 26 June RB Leipzig holt den ersten Titel der Saison". Ich will in die Bundesliga". Perform Media Sales Ltd. Retrieved 7 May Rangnick holt Fachmann von Schalke 04". Auf ihn sind wir bei zwei Testspielen unserer U 17 gegen seine Mannschaft aufmerksam geworden. Achim Beierlorzer verfolgt die gleiche Spielphilosophie wie wir: Berliner Morgepost in German. BZ Online in German. Inside 11 in German. Inside 11, Sole trader: The Economist Newspaper Limited. Owned by Red Bull, with a crafty sponsor's name, they have outpriced fan power and are now aiming at Bayern Munich".

Im Stadion am Bad beginnt die Zukunft". Berliner Zeitung in German. Retrieved 1 June Ganz in Schwarz gegen den Brausekommerz". Union Berlin fans deliver strong protest against RB Leipzig". Retrieved 17 February Aue entschuldigt sich bei Red-Bull-Boss". Jena-Hooligans greifen Spieler an".

Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung in German. RB Leipzig findet keinen Gegner".

Abgewiesene Asylsuchende aus Albanien: Frau Allmetas Suche nach dem Glück

Kein Testspiel gegen RB Leipzig". Man sollte unseren Weg respektieren". Ich bin nicht Abramowitsch. Was wir machen, versuchen wir mit Hirn zu machen. Nichts ist einfacher, als einen Sack voll Geld zu nehmen und shoppen zu gehen. Das ist dumm, dumm sind wir nicht. Frisch aus der Dose". Niersbach sieht keine Handhabe". Fan bestimmt Zukunft von RB Leipzig".

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Sammer nimmt RB Leipzig in Schutz". Ein paar Traditionalisten werden wieder rumschreien und weinen, aber das ist nicht in Ordnung. Retrieved 15 June Club Managers Players Seasons Stadium. Reichsliga Introduction in scandal scandal scandal Promotion. Clubs Introduction Promotion to 2. Bundesliga Promotion to Bundesliga Top scorers. Liga Promotion to 2.

6th European Workshop on Advanced Fluorescence Methods

Regionalliga Nordost IV — —19 clubs. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 15 December , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Die Arbeit der GIZ. Vanessa Preclaro, Krankenpflegerin von den Philippinen. Flucht und Migration Perspektiven schaffen: Berufliche Perspektiven in Marokko. Wissen nach Hause bringen.

Indien setzt auf Sonnenenergie Internationale Zusammenarbeit wirkt Klimawandel: Fortschritte in Afghanistan Schutz mit Soforthilfe: Basir Sowida, Unternehmer Afghanistan: Gjergj Luca, Fischereiunternehmer Bangladesch: Otis Diogo, Hotelier Bolivien: Nino Elbakidze, Juristin und Frauenrechtlerin Ghana: Bhagwanti Portay, Unternehmerin Japan: Fred Martin, Ingenieur Jordanien: Lydia Kimani, Herdinstallateurin Kolumbien: Yassine Alj, Energieunternehmer Mongolei: Critics fear incalculable environmental damage, particularly to aquifers.

Producers counter by claiming that the procedure is well-tested. And indeed, fracking has been employed in Germany since , but only in conventional repositories in porous sandstone, which is comparatively easy to unlock. The conflict over fracking is more rancorous when it comes to shale. Deposits in such sedimentary rock are much more difficult to access and the procedure is considered to be riskier. Though experts believe that the potential for the technology is great in Germany, shale fracking has not yet been carried out here. The US energy expert Daniel Yergin estimates that by , Germany could cover some 35 percent of its own natural gas needs were it to aggressively exploit shale gas.

That amount is roughly equal to what Germany currently imports from Russia. But Yergin's optimism is not widely shared. Germany's Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources recently concluded in a study that "it cannot be expected that shale gas in Germany will become the 'game changer' it has in the US. Discuss this issue with other readers! Show all comments Page 1. This paper and its articles are unmatched by anything I read in the US my home country. You guys are in trouble only because you allow irrational "Green" politicians to control your energy policy.

Wake up and realize that their propaganda about carbon dioxide causing global warming is a lie. James Hansen did not discover the greenhouse effect in Look up his year warming he babbles about and you will find that he is basing his greenhouse warming claim on non-greenhouse warming that took place from to When that is taked off from his year claim what is left is a see-saw section of temperature curve consisting of 25 years of cooling and 23 years of warming.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that this will never prove that the greenhouse effect exists. As a result of his claim we have an extravagant global warming apparatus built up upon a non-existent greenhouse warming. There is no warming now, there has been none for 17 years, and none can be expected in the future because greenhouse warming does not exist.

A pipeline running from Russia into your home!? Anybody checking for dangerous additives killing you at home. That's the price of a little more independence. If the government were interested in that, a small fraction of the taxes and fees levied on gasoline could be used to achieve total independence. Instead, there is talk about drivers paying "too little". And cries for even higher taxes. Governments are hypocrites when it comes to admitting that they have plenty of tax money, but just don't spend it for those who are taxed.

The answer is just next door: It probably has enough hidrocarbon reserves to fuel the EU for centuries. Of course, it will require significant investments in infrastructure. Or maybe Vlad plans to invade it too.