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If you chose words like comfort, style, classic, conservative, you might want to visit Flattering Whatever your two words, there are lots of websites and blogs to explore.

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Remember all that matters is how you feel about the image you project. If you are comfortable, you can pull off some amazing looks. Be totally honest in your own skin! What two words describe your personal style? What do you think is the essence of style after 60? Please write your answers in the comments below.

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Once a hippy, always a hippy. Jeans and comfortable tops and flat shoes or sandals. I used to wear heels in my younger days, but now I wear 2 inch heel max if dressed up not often I am short so I keep my style simple and classic with a twist of artsy. High wedges, slinky loose trousers and cami wifh over blouse. Comfy and floaty and a bit glam. My favorite s European Urban. British casual country and sport.

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Still classic when necessary. Never seems to find colourful shoes like that pic above in most shops; are usually plain black, blue or brown duh! I have a long history of stumbling and falling with higher heels….. Runners are the best. Raquel Welch on Staying Sexy and Single at Click Here to Join Our Community!

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Tags Fashion for Women Over You Might Also Like. Mary E Beasley Campbell. I dress to suit my figuer, slim, but careful not to dress too young. T-shirts and flat shoes…. Debra Berrey Seckman Rossiter. Valerie Sylvia Elizabeth Hatcher-Kirkham. When I was younger wore them all the time. Love the heels but my knees say no. There are a lot of cute flats out there. Earth mother when the grandchildren are about, but try and be classic when out and about. Manuela Botelho de Melo.

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Spent too many years in high heels trying to be fashionable. Tere Scasatto de Wessler. Thank you very much. Sirius77 , Feb 19, Hello owlman, I see.

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What about here, I am trying to understand is as "my own way".: To such as love this same beauty that I love somewhat after mine own fashion. Other people might not understand your demonstration of love, but it makes sense to you.

Pound is telling you that he loves some beauty in a personal way. Who knows what that really means? Did Pound kiss that beauty?

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Did he crawl up to it on his knees and worship it? Did he write poems to it? The phrase doesn't tell us anything specific about how Pound loved that beauty. I think he means here that he dedicated his book to the ones who loves the same beauty that he does "after his own fashion". Can we rephrase it as "after his own way"?