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It lacked any real excitement or adventure. Her sister Julia was my favourite character and I also liked Sara but I found the main character boring.

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Had to force myself to finish this book while trying to stifle a yawn. Mar 12, Sally rated it liked it Shelves: For thirteen years she has lived a life of of perfect wifedom with Robert, bending to his abusive demands and allowing herself to be bullied into mundane, dutiful routine.

Housewife in Love (Housewife, #4) by Alison Penton Harper

That evening she decides to throw off her role of domestic angel and hit him where it hurts: The book is chick lit — it is suppose to be light and fluffy with the occasional dark and reflective moment. This book delivered that to me. Well sometimes they escape — and Helen has.

They all have problems but get on with life and fight to be the people they are. Lots of laugh out moments, perfect Sunday afternoon reading with a glass of wine. Feb 27, MrsJLee rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This book was an o. I had no sympathy for her or her situation at all, she had no redeeming features, and at the end of it I was left quite annoyed by this irritating woman, who had quite literally got away with murder. Instead I felt sorry for her husband, which I don't think was supposed to be the idea.

Apr 02, Gillian added it.

Well, i had an up and down relationship with this book. Dec 09, BlueSky rated it really liked it. After a shaky first chapter, this book opens out into a very delicious and cheekily humourous tale of one down-trodden woman's fight to regain her dignity and her self. A very enjoyable read with a few from-the-belly laugh-out-loud moments don't read it on the train or bus if you don't like people looking at you. Aug 02, Wanjiru rated it it was amazing. Re-read this last month -June and cracked up repeatedly. Had to find her other 4 books which I am currently sourcing.

My hilarious mother bought it off the second hand market in Nakuru,we all love it! Apr 05, Sarah rated it did not like it Shelves: I couldn't read it further than 60th page. I was waiting for something to happen but nothing happened. The book makes little sense and it's also not very well written - the sentences are heavy while in this type of fiction they ought to be light, like Sophie Kinsella's ones.

Jul 17, Kiran rated it liked it Shelves: Great little book, really quick and easy to read with short chapters so good for dipping in and out of e. Likeable characters and simple storyline, albeit with some interesting hints of ambiguity. Oct 14, Serena Spencer-jones rated it liked it. Hmmm not madly enamoured Aug 11, Ladyscott rated it it was amazing. Aug 26, Emma Long rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this quick read.

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I look forward to reading the others in the series. Jun 09, Kelly Simpson added it. A nice easy read. Throughly enjoyed book from start to finish. There were no Playgroups or Nurseries as there are today.

The Housewife in the 1960's

The Mother was responsible for the children until they started full time education at the age of five. Get up and make breakfast for all the family. Making sure the husband was suitably attired for whatever job he did. Getting the children ready for school, if at that age. Cleaning and dusting the house, washing, making the beds, ironing and anything else. Do the shopping - this was mainly daily as many still had no Fridges, certainly not Freezers. Maybe have the neighbour round for a cup of Tea at some stage.

Collect the Children from School and feed them. After that, getting ready for husband to come home by preparing his Supper.

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Putting the children to bed. All in all it was a man's world, he may see very little of the children except the weekends, even then he would probably be off to play Cricket or any other seasonal sport. Schools reflected this, girls would learn Cookery and Domestic Sciences then before getting married would work in situations where, although doing the same job as men, they would earn less and rarely progress. I'm sure some readers will know of exceptions to the case, but I think this gives a pretty good picture.

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Women's Lib played it's part but it still took probably another two decades for it to really show it's mark and even now it could be said there are many things where the woman is the underdog. The social change in the 60's had a major impact; the Beatles, the Rolling Stones came along bringing with them a new need for freedom and peace, this was not just directed at one gender but to both.