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Gusinde Martin et Lebzelter Viktor. Revista del Museo de La Plata. Anales del Museo de La Plata. Public health in LatinA merica. American Journal of public, health. New York, avril , p Rio de Janeiro, t. Restos humanos f asiles hallados en Pergamino Prov. Museo de La Plata. Der Mensch im -Eiszeitalter. Entwurf einer historischen Geologie des Eiszeitalter s. Vienne, Franz Deuticke, , x p. Le mythe de l'Atlantide. L'Atlantide et les textes anciens des deux continents. Verlag, , p. Londres, Jonathan Cape, , xiv p. Le collezioni americane del JR..

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Pottery collection from Arizona. Pre-spanish finds near Santa Fe. Aboriginal occupancy of the district of Columbia. Moore's work at Moundville, William Boy ce Thompson expedition. Aboriginal rock shelters and other archaeological notes of the Wyoming valley and vicinity. Wyoming historical and geological Society. Sedgwick Mme William T. Acoma, the sky city: Clues to the lost Nmse of Greenland: The illustrated London News. Explorations of the Campbell island village site and the Hine mound and village site. Ohio archaeological and historical Quarterly. XXXII, juillet , p. Some notes on dry rock shelters in western Texas.

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La cifra diez en el simbolismo Maya. Internationales Archiv fur Ethnographie. The art of the Maya as revealed by excavations at the temple of. La Scienza per tutti. Un antiguo juego mexicano: Cuicuilco and the archaic culture of Mexico. New York, octobre Die letzten archdologischen Entdeckungen in Yukatan. Berlin, Julius Springer, , 49 p. Naar het land der Azteken. Tijdschrift van het koninklijk neder-. Ancient cities and modern tribes; exploration and adventure in , Maya lands. Londres, Gerald Duckworth and Co. Memorias y Revista de la Socie-. Genet [Jean] et Chelbatz [Pierre].

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Indian Notes and Monographs. Paralelismo entre los calendarios Maya y Azteca. The riddle of our own Egypt. Additions to the american section.

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Anales de la Universidad central. Contribution al estudio ' ''de las civilizaciones primitivas de Peru. Le Vie d'ltalia edell' -America latina. Arquitectura de Tampu; 2. Petro- 4 , glifos de la Convencion. Hachas de piedra pulida provenientes de Patagonia terri'. Revista del Museo de. II, 3e trimestre ,. Berlin; nos , , , p. Barker , Ruth Laughlin. Comparing dwellers of different deserts. Bertholet Alfred et Lehmann Edvard. Lehrbuch der Religionsgeschichte, begriindet von Chantepie de la Saussaye, herausgegeben von —. Tubingen, Verlag von J. Mohr Paul Siebeck , t. Stylistic aspects of primitive literature.

The Journal of american folk-lore. Londres, Methuen and Co. Les diverses formes du mariage chez' les sauvages. Revue de l'Institut de sociologie. Revue d'ethnographie et des traditions populaires. Im Schweisse deines Angesichtes. Eine Einfiihrung in die. The utilitarian aspect of folklore. Mensch en Maatschappi j. Tribal dancing and social development. Londres, Macmillan and Co. Tagungs- berichte der deutschen anthropologischen Gesellschaft. Fire as an agent in human culture. Washington, Government printing office, , xiv p. Huntington Ellsworth et Cushing Sumner W. Principles of human geography.

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Vie d'Italia e-dell'America latina. Die Indianer als Pioniere'modernen Sportspiele: Stockholm, , ' ,. Religionsgeschichtliches Lesebuch in Verbindung mit Fachgelehrten herausgegeben von Alfred Ber- tholet. Amerikanische Missionsliteratur, 14g 3-i6gg. Bibliotheca missio- num, t. Aachen, Xaverius Verlag, , p. New York, George H. Doran Company, , p. The relation of nature to man in aboriginal America. Was dielndianer der alien Welt an Kultur p f lanzen gaben. A coma, sky city.

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Toronto, The Ryerson press, [], p. Religious conceptions of the modern Hurons. Indians of the enchanted desert. Londres, Leonard Parsons, ,.

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Homes and haunts of the Indians. Paterson, Braerj-Heusser publishing Company, , [8]-no p. Chumash objects from a California cave. A summary of some of the results from an experimental study of the east. History of the Papago Indians. Ceremonial shields of Taos. New York, Museum of the. The New Mexico historical Review. The migrations of the Seneca nation. Reviving a lost art. A letter by — , pioneer southwestern archeologist.

Wege zum Wissen, t. Berlin, Verlag Ullstein, [], p. A rectangular ceremonial room. LXI, mai , p. On the fishery of the Greenlanders. Meddelelser fra Kommissionen for Havundersogelser. Winneba go villages and chieftains of the lower Rock river region. Il, juillet , p. Selected articles on marriage and divorce. Wilson, , p. Krceber's ethnologische onderzoekingen in Californie.

Tijdschrift van het koninklijk nederlandsch aardrijkskundig Genootschap. A sandal from northeastern Arizona. George Colbert, chief of the Chickasaw nation. VII, octobre , p. Seehundsjagd bei den Eskimos.

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Ue ber die Entstehung der nordamerikanischen Kulturprovinzen. Some aspects of northwest coast Indian art. Die Hessische Gronlandexp edition Gotha, , nos Astralmythologie der nord-amerikanischen Indianer suite. Internationales Archiv fur Ethnographic Leide, t. Ethnology of the 0 sage Indians. I, fasc; 6, , p. Tijdschrift van het koninklijk neder- landsch aardrijkskundig Genootschap.

The origin of the SMdi Pawnee sacrifice to the morning star. University of California Publications in ameri- can archaeology and ethnology. Mac Leod William Christie. On Natchez culture origins'. Plain tales of the North. A collection from the Crow Indians. Le Bulletin des recherches historiques. Copenhague, Gyldendalske Bogshandel, Some memoranda concerning American Indians. Department of the interior. Office of Indian affairs.

Washington, Government printing office, , 20 p. The classification and distribution of the Pit river Indian tribes of California. Ethnological studies in Maine, Canada' and Labrador. Ethnological researches among the Fox Indians, Iowa. The colonization of eastern Greenland. An american tribe and its buffalo and an asiatic tribe. The Journal of the anthropological Society of Bombay. The five nations and Queen Anne. Christianity and the american Indian.

Navajo sand paintings as decorative motive. The seven cities of Cibola Color illustrations by Margaret. The slavic immigrant woman. La confessione dei peccati presso gli indigent della California. The aboriginal inhabitants of Union county. Proceedings of the New Jersey historical Society. VIII, avril , p. IV, ,. Atlanta, Published by the.

Segregation of population types in the Kansas city areas. Their significance and function. Primitive culture, an international Journal devoted to the. New York et Londres, D. Appleton and Company, , xxv p. Copenhague, Gyldendalske Boghandel, , p. Narrative of the fifth Thule expedition. New York et Londres, G. II, juillet , p. The Pueblo Indians and their land grants ; the pioneers and their families, their descendants and grantees occupying parts of the Pueblo Indian land grants, in New Mexico. Reviewing the facts and the ancient Spanish laws affecting the Pueblo Indians and their neighbors of other races, many of these laws being presented in full, as never before completely translated.

A plea for patient and humanitarian consideration as opposed to excited and uninformed abuse and coutumely. Hughes printer], , 78 p. Results of the subarctic expedition of the Field Museum. New York, Oxford University Press, , xn p. VII, Janvier , p. Spanish folk songs of New Mexico. Historic aboriginal groups of the California delta region. Friends of my life as an Indian.

Boston, Houghton, , p. History of the Moravian missions among southern Indian tribes of the United States. Transactions of the Moravian historical Society. Bethlehem, special series, vol. I, Times publishing company printers, , xvn-. The story of the totem pole ; early Indian legends, as handed down- from generation to generation, are herewith recorded by - — of Tulalip. Solving Greenland's historic mystery. The exhumation of an ancient Norsechenchyard in southern Greenland.

Das Theater der Eskimos. La vie politique ; III. Paris, , nos The location of the nations of Indians called the Wenroes or Wenrohronons and the Erie. Bulletin of the Public Museum of the city of Milwaukee. The dot and circle design in northwestern. Changes in occupation and economic status of several hundreds.

The meaning of nationality and americanization. The association test as a method of defining religious concepts. Indian records of California carnivores. S wanton John R. Some information from Spanish sources regarding- the Siouan tribes of the East. Journal of the Washington Academy of sciences. Pios Boghandel-Povl Branner, , 84 p. Battleford historical Society Publications. Battleford, The Saskatchewan Herald, t. The fiesta of IQ25, as viewed by one observer.

The Indians of southeastern Alaska. Die Freiheit bei den Eskimos. Die Freiwirtschaft durch Freiland und Freigeld. Universal Indian sign language of the Plains Indians of North America together with a dictionary of synonyms covering the basic words represented, also a codification of picto graphic word symbols of the Ojibway and Sioux nations.

Notes sur les Esquimaux de Baie Hudson. Der Sonnentanz der Bannock Indianer. The Indians of Bergen county, New Jersey. XVII, octobre , p. New York, Museum of the , american Indian, Heye foundation, t. New York, Museum of the american. Indian, Heye foundation, t. The Indians of New York. Papers of the Herkimer county historical Society. Was Hochelaga destroyed or abandoned? Johnny Palomba, a mysterious writer, centres his Cinepartite, accounts of football matches written like old-fashioned newsreels, around Totti.

Peter is playing football and complains that Jesus Christ may be able to walk on water, but refuses to let Totti take the penalties and free kicks, missing them all. The Totti phenomenon soon became huge. With a leader, obviously. Aberrations of the football faith. Totti has scored hundreds of goals and played in dozens of extraordinary games, but his most popular video on YouTube is the one where he settled a score with Balotelli, who had called him a has-been, Totti chases him and kicks him from behind Like most Romans he has a gift for sarcasm and jokes: He is a good son, god-fearing, making the sign of the cross twice when he comes onto the pitch.

He is the conscience of the city that is increasingly harsh, poisonous, contradictory and less and less welcoming. In the poor suburbs on the outskirts of the city, they invoke Totti in times of need. He is complex and media savvy. TV host Maurizio Costanzo is a key figure in his communication strategy it was he who proposed the idea to publish self-mocking books of Totti jokes.

The first edition alone sold , copies and the royalties all went to charity. His jokes were again self-mocking: Totti represents the average man, successful because of his innate talent and his good nature, he is one of the people. Not only on the football pitch but also on the TV screen, Totti is gold. It is an exasperated confrontation, which on the general level has poisoned football. The rest of Italy often paid him back with the same coin, while recognising his greatness and leadership.

Then Maldini, Zoff, Trapattoni, and Lippi in the national team. His managers were fortunate enough to have a total, ingenious, player on their hands, who had no position because he was simultaneously midfielder, attacking midfielder, playmaker, striker and false 9. In short, quite the anarchist. Too much so for some. The coach who liked him most was Mazzone: The one who expected the most from him was Lippi, and the one with whom he clashed most fiercely was Spalletti, who thought he should handle the twilight of his career.

Among his many pronouncements on Totti, there was one that stuck out: The number 10 shirt put him straight into the Pantheon of the greats: Even at Porta Metronia they knew they were dealing with a phenomenon. Francesco was and had to become a Roman champion. One of the greats, but he could not leave, not even beyond the GRA. Totti has won little, too little with the club he has given his life to, but he did win the World Cup. And it was one of the rare moments in which Totti belonged to everyone and not just Rome or half of Rome.

Like many of the greats - Gigi Riva for Sardinians, for example — winning is almost irrelevant. He is a flag, an identity, a political party. He could have gone to Real Madrid or Milan and won what was denied him at Roma, but his strength was his loyalty. Rome and Roma were the cradle of his happiness. When Totti made his debut in Serie A on March 28, , football tickets in Italy were still being paid for in lire the Curva Nord and Sud cost thousand lire , the Craxi scandal was raging in parliament.

Arrigo Sacchi had left Milan and was managing the national team. Totti has been part of a third of the lives of a lot of people in football. The inspiration was the Steno film Un giorno in Pretura , in which Nando Mericoni, known as the American Alberto Sordi , appears in front of the praetor Peppino De Filippo because he was found naked in the streets of Rome after swimming in a stream and losing his clothes.