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First of all, like all images from the past—from altarpieces to billboards—they are historical artifacts subject to historical analy- sis. To create this relationship between past and present, the pictures rely upon a complex web of other relationships: All books are designed so that their appearance speaks of their contents— despite the proverb, we are expected to judge books by their covers, and by the look of their pages as well. They provide a text based on the soundest manuscripts, important variant readings, and complete biographical, historical, and topographical glosses.

Paris, —53 for the material up to ; and for the continuations after this date, Roland Delachenal, ed. But the look of the books still matters. This large size aligns the book with courtly historical manuscripts and distin- guishes it from other courtly books—such as devotional manuscripts. This decoration is not merely decorative. Denis by Primat, who translated an earlier Latin compilation into French.

Denis, later by a courtier writing for Charles V. The latter took the text up to He died around A Survey Brookline, Mass. Pierre Nora Paris, , 1: The corpus of illustrated copies of the text is studied and cataloged in Anne D. Hedeman, The Royal Image: The king had a taste for illuminated manuscripts, and his patronage also reveals an active interest in history. How do the events depicted relate to contemporary concerns? Do the pictures respond to or under- line these relationships?

Paris, —91 , 6: Vallet de Viriville Paris, , C. Rouen, —93 , 1: Most of these studies treat pictures as illustrations and aim above all to deter- mine their relationship with the text. Moreover, art historians have demonstrated that the illustrations themselves could be devised to structure that reception; through em- phasis and elision, pictures conditioned how the texts they illustrated were read and understood.

These codicological discoveries are crucial, since Fouquet could only paint pictures where the scribe had left room for an image. Additionally, the preexisting organization of the text dictated the basic framework of the pictorial cycle. This pattern domi- nates in the second half as well. For example, the forty-four-year reign of St. Louis and the two-year reign of Louis X each receive one miniature fols. It is a simple result of the criteria of scene selection: Similarly, one must ask how, given a single picture-space per book, Fouquet or his adviser decided what event or events to paint in it.

Reviewing the program as a whole, one pattern stands out clearly—and it has nothing to do with contemporary understandings of the French past. If the book were a movie, the Battle of Bouvines would be its poster. Was he concerned with heresy? It is not depicted because Fouquet or his adviser probably did not read that far into the text.

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These parameters severely limited the choice of events that could be depicted. It narrates three events: First, it makes it almost impossible to determine whether Fouquet had an adviser, knowl- edge that would contribute greatly to our understanding of the manu- 32 There is no apparent pattern in these choices, which show the murder of Ansegisel, dur- ing the reign of Clovis II fol. That is, their independent visual qualities are of greater importance than their relationship to the text.

The potential dominance of pictorial over political concerns reminds us that secular miniatures play many roles. Jean Chartier and the Berry Herald could also be candidates. Second, the restricted selection also indicates that the cycle did not result from an extensively meditated program unlike the copy made for Charles V, which went through three campaigns of illustration, Hedeman, Royal Image, 95— Some of the events he depicts step beyond the normal criteria of scene selec- tion, suggesting a response to contemporary concerns.

Others do not immediately stand out as unusual; for some of these, a close examina- tion of contemporary circumstances may suggest that they had a par- ticular resonance at the time they were painted. When we look for the pictures that depart from the normal criteria of scene selections, or that are most likely to respond to pressing contemporary concerns, six pictures stand out.

Three depict crusading history: Three depict relationships between France and England: With these six pictures, image and illustration are equally important.

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Instead, remembering that form is as meaningful as iconography, we should ask: Though it is scattered in a variety of sources, there is evidence that can help us answer these questions. Turin, —75 , 2: In the Grandes Chroniques, Fouquet uses several means to give his pictures beauty, grace, and poise.

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Symmetry and balance also contribute a great deal. Baird and John R. We do not know if his program was executed; see Alexander, Medieval Illuminators, 54— Writing about decorated legal manu- scripts, Michael T. Oxford, , A restrained palette reigns in most of his pictures, the gray of the church in which the pope speaks, or the dusky green grass in the outdoor pictures.

Late medi- eval France lacked a developed art historical or aesthetic vocabulary, and few texts bear directly on the formal qualities of pictures.


There are similarly visual terms in contemporary chronicles. The Grandes Chroniques itself reveals that ordonnance was appreciated in art as well as in war, for the text praises the skillful arrangement of works of art. The term appears repeatedly in the Grandes Chroniques to describe art and architecture. Achille le Vavasseur Paris, , Indeed, we might say that illuminating secular chronicles with miniatures and marginal deco- ration is a way of ennobling them.

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Illumination provided the books— both as objects and as historical texts—with the aesthetic aura and cul- tural importance that had traditionally attached to sacred manuscripts. Royal 16 G VI, fol. Susan Ross Huston, ed.

La fin du monde moderne d'Alexandre Rougé

But Fouquet also employed intentional anachronism to link past to present. Instead, it is part of his overall approach to depict- ing history, intended to vivify the past by showing it in terms of the present. I thank Jessica Dobratz for this reference. Empha- sizing his participation in the event as a faithful peer of France, Fouquet underlines the earlier English acceptance of French claims to sover- eignty over Normandy. Nor is the event regularly illustrated in other manuscripts of the Grandes Chroniques. Lewis Paris, —92 , 2: Quatres libelles contre les Anglais vers —vers Paris, , 57— The soldiers massed on the beach had been sent to arrest the returning queen.

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