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Sea of Thieves: how to get on your ship and how to do quests

The marker on your compass can sometimes disappear, but it's not a bug. In that case use your scanner the one that scans plants minerals and animals, left trigger on a controller , you'll find the marker no matter how far from it you are, and a lot of other things too.

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School Radio - Primary Music KS1, Sun, sea and song, My ship sails over the ocean

Stuff behind you won't show up until you turn around. After i couldnt find it i got a mission to annother ship, so i traveled there hils later, i found it bu i now have the problem cuz of unfinished first ship stuff, i can build anything on the new one Last edited by starlord ; 23 Aug 7: Or maybe you spawn on an island your crew is questing on and they sail off without noticing you.

If you swim around for a little bit, eventually a mermaid will appear. You can spot them by the flare they light. Swim up to the mermaid, interact with it, and it will teleport you back aboard.

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Perhaps we cease to exist completely upon death, our essence lost to the eternal void. Maybe we float into the clouds and live in harmony.

Maybe we go down into the fiery pits. Maybe this is the matrix and we wake up from the computer simulation and meet our new robot overlords.

Sea of Thieves – dude, where’s my ship?

Instead, you find yourself aboard the Ferry of the Damned. On this ghostly vessel, you simply have to wait around for a couple of minutes. If your ship is scuttled, you best get swimming until you find a mermaid. Your ship will respawn, but your treasures will be lost to the briny depths. To start a quest in Sea of Thieves, you must first travel to any island that is an outpost.