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Although millions play, only a few have the skill to cash in on the explosion fueled by maximum buy-in no-limit games. Whether you're a novice or a veteran, an online player, casino regular, or home game specialist, Largay's progressive teaching method takes you step-by-step through the intricacies of the game. Largay shows students what works and what doesn't, common mistakes, and how to get beyond them. Today, many of his students are full-time professional players. If you're aspiring to become a professional -- or simply to play like one -- No-Limit Texas Hold'em will help you make it happen.

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Although millions play, only a few have the skill to cash in on the explosion fuelled by maximum buy-in no limit games. Whether novice or veteran, casino regular or home game first-timer, Largay's expertise has something for everyone as he takes readers sure-footed through the intricacies of the game. The answers are complete with explanation. Along the way Angel interjects some appropriate and sometimes amusing stories or footnotes.

The material covered is surprisingly broad. Included is a significant amount of psychology, both as theory and as practical applications. No-limit is a people game, and Angel gives insights into and applications of the personalities of the players that populate LLNL. One additional plus that will help nearly all players is a section on practical note taking primarily style and tendency with an example from a session he played. In a couple cases the presentation of math or logic was less complete than it should have been or otherwise less than straightforwardly explained, outside the mathematics chapter.

In one specific explanation Parlaying Decisions the math and logic used to present an otherwise valid argument is unfortunate. In another case with a hand example, a footnote tells you that he would not play the hand this way but needed to do so for a later comparison while justifying the play in the actual text. One would wonder why a clearer example or different approach to the explanation was not used.

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The last paragraph of the book contains the following sentence: The flaws in the book are communicative in nature and should not be dangerous. All advice, good or bad, is subject to misinterpretation! This is a valuable book for anyone who wants to convert to LLNL from limit, or improve their game if they already play LLNL and are not already killing the game.

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No-Limit Texas Hold'em: A Complete Course

Feb 25, Tim rated it liked it Shelves: Good strategy book; reviewed for Card Player. Test Your Skills at No-Limit Hold'em At the end of this fine book on no-limit hold'em cash games, Angel Largay, a former dealer and creator of a poker "boot camp," articulates exactly what every poker strategy author should acknowledge and what every reader should understand.

No-Limit Texas Hold'em "won't make you a great player—or even a good one," he writes in his conclusion. He means that you have to do the Good strategy book; reviewed for Card Player. He means that you have to do the work to transform knowledge into skill, insight into execution. The book is nothing more than a tool to get you started, but it will give you plenty of knowledge to become a competent player in low-limit no-limit games, the capped buy-in games that are spread everywhere these days.

Largay articulates the primary object of no-limit hold'em: Above all else, no-limit demands an ability to understand your opponents. Towards that end, he relies heavily on Al Schoonmaker's player typology discussed in detail in the excellent book, The Psychology of Poker: What makes Largay's analysis so compelling is that he discusses how to play against each of these types, encapsulated by this fascinating and subtly brilliant line: The LPP player wants to avoid conflict; befriend him.

Is this good gamesmanship or out-and-out manipulation—and does that matter at the poker table? Largay acknowledges that "this chapter will make some people uncomfortable. But even if you're unwilling to go too far down that route, it's vitally important to understand what makes your opponents tick.

Largay also offers some very practical advice on cultivating your reading skills. I tried one of his exercises at a recent tournament, picking one good player and trying to articulate specific tactical observations about his game. He loves to float in order to pick up a draw or take the pot away on the turn or river, but if he raises preflop, he has a real hand. I may change my views on his game later, but at least I have a foundation for guiding future encounters with him. The strength of Largay's book is based on the strength of its advice as well as its presentation.

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In one of the book's best features, each chapter is accompanied by a quiz, so you can evaluate your ability to apply what you've read about. And when Largay makes an assertion or suggests a tactic, he always follows it up with a cogent rationale. And while this book doesn't have the analytical rigor of, say, Professional No-Limit Hold'em: Volume 1 by Flynn, et al.

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The more I learn about hold'em—particularly its no-limit variation—the more I believe that you've got to chart your own journey to competence and ultimately to mastery. But that doesn't mean you have to make the trek without a guide. May 22, Mark Donovan rated it really liked it. I would recommend for Intermediate players.

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Largay explores some of the psychological aspects of betting. He also gives away some secrets of his situational betting strategies, which I cannot wait to try out.