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Draken is an obnoxious neighbor, and heroine Cess Lamil is definitely not attracted to him. Good thing Draken is also not the slightest bit attracted to her and besides, he never sleeps with human women. I mean why not? Did you really think this post was going to pass without at least one GoT reference? But they—and a number of other shifter species—do live side by side with humans. Not that either lead in this novel is particularly human. Territorial dragon, and aspiring artist, Eoin Grant is shocked to find another dragon in his city, and even more shocked to discover that Angie Weldon has no idea that she is a dragon.

This dragon guy is a bit intense. Say it with me: Once again we have a heroine who ends up as dragon bait which I find more entertaining than maybe I should!

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That means taming a dragon. Too bad the dragon that finds her is more interested in mating than taming. She is a really talented world-builder and I have no doubt this will be every bit as good as Ice Planet Barbarians. Historical, fantasy, and contemporary settings abound! Balthazar Andal long ago lost the dragon scale that allows him to shift into his other form and control his unruly dragon spirit.

In a world in which dragons and their bonded humans have been hunted nearly to extinction, Kiril will stop at nothing to destroy the very last dragon egg. So much love for this retro-fantasy cover. The hero is actually a dragon when he meets the heroine! Things get a bit wild though when a bunch of other dragons show up to finish what they started, and Marina finds herself plunged into a new, miraculous, and dangerous world.

When he gets exiled to the human realm he heads straight for the driest, hottest, and emptiest place he can find.

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But as Terrie and Kaden deal with the attraction blazing between them, events take a dangerous turn. This one I am really excited about. Two dragons are always better than one! She takes shelter with the super sexy Kylan and his partner Dillon, only to find herself once again in the hands of dragons. And these two have something far less deadly than sacrifice on their minds.

Gena Showalter is something of a Paranormal Romance queen, and given her diverse backlist I was hardly surprised to see her turn up in my search for dragon shifter romance novels. The first book of her Atlantis series drops heroine Grace Carlyle deep in the jungle, searching for her missing brother. What she finds is something else entirely. Atlantis, land of legend, and home to mythical creatures of all shapes and sizes. Including Darius en Kragin, the dragon tasked with guarding Atlantis and killing anyone who finds their way there. The dragon hero in this one? Enter Arthur MacArthur did you laugh at his name?

It constantly reminds me of the Dragon Age series.

Rising Dragons

Idonea is probably the character whose personality I found most interesting, but she doesn't get any character development either. If you're familiar with the Dragon Age series whether in video game, comic book, novel, or film format , you're better off there where the characters are more fully realized, actually developing over the course of the story, and the presentation is more polished and dynamic.

Sexy Plus Size Model For Dragon

If you're not familiar with Dragon Age, maybe you'll enjoy this story more than I did. Having said that, this story isn't a complete waste of time. I did overall find the read pleasant, and there's potential for the future books in the series to improve on what's been started here.

I picked up "The Dragon's Lover" because I read the summary about a shape-shifting, lesbian dragon getting together with a hot warrior who's supposedly the last of her kind.

The Dragon's Lover

It seemed interesting, and it's interesting enough. I was cautiously hopeful If you're looking for a lazy summer read, this will do. Just don't expect to fall in love or have it capture your imagination. Speaking of love, don't expect any memorable sex scenes either. They're one more reason to roll your eyes because of how frequent yet bland they are.

This book had elves, dragons, wizards, lots of bad guys to be defeated, and lesbian love. What more could you ask for? This is absolute junk. There is no flow to the story, it just springs from one scene to another. It reads as if this is the rough sketch for a book, something written to remind the author where the story is going. This is the sort of thing one gets when the author cannot be bothered to read their own work before publishing it. It is very difficult to believe those who wrote a positive review about this, either they have never rea This is absolute junk.

It is very difficult to believe those who wrote a positive review about this, either they have never read a book before and do not know what to expect or, they are very good friends of the author. This is the type of book where I really wish we readers could return it and demand our money back. Unfortunately, the author has already got my money and I feel as if I have been made a fool of. Take my advice, don't bother getting this, even to satisfy your curiosity.

Junk is too mild a word. May 14, Herman Dirk rated it liked it.

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  • But being short the few pages have to divided between the erotic parts, the world building and the plot. The plot and the word building need a bit more, I would say 50 pages each. Might still read the second book, but the plot and word building need to be improved to score a fourth star. A second 3 star will fail the rest of the series.

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    Jul 27, Ruby Ridge rated it it was amazing. As a big fantasy fan I loved this book - just the right balance between action and world building. Mar 28, Cindy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Raine is so cool and amazing. She's the ultimate warrior in a beautiful package. After she meets Talan they fall quickly in love. It was a little strange how nothing seems to upset Raine, even losing her virginity after over years to a very old dragon. She's very different but I really liked her character. Their adventure was exciting and I enjoyed every minute of it.

    Nov 17, Jasmine B. This book is very fast paced and I enjoyed every second of it. The summary of the book caught my interest and the characters reminded me of other stories I came across in books and games. I loved it and am hooked!

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    Can't wait to read the next book in series!!!! I have a hard time putting the book down, even for work! DropDead23 rated it it was amazing Apr 05, Abhijith rated it liked it May 24, Billy Cowan rated it liked it Jan 03, Laila Miles rated it really liked it Nov 10, Majuwa rated it liked it Feb 09,