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The Soviets took the eastern half, while the other Allies took the western. This four-way occupation of Berlin began in June The Russians began maneuvering to drive the United States, Britain and France out of the city for good. In , a Soviet blockade of West Berlin aimed to starve the western Allies out of the city. Instead of retreating, however, the United States and its allies supplied their sectors of the city from the air.

This effort, known as the Berlin Airlift , lasted for more than a year and delivered more than 2. The Soviets called off the blockade in After a decade of relative calm, tensions flared again in For the next three years, the Soviets—emboldened by the successful launch of the Sputnik satellite the year before and embarrassed by the seemingly endless flow of refugees from east to west nearly 3 million since the end of the blockade, many of them young skilled workers such as doctors, teachers and engineers —blustered and made threats, while the Allies resisted.

Summits, conferences and other negotiations came and went without resolution. Meanwhile, the flood of refugees continued. The following month, 30, fled. In the first 11 days of August, 16, East Germans crossed the border into West Berlin, and on August 12 some 2, followed—the largest number of defectors ever to leave East Germany in a single day.

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That night, Premier Khrushchev gave the East German government permission to stop the flow of emigrants by closing its border for good. In just two weeks, the East German army, police force and volunteer construction workers had completed a makeshift barbed wire and concrete block wall —the Berlin Wall—that divided one side of the city from the other. Before the wall was built, Berliners on both sides of the city could move around fairly freely: They crossed the East-West border to work, to shop, to go to the theater and the movies.

Trains and subway lines carried passengers back and forth. Once again, the discoveries of archaeology have verified the truth of this record. A portion of the city destroyed by the Israelites was excavated on the east side of the tell.

Wherever the archaeologists reached this level they found a layer of burned ash and debris about 3 ft thick. Kenyon described the massive devastation: Exterior of the retaining wall in Kenyon's west trench. Both Garstang and Kenyon found many storage jars full of grain that had been caught in the fiery destruction. This is a unique find in the annals of archaeology.

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Grain was valuable, not only as a source of food, but also as a commodity which could be bartered. Under normal circumstances, valuables such as grain would have been plundered by the conquerors. Why was the grain left to be burned at Jericho? The Bible provides the answer. Joshua commanded the Israelites: The city and all that is in it are to be devoted to the Lord. Only Rahab the prostitute and all who are with her in her house shall be spared, because she hid the spies we sent.

But keep away from the devoted things, so that you will not bring about your own destruction by taking any of them. Otherwise you will make the camp of Israel liable to destruction and bring trouble on it.

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All the silver and gold and the articles of bronze and iron are sacred to the Lord and must go into His treasury Jos 6: Jars full of grain found by John Garstang at Jericho. They were charred in the fire that the Israelites set to destroy the Canaanite city. The grain left at Jericho and found by archaeologists in modern times gives graphic testimony to the obedience of the Israelites nearly three and a half millennia ago. Only Achan disobeyed, leading to the debacle at Ai described in Joshua 7.

Such a large quantity of grain left untouched gives silent testimony to the truth of yet another aspect of the Biblical account. A heavily fortified city with an abundant supply of food and water would normally take many months, even years, to subdue. The Bible says that Jericho fell after only seven days. The jars found in the ruins of Jericho were full, showing that the siege was short since the people inside the walls consumed very little of the grain. Every aspect of the story that could possibly be verified by the findings of archaeology is, in fact, verified.

There are a number of theories as to how the walls of Jericho came down. Both Garstang and Kenyon found evidence of earthquake activity at the time the city met its end. No matter what agency God used, it was ultimately the faith of the Israelites that brought the walls down: Wood discuss the evidence in this cutting edge video, Jericho Unearthed. Jericho Unearthed can be purchased in the ABR bookstore. Wood present his research on Jericho in this video from British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem. Otto Zeller, reprint of edition. Biblical Archaeology Review Our ministry relies on the generosity of people like you, who make it possible for us to develop and publish great articles.

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If you enjoyed this article, please consider supporting ABR with a small donation or by becoming a member. Dear Austin, In the "Related Articles" section above your comment are several more articles about Jericho that include many of the pictures you may be looking for I hope this helpsHenry Smith. I was wondering how many miles around the walls of Jericho did the Israelites have to walk.

I can't seem to find out this question.

What should we learn from the walls of Jericho falling down?

I understand that inside was acres but it doesn't tell me the mileage around the walls. The upper city of Jericho occupied an area of about 6 acres. What language do you think the Spies and Rahab used to communicate with eachother? Dear Marcie, Yes, that is an interesting question. Canaanite and Hebrew are very similar languages, so I think it would have been quite easy for speakers of the two languages to communicate with one another.

One might compare it with Hebrew and Arabic today. When the Patriarchs lived in Canaan it is clear that they had no trouble communicating with the local population.

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Jerico fell becoz the children of Isreal followed the Holy Spirit's instructions detail by detail on how to conquour Jerico. Remember the chief commander of the army of God who is Christ Jesus was the one leading the attack but it had to take obedience on the part of Isreal for the battle to be won, this is a great wonder and no one can dispute what God did so miraculous and mind blowing, but it happened.

Same applies to us as God's children no matter what problems we face if we follow the Holy spiri's instructions we shall be able to have victory becoz he dwells in us and in him there is no failure. After reading this article, many will say there is no wall. What wall will be left after God gave specific orders to Joshua and his people on how to go about around the city and what to do no the seventh day.

With this vast destruction, only rubble would be left, but yet that rubble proves that the Bible is true because the Word of God is the Bible that we read today and His Word is true. If it were an earthquake then why is there not deep fisures in the ground?

The Walls of Jericho

And why are there ruins of the jars of grain and other items left behind? All this would have been destroyed in an earthquake which proves again that the Bible the Word of God our Creator is true and what did occur is for real. They were a person who acted tough, but never showed how they truly felt, sad, embarassed, depressed, happy etc. And finally, that wall of emotions fell down, and he no longer had that emotional barrior, and he could feel again, or allow other people to see who they truly were.

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