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Tom's been hired to lead a group of settlers miles across a bandit infested post-apocalyptic wasteland to a new life in Texas. Will they make it? When the dead rise, homework is the least of your problems Follow the struggles of ordinary kids and teens in this gripping zombie collection! Riley is living a normal life Box Set Books Looking for your next favorite read? Come witness the most oppressive government ever, because you won't be able to turn away! Relish this epic fantasy of mythic proportions today! Book 1 of the Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Horror series.

What's your worst nightmare? The zombie apocalypse has hit, and you have just one choice. Find Safe Haven now. Product details File Size: July 10, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I have never sought any zombie books or movies. Yet even though I've not been an enthusiast of this genre, I am thrilled that I received a copy of this book as a gift. Zombie Nation is well-written and exciting. If the Signal favored you, you would cross into the City of Lost Angels and maybe become a star.

You might even become immortal. Echoes of the Celluloid Dream Zombified powered by FATE This game is about the zombification of the entire population of Earth, and it is set in a period when this process is already well under way. The zombie apocalypse has already come, in some places faster, in other places slower. Some areas have managed to keep the worst ravages at bay, but these areas are small and shrinking. The world will never be the same again. That she holds all tales deep within her, hidden, secret and silent.

The stories of the world before the Fall, torn away like pages from a diary. That's a load of bull. In this wasted world, even the water is an unquiet grave. And on the wide Rum Coast, she's spilled the Full Dead; genteel monsters who know all of the secrets Civilization is gone, the dead reign, and the living fight to survive against impossible odds.

Tales of zombies, human survival and horror as a fast-paced, easy to learn game and sourcebooks. Think you know all about zombies?

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Zombie combat rules, vehicles and equipment. You help tell a story though the actions and dialogue of a character that you create. The world is yours to explore through their eyes.

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In order to survive, you must work together as a team. The Narrator keeps track of the rules, stories and secrets — but it is the players who drive the game American Deadvolution With a campy subject matter spiced with serious undertones, American Deadvolution will help to change the way you role-play. The particular time in history provides additional aspects of horror by removing the reliability of technology but adds opportunities for political intrigue, survival themes, and exploration.

Don't let the zombie infested colonial era fool you, its only as comedic as you want In it you take the role of possibly the last survivor of a zombie outbreak from the day before in Anytown, USA. As with all zombie outbreaks, it started slowly with one incident then quickly spread throughout the town.

Not taking any chances with the horrors going on outside, you locked I'm A Monster Publishing.

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Floyd The Mailman audio product This is a free download of an audio track I put together for the original Shambles prerelease. It's a story about Floyd The Mailman, an unfortunate man who was bitten by a zombie. Book of More Flesh They won't stay dead! The zombies cannot be stopped. From the pitch-black holds of pirate ships and the tunnels beneath the war-torn jungles of Vietnam, they rise up.

And there's no way to stop them, no corner of the world that's safe from the invasion. Secret government labs, the trendy galleries of New York's art scene, the drawing rooms of nineteenth century England all become the lair Book of Final Flesh From the battle-torn skies over World War I France to the corridors of alien prisoner-of-war satellites, the opium dens of exotic Victorian Shanghai to the living rooms of suburban America, the zombies rise up.

Others hunger for the brains of the living. All are driven by desires they can neither control nor understand Inactive Also Vampire Werewolf Zombies roam the land, killing all they can. The only thing that stands between them and the destruction of humanity are the Lightning Field generators created by Dr. T is the third mini campaign created for the T7 universe. It is a world unto itself including Alien Sen So Regular price: All you need to know: Is it a predator or prey?

You will send in a spawnling to find out. If it is prey, then this battle will be over quickly. If it is a threat, then caution and strategy may be required Crates Wooden 3D paper scenery There are four different sized wooden crates in this set. Print as many as you want to fill up your gaming table. Zombie Zigzag [TAG Crawlspace] Raw and meaty enough for even the most savage flesh-eater, this supplement contains new zombie-related rules, two adventures, and an original short story.

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Prime Cuts Send More Cops: This expansion includes more undead creature types like the Zombettie and the Behemoth, plus more gear, LARP rules and the usual troublemaking. Grab a couple of d6s, some friends, there's undead need a good killin'! Where the dead won't stay dead Where your best friend can become a murderous cannibal in a matter of minutes and won't stop at anything in her quest to hunt you down and eat you Frugal Digital Edition Motobushido is a tabletop role-playing game about brotherhood, sacrifice, and death - all part of the Motorcycle Samurai lifestyle.

In this game, you and a group of your friends play a pack of motorcycle-riding samurai in the years after a great war ravaged the land - a war that your side lost. You are the last of a dying breed of warriors. As motobushi you travel a hostile The Motorcycle-Samurai RPG Motobushido is a tabletop role-playing game about brotherhood, sacrifice, and death - all part of the Motorcycle Samurai lifestyle. Sized Euro Poker 63mm x 88mm and ready for printing. You will have a 4,9Mb Zip file with all the images you see in this page, ready to build your card game Set of 6 images, PNG with transparent windows for placing your illustration.

Sized Euro Poker 63mm x 88mm for printing. You will have a 6Mb Zip file with all the images you see in this page, ready to build your card game and print. Both for personal or Zombie character, fast food serving dead, 3 background version Horror zombie splatter scene. Poor Pete is dead now but he still works in the fast food. Digital painting ready for printing quality. Women of the Zombie Apocalypse Two years after civilization fell, four women find themselves as servants, housekeepers, and harem slaves of the Protectors, the armed group of men who protect four walled settlements of Cromwell's Nation.

They cook, they clean, and every night they are given to another Protector to satisfy his needs. Compared to the women in the settlements, the Women of the Protectors are better fed, do far less Wicker Dark humour with twisted take on wiccan magic. Parts of this story have been published in short installments on the After Zombies Facebook page.

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It's presented here in full for ease of reading. Apex Predator A host of the deadliest predators. A gauntlet of fiendish traps. A fearsome weapon of a bygone age. Can your survivors enter Apex Ordnance, find a prototype weapon and emerge unscathed? After Zombies Apex Predator Regular price: Can your survivors enter Apex Ordnance, find a prototype weapon and emerge After Zombies Mod Kit 1: This product requires the base game AZ: Using the material found in this book, plus that found in AZ, you will be able to run a robo-pocalypse, or for a real horror show, add murderous robots to your already existing zombie apocalypse.

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Mod Kit 1 contains a brief set-up for one robo-pocalypse, along with discussions Ship of Nightmares Explore a derelict freighter which might hold the key to saving humanity. Leave Solace Valley to seek a freighter stranded on the banks of the Potomac. The reward is great but the dangers, as well as the motives of your mysterious benefactor remain unknown.

Will the Valkyrie take your group to heaven or stright to hell? Suddenly, you hear something strong. Is this thing even on? Can your survivors enter Apex Ordnance, find Especially not these days. Most people no longer bother with personal grooming these days, but between his hair and his crisp, clean-shaven face, Wexler definitely stands out.

Like the first adventure in this series, it is assumed that the survivors are experienced 4th to 5th level and well-equipped.