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Quiero recibir notificaciones de artistas destacados y noticias. Anything For You Gloria Estefan. Villancicos Queen River Plate. Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Mi perfil Enviar letra Mensajes Editar Salir. Excluir playlist Cancelar Guardar. I have to say that Connor was either the most understanding, fantastic guy EVER, or a schmuck for putting up with Jessica.

Talk about a glutton for punishment.

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I thought he was perfect in every way. He somehow managed to make Jessica smile, even in the worst of situations. She dashed her arm across her eyes. Her eyes flickered, then she shrugged, her face neutral. He was almost sure of it. Adamson said, thundering down the hall.

He handed her a twenty.

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In true Kristan Higgins style, it was both heartwarming and heartbreaking. I hope not, but if it is, I'm so glad we got read Connor's story!!! View all 6 comments. Jun 29, Didi rated it it was amazing Shelves: What can I say about this amazing book?

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This incredible series I've loved from the start? Kristan higgins is my most favorite author. She's the top and between her and Lisa Kleypas, the world is a beautiful place, lol. The 5th installment in the gorgeous Blue Heron series was unbelievably good. Definitely my second favorite after The Best Man.

As of now, anyways The whole series is beyond words. Here we finally got Connor's and Jessica's story! And I've been waiting for their story forever. And you know what? The wait was worthwhile. The beauty about this series, specifically this book, is that when you're reading about all these characters you feel like you live right next door. This motley crew of individuals that make up the wonderful town of Manningsport are like a second family to me.

I know KH writes her books so they work as standalones, but I urge you, desperately, to read this series in order. The nuances, small details and atmosphere of this world are too important to bypass. I freakin loved Connor!!! Oh, what a fantastic and wonderful guy! A chef, tall, dark and handsome, funny, caring, thoughtful, sexy and patient. I just adored him. And then there's Jessica. We've learned a lot about her from past books in the series, but she was quite extraordinary.

I never realized the depth of her beautiful soul until this book. But with her circumstances and experiences in life I don't blame her at all. And like with all of KH's books there was a ton of heart, wittiness, intelligence, sorrow, tenderness, hilarity and an amazing secondary cast with characters I love from past books.

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I cried, laughed, sighed and cried again. Don't even get me started on the food Connor made! KH manages to capture the small nuances of everyday life and relationships. She has this way of making an ordinary scene drip with emotion and angst. This book was quite focused on Connor and Jessica, more so than her previous books. You still got the tug-on-your-heartstrings backstory, but I found there was a big focus on the relationship between Jessica and Connor aside from every other secondary storyline.

Of course I loved this! The ending was just The epilogue was sooo sweet, sigh. Everything about this book hit me right in the feels and I am almost brought to tears every time I think this is it. This is the end of the most wonderful series I've read. But at least I can re-read these books that have come to mean so much to me.

View all 19 comments. Oct 07, Mlpmom Book Reviewer rated it really liked it Shelves: It is no secret that Kristan Higgins is my go to author when I want a sweet, funny, lovable read that will always leave a smile on my face and sometimes happy tears in my eyes. I jump at the chance to read her books and savor every single one of them.

I have come to love her writing style and the humor and heart that she bleeds into every single page. Her Blue Heron series is by far my most favorite series of her's and I love everything there is to love about it. The small town setting, the nosy It is no secret that Kristan Higgins is my go to author when I want a sweet, funny, lovable read that will always leave a smile on my face and sometimes happy tears in my eyes. The small town setting, the nosy neighbors, the lovable Holland family and of course, all the other characters that make this town so unique, fun, and enjoyable.

I couldn't wait to get Connor's story! In all the other books it has always hinted that his heart belonged to someone but until now, we never really truly knew who that someone was and oh boy, do these two have history and a story to tell! I honestly didn't know half the time if I loved their history or if I hated it. I felt so much for these two. Their ups and downs. One thing was cemented though, I adored Connor even more after this.

He is one strong, determined, and loyal guy and I just loved him for all the blows that he took, kept on taking, and still stayed strong for. My heart really did go out to him even if I wanted to beg him at times to just let go and move on Once again, hands down to Higgins for delivering a truly wonderful, emotional, and beautiful story that I adored. Jun 10, Lisa Filipe rated it it was amazing Shelves: Kristan Higgins has the recipe to whip up the perfect romance every time! On again-Off again is all Connor and Jess will ever be, well, if Jess has her way.

Connor has never pushed the issue because pushing might mean losing her forever, and he isn't ready for that to happen. Until she says "No", and Connor realizes it might Kristan Higgins has the recipe to whip up the perfect romance every time! Until she says "No", and Connor realizes it might be time to push or move on.

As a fan of Higgins for a long time, and a huge fan of the Blue Heron series, it was so much fun getting into the heads to two of the series most beloved secondary characters, Connor and Jess. Jess, had a rough go, but has made the best of what she was given, worked hard and maybe, just maybe, thought she could have something special that was all her own Connor. Not that I didn't relate and feel for Jess, but Connor, yes he could be a dolt sometimes, but he just loved her so much, and I literally was crying at the end of this book. Higgins couldn't have written a better ending.

I never want the Blue Heron series to end! If you have never ever read a Kristan Higgins romance Aug 05, Yolanda rated it really liked it. Muy bonita historia, muy distinta a las de los otros libros de la saga. Jess has had an incredibly difficult past. She is known as the town slut, she's trailer trash, and she has never had less than two jobs since she was fifteen. She is an ice princess.

She guards her heart and has no time for emotional attachments. Connor has been in love with Jess since he was twelve years old. There is no one else for him. This is the story of family, survival, forgiveness, trust, and true love. And it will blow you away! I loved every page of this awesome book Higgins seemlessly weaves wit and humour, pain and heartache and makes you fall in love with a whole village of characters. Her stories are character driven and immaculately researched.

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Her words capture your imagination and glide smoothly across the pages, transporting you into the lives of beautiful wine country. I absolutely love her writing! She is a master storyteller. There are no explicit sex scenes, but it doesn't matter in the slightest.

If anything, you can share her romances with your daughters, mothers, grandmothers and neighbours. The focus is almost entirely on the feelings igniting between the characters. And then there's Connor. He was sexy and quiet and loyal. And he totally belonged to Jess from the very beginning. Jess is an outstanding character.

Higgins took an amazing chance with her. She is tragic and broken and cold. She is layered and complex and leaves most other women in the dust. She is also incredibly strong, resilient, and selfless. She is relentlessly fights with passion for the one thing she loves, and holds her head up high where most would crumble. She is one of the very best heroines I've one across this year. It got a bit slow for about 2 pages around a third of the way in. Anyone who loves strong heroines, sexy heroes, funny dogs; and mouth watering cuisine.

An intoxicating romance that will tug at your heartstrings and leave you cheering. This was the perfect book to pick up as I started my end of the summer vacation! Perfect reading while sitting on the beach. Another fantastic edition to this series!

Kristan Higgins writing is wonderful. Connor and Jessica's story was sweet and sexy in a way only KH could deliver. If you have set this series aside, do yourself a favor and get back to it and if you haven't started it then you must!

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  • View all 16 comments. Dec 07, Les Romantiques rated it it was ok. Posted on Les Romantiques - Le forum du site Reviewed by Fabiola Review Copy from the Publisher Anything for you is the fifth volume and probably last, see her interview in our December issue http: I was very disconcerted by the way the author chose to tell the story. The first chapter takes place at the present time, when the hero asks the heroine in marriage and she refuses. I was waiting for the rest of the story to show how Connor and Jessica will overcome this failure.

    The author decides on a big number of chapters to tell us how our heroes came to be lovers. That was my first problem. My second problem ensues mainly from the first: So I have trouble believing in a happy future for the person if she stays in this small town for the rest of her life. Till the end, she stays confined in her ideas, in her prejudices, and in the love she feels for her mentally handicapped brother.

    But in the end, we just want to shake her. Too bad he ends up with her! In Anything for You, we have our HEA, but an alternative end makes us understand that it could have finished badly for them. The story tells us principally about how our heroes will overcome the main difficulty, while mentioning our different previous couples and their interaction with Connor and Jessica. The fans will certainly be happy in this regard. View all 4 comments. But when he pops the question to his long-time girlfriend, Jessica Dunn. She flat outs says no.

    In fact, their on-again, off-again relationship has been something that these two have been dealing with for some time. I had to give Kristan Higgins some credit. I liked Connor right off the bat but Jessica was a little more harder to handle. A lot of the book is set in the past. When Jessica breaks things off, Connor tries to move on, going on several dates that absolutely killed me.

    Jun 10, Andrea rated it liked it Shelves: This is 5 in Higgins Blue Heron series. Everything about these books are COZY. May 29, Keri rated it really liked it Shelves: First book of !! Going to be frank with you, as much as I adore KH and her writing skills. Jessica's treatment of Connor had me wanting to at times to throw my book against the wall I know that Jessica got it in the end, but I felt the ending was a bit to pat and Connor a bit too forgiving too fast.

    She put him the constant heartache with her on again off again BS. I get her situation with Davey, I really did, but to constantly deny yourself a chance with happin 3. I get her situation with Davey, I really did, but to constantly deny yourself a chance with happiness with such a rock solid guy.. I know we needed it for the story, but I wish we could have seen less of the on again off again stuff and had a longer ending, where Jessica paid a bit more for her sins and Connor got to Still a great read overall and these issues are my issues, not issues with KH's writing.

    I haven't read a book from this author but for some reason I feel excited that I got an ARC and can't wait to read it: Feb 13, Yomi M. Apr 12, Piper rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed this last book in the Blue Heron series. Kristan Higgins is a breath of fresh air and I will definitely read more of her books in the future. Los dos son adorables. Sep 02, Lexxie un Conventional Bookworms rated it really liked it Shelves: This review was originally posted on un Conventional Bookviews Nostalgic, achingly tender and sweet - Anything for You showed the extremely slow development of Jess and Connor's relationship.

    All the characters we already know and love in Blue Heron were present as well. He had prepared a very romantic evening for his on-again off-again girlfriend Jess, complete with a diamond ring to ask her to marry him - onl This review was originally posted on un Conventional Bookviews Nostalgic, achingly tender and sweet - Anything for You showed the extremely slow development of Jess and Connor's relationship. He had prepared a very romantic evening for his on-again off-again girlfriend Jess, complete with a diamond ring to ask her to marry him - only to have her think he was adorable, but of course, the answer was no.

    As the story moved forward, though, with flash-backs to their childhoods, teenage years and early adult-hood, it became very clear that Jess was right. Of course the answer was no - there were too many things not yet settled and worked out between the two of them. Her difficult past as a trailer-park child, with parents who were drunk more often than not, and a disabled younger brother she felt responsible for, Jess just didn't have room for another full time relationship in her life.

    Getting to know Connor and Jess was a pleasure, and I loved being back in the Blue Heron universe for their story. Anything For You is a solid story, about what is important in life, and also how hard it can be to let go of the past in order to grab hold of the present and the future with both hands. Connor was in a place where he thought everything was possible, but he hadn't really thought about how hard things still were for Jess, but when he put his mind to it - he was amazing at figuring out solutions to all the roadblocks in their way.

    Sweet and tender, and with a romance between two people who had known each other almost their whole lives, Anything For You went deep into the main characters' thoughts and feelings to explore them, and to help them get to know themselves better all the while letting me get to know them well at the same time. I loved the other relationships in the story as well, both between friends and family, and other couples I had met in the past books in the series.

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    The sense of loyalty between those close to Jess felt towards her was so strong, yet, she couldn't really see it because she was always striving to better herself to make sure her brother would always be safe. Putting her own life on hold was just normal for her, and as I learned the reasoning behind this, my heart broke for her. Written in third person point of view, past tense, the story moved forward at an even pace, and both the overall story as well as the plot and the sub-plots were well executed.

    That didn't bode well, either. What were you thinking? And boy, I'm starving. Did you call for pizza yet? As not that much. He thought about calling someone to join him - one of his high school pals, maybe. Then he opted against it. Solitude was the order of the night. He was Irish - brooding was the song of his people.