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For example, if your home page is the gateway to the rest of your site e. On the other hand, if you have a single-page site like a blog, or offer other types of content for which single-page sessions are expected, then a high bounce rate is perfectly normal.

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For example, if just a few pages are the problem, examine whether the content correlates well with the marketing you use to drive users to those pages, and whether those pages offer users easy paths to the next steps you want them to take. If a particular channel has a high bounce rate, take a look at your marketing efforts for that channel: And you may want to reevaluate your overall site design and examine the language, graphics, color, calls to action, and visibility of important page elements.

You can use Optimize to test different versions of your site pages to see which designs encourage users to engage more. If you have a single-page site, learn about non-interaction events that you can implement to better capture user engagement and identify single-page sessions that are not bounces.

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Analytics Help forum Forum Fix issue. Bounce rate About bounce rate A bounce is a single-page session on your site. The translations below need to be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables, removing any numbers. Numbers do not necessarily match those in definitions.

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