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I love serial killer books, and I love thrillers so I had high, high hopes. What do I mean about badly written? Just read the first 3 chapters. I don't have anything against the characters, though nothing, even halfway through, makes me want to root or even like Ellie. But my main objection is the infodumps. A thriller, especially, as this was advertised to be, shouldn't slam the forward momentum of the story to a dead stop to recount the protagonist's entire working career.

It's unlikely that in Ellie's POV she'd suddenly, with so much on her mind, be thinking of gee and this is how I opened Karen's Boutique, instead of, yeah, wow, how's about that daughter's birthday party? The problems with this are that 1 it's not relevant to the story 2 it stops the forward momentum of the story, killing suspense and 3 it doesn't even give me information to help me like or understand the character!!

It's the stuff you cook up when you're in a writing workshop about designing characters, but the author apparently forgot the end of the lesson--that most of those details stay 'under the surface' of your story, until and unless there's a story-driven need to know. The good guys are all And the bad guy is so utterly bad you really can't explain why nobody in this book's world is like wowsers there's somethin' seriously off about that guy hmmmmm.

Enes Smith

So the characters are flat and uninteresting. In full disclosure, I got this book for free as a kindle deal, and thank god, because if I'd paid money for this, I'd be kind of upset. It's sad when I put a book down with no intention of ever picking it up again when the main character is in such dire straits and I.

Where to even start? First, the repetitive use of, "Disneyland the happiest place in the World! Minnie Mouse is a silly name to use over and over again when trying to write an awesome little badass. Would her friends not drop one of the names by now and just call her Minnie or Mouse? Oh and by the way, people do in fact die and get hurt at Disneyland. The author taught college courses!!

This doesn't make the character more human. It makes them look extremely ignorant for the job they possess. Also the phrase, "what with" was horribly overused.

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For example, "Leave the phrase out of the book, what with all the other problems going on! I could see one character speaking like that. It would be a nice little character flaw. However, everyone speaks like that? I don't think so. Finally, the blips of foresight have got to go. It only serves to further ruin the book. I read this book up until she met with Dan at the hotel in Oregon. Then I skipped to the end when they escaped "the bad man" that the little girl never told anyone about. I finished reading and honestly, it never got better.

Did Susan really need to wonder around the courthouse for a half hour after she found out her niece was missing? Would a child have gone with a man they knew was bad without even raising a fuss? Would said child even be in court to hear the grisly details of a murder? Would the aunt have just handed her niece off to a total stranger?

If you have to be this lazy with your plot twists then think of a better story. I wanted to like this book, especially since I got it for free on a special, but as I trudged through it, I became really, really glad I got it for free. I really didn't like, or much believe in, any of the characters; the good guy was just way too good, to the point of icky-sweet-gooey good.

And I suppose it's fortunate that she's a complete bulldozer, because Our Hero the good guy is pretty much a doormat. I know it's fine for women to be the aggressor, but the scene where she jumps Meredith's bones with her daughter sleeping a couple of feet away was just disgusting so i'm conservative in this way, sue me. Another reviewer mentioned the "info dumps" --where out of nowhere, a character will suddenly have a chronological, tidily story-lined reminiscence, so we see their back story. Another authorial "trick" he used that I think was supposed to increase the tension but merely annoyed the bejesus out of me was, he throws in little comments that tell you whether someone is gonna make it through the upcoming "suspenseful" part.

Things along the line of "Erwin would live to the ripe old age of 92, grow old with his beloved wife, enjoy his flower garden and bask in the love of his many grandchildren, but never forget the horrors he saw this night, not a day would go by in his long, love-filled life without the dark clouds of terror from this night spreading a stain on the bright day. At any rate, I found the little previews annoying because they wiped out what little suspense I may have been experiencing; I'd just think "Okay, now I know that guy's gonna make it or not.

Thanks for telling me, Mr Doofus Author; ever hear of "'show, don't tell'? And sorry, but Enes Smith isn't in that category. The killer was just Also as another reviewer mentioned, I too had a very hard time believing that this guy was cruising around half the country, just blending in to the population. Apparently nobody's even noticed that all those women have disappeared. We were shown some of his background, to see how he was twisted to become what he is, but it wasn't really carried through.

The author sets up some clues that the killer's using his gruesome setup to get back at Mommy Dearest, but then he seems to just forget about her. And boy, did I feel sorry for ole Josh, in the 2nd-to-last scene See all reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 9 days ago. What a great read! Published 21 days ago. Published 1 month ago. Published 2 months ago. Published 3 months ago. Published 4 months ago. Published 5 months ago. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Dear Departed by Enes Smith. Decorated homicide Sergeant Natalie Collins arrived home only seconds after her sister was murdered. The killer was still at the house. He was hunting survivors of certain death - searching for their secrets. He escaped, and the evidence in Natalie's house pointed to her. Now she is on the run, hu Decorated homicide Sergeant Natalie Collins arrived home only seconds after her sister was murdered. Now she is on the run, hunted by the police and the killer with unfinished business.

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A serial killer thriller in the best traditions of mystery, crime, and suspense novels. Crime writer Ann Rule said, "Smith is a cop who's been there, and a writer on his way straight up. Kindle Edition , pages. The Serial Killer Chronicles 2. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Dear Departed , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Sep 01, Judi rated it really liked it. This is the 2nd in the series and really enjoyed it.

Natalie Collins is a homicide Detective and returning home one night, she finds the smell of gunsmoke and blood in her apartment, she rushes to her sister's room and finds her dead. The killer is still in the house and as Natalie is trying to find him, another man is in the room struggling with the killer. The killer gets away and Natalie is left with the dead body of her sister and wondering what was going on. When the man that was in the apar This is the 2nd in the series and really enjoyed it.

Doors of Stone (Kingkiller Chronicles Book 3)

When the man that was in the apartment contacts her, she finds out he is on the run and looking for the "killer" himself. He has been looking for this man for two years and he knows who he is.

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In the meantime, the evidence that police gather into the investigation of the murder of Natalie's sister, points to Natalie and they are getting ready to arrest her. But, know she is on the run with the man that saved her life, but could he really be the killer? I really enjoyed the book, it kept you turning the pages. Will continue to read the next one in this series.

May 05, Beth Knowles rated it it was ok Shelves: This one was a struggle to finish. The story line was good but the execution was not. It all just got to be too much. May 28, Sandra Davis rated it it was amazing. Dear Departed Heart stopping action, infuriating seemingly inept police work, unexpected love found and almost lost, everything a book needs to be complete. Can't wait to read another of Enes Smith's books!

Publisher's Summary

Dec 12, James Elliot Leighton rated it it was ok. This is a clumsy attempt at a novel. There is too much expository prose, too little character development and the plot premise is so far-fetched and weak as to be laughable. A first year Law Student could have the supposed Internal Affairs case against the protagonist dismissed without having to pause the play in his favourite FPS game. I learned more about what was in the characters' wardrobes than what was in their minds and hearts.

Character development requires more than describing where the This is a clumsy attempt at a novel. Character development requires more than describing where they live or what they are wearing. The writer seems not to have heard of the well known axiom, "show, don't tell" as he does a LOT of telling. The POV and voice changes - there are many "Meanwhile, back at the ranch" omniscient interjections that were unnecessary to the story and made the writing appear archaic and gauche.

The sort of thing you find in childrens' storybooks. The constant authors asides coupled with the stilted, implausible dialogue, eventually irritated me so much that I stopped reading it. The novel might be improved by introducing the writer to a competent editor, or failing that, gave him a copy of Steven King's "On Writing".

It is very flawed. This book was the second in a series about serial killers by the same author. Like the other one I read, I enjoyed it as a fast-moving, page-turner. Yes, there were things about it that didn't seem feasible, but by and large it was fun to read. This serial killer for some reason believes he will live for at least years, but thinks it could be longer if he can eliminate the problem of accidental death, which would obviously cut his time short.

So, he decides to research survivors of horrific This book was the second in a series about serial killers by the same author. So, he decides to research survivors of horrific events to see if they can give him insight He also leaves clues behind that will incriminate someone else. Two of those people are the main characters, who know they must find and eliminate this killer before he kills again Nov 16, Will Decker rated it really liked it.

If you're looking for an edge of your seat thrill ride, this book comes close.

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If you're looking for a little romance without any graphic sex, this book comes close. If you're looking for a good read with likeable characters, a female heroine backed up by a strong male counterpart and an innocent child thrown in to tug at your heart strings, then read this book. The villain is evil incarnate, but the author doesn't dwell on that aspect or make it the entire story.

It's well written and fast pace If you're looking for an edge of your seat thrill ride, this book comes close. It's well written and fast paced with a plot that keeps it interesting. Mar 26, Cheryl rated it it was amazing. Ohmygosh Enes Smith has a very descriptive vocabulary when writing his novels. I was on the edge of my seat nearly the entire book.

The final scene that ends the case again had me holding my breath. Wow tears in my eyes worried for the good guys playing that evil doesn't win. Last page I can catch my breath. Most likely for just a short time as I am looking for another book of Enes Smith. If you like to be terrified if only for a short time in the safety of your own h Another suspenseful success! If you like to be terrified if only for a short time in the safety of your own home read all his books.

They have a Stephen King intensity they are that good. May 22, David Brown rated it liked it. This book took a long while to grab me but the last pages were riveting. The heroine is a detective sergeant who finds her sister has been killed and the killer is still there. Unfortunately the killer escapes and the evidence points to the detective sergeant. The rest of the book is about escape and the pursuit to apprehend the real killer.

Sadly, the detective's sister is not his first, or last victim. I found that the author over egged the pie a bit with his build up and this detracted a This book took a long while to grab me but the last pages were riveting.