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Published September 1st by Pan Publishing first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Eagle in the Sky , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Mar 03, Lisa rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: This was my first Wilbur Smith book, I think way back in high school. He makes everything he writes so beautiful and personal. I'd love to see this as a movie if someone wouldn't ruin it. Jul 10, Ryan rated it really liked it.

Well this was soppier than expected. But hell I can sop with the best of them and this was still a thrilling enough ride.

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It just wouldn't be summer without a visit to Smith's Africa. May 06, Graham rated it it was amazing Shelves: This wide-reaching, action-packed novel covers plenty of ground in its story of an Israeli fighter pilot who suffers a terrible accident and the girlfriend who sticks with him through thick and thin.

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Oct 15, Rebecca rated it liked it Shelves: Well, I can tell that the person who wrote this story is a man. The writing and telling of the story has a strong masculine scent, but in the end I did like the book. It is an almost unbelievable plot, but it is also unpredictable and that is a feat! Mar 14, Brie Hillman rated it it was amazing.

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Sad, but semi-happy ending; more then one tear jerking moment; I found myself crying my eyes out often. I cried when Debra went blind. I cried when she left David. I cried when David crashed his mirage and his face got almost burnt off.

I cried when Joe died. I cried when Akkers was beating Debra.

I cried when Debra lost her baby. I cried when Akkers killed Zulu. I cried when Debra screamed after she got her sight back and saw David's face. Basically, I cried throughout most of the book. Wilbur Smith, I Sad, but semi-happy ending; more then one tear jerking moment; I found myself crying my eyes out often. Wilbur Smith, I praise you and your ability to express a chracters feelings so well and make us feel what they are feeling. Aug 16, Natalie rated it it was ok Shelves: I'm struggling to figure out how so many people gave this book rave reviews.

I picked up a really old copy of this book from a dusty second hand bookstore in Cape Cod. The cover was plain, but it still intrigued me. I had never read Wilbur Smith before. I tend to read romances written by females, so I knew I would be in for a different ride. For those of you who bow to this book and say you've never read a better one? That it changed your life- did we read the same book?

Perhaps this novel was a I'm struggling to figure out how so many people gave this book rave reviews. Perhaps this novel was amazing when it came out in the 70's as there really wasn't much else to read, sorry guys but reading it today feels like a combination of Grey's Anatomy and some lame B action movie. So many horrible things happen to this poor couple, it feels almost comical by the end.

It was so unbelievable that I actually had to walk away from it and come back.

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One can also tell that it was written by a man. The constant references to David's godlike appearance left me nauseous. We get it, he's gorgeous. Also, there was too much flying jargon- I found myself glossing over pages of text that dealt with flight and attack patterns.

Eagle in the sky ★Fighter Pilots are awesome★

Save that stuff for a flight book, huh? I don't think I'll be reading anything else by this author.

One more gripe- there were no chapters. The text just continued on forever with no real breaking points. Get it together, Smith. I did enjoy the settings- Jabulani sounded absolutely wonderful, and the descriptions of Israel actually left me wishing I could take a trip there and see it myself.

I won't be passing this one on. Back to another book sale you go. Dec 16, Lauren rated it it was amazing. A favorite of mine. A parallel to a beauty and the beast story line. A wealthy, handsome, young man has it all: He pays little regard to those who are 'lesser than' types in a material sense. He loses everything in a near death experience and then his real qualities are brought to the test. One certain woman who he paid no attention to before seems to be the only person who can relate on some level with him. She can very A wonderful book. She can very well turn her back on him just like he always did.

This book was very well written. I couldn't put it down. Oct 11, Paul rated it it was amazing. This story is one that sees a spoilt rich kid that has it all. The story brings into focus the differences that exist between the people that inhabit this biblical land. It well expresses the drives, pain and hurt that can come as a result of conflict.

It also shows the love and increasing dependence the two lead characters have for each other where they finally find peace on a large property that supports the native fauna and flora within the African continent. I think it's a love story, a stor This story is one that sees a spoilt rich kid that has it all. I think it's a love story, a story of devotion, trust, loyalty and determination.

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I think the author wrote this story with much passion. Aug 28, Aurora rated it it was amazing. This was the first Wilbur Smith book that I ever read, and even now after having read many of his pieces, I keep re-reading this one. There is something special about it. What spoke to me, I guess, was the perfect love-story that really was not that perfect after all - but so beautiful!

And Smith's environmental descriptions, especially those described from up in the sky from a pilot's perspective. One of my favourite books. Jul 06, Avi rated it it was amazing. Read the review here- https: This was my first ever Wilbur Smith book and I can without doubt agree to all the hype about his writing and stories because this book was just fantastic, I loved it.

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David is young, rich and extremely handsome and charismatic — a skilled pilot who, on his journey to a new life, meets Debra- a beautiful Israeli writer, talented and smart and they have this instant connection.. But that was only t Read the review here- https: But that was only the beginning, and so was all the highs and happiness when they are so much in love and David is doing what he loves in the air force in Israel. And then came the roller coasters and man I was not prepared for them.

Throughout the book, David and Debra lose life as they knew it when their most important traits are taken away from them — but will they be able to make it out in the end? I read the second half of the book scared of what twist and turns are going to come because this story was talking turns in directions I could have never imagined, but that was a refreshing experience too.

This was unlike any romance story I have ever read and the writing was so meticulous and descriptive , making you can feel whatever is happening and I loved it. All day today after reading the book I have felt so lost because I was so involved in that book that I genuinely thought they were right here. Feb 27, Sam rated it liked it Shelves: While I didn't enjoy this quite as much as the other Wilbur Smith books I've read recently I wonder if I've over done it a little The portrayal of the Israeli turmoil was detailed and insightful and of course it wouldn't be a Wilbur Smith book with a good proportion set in Africa.

I did find the characters slightly flat, particularly the female characters although as ever this could be more due to when it While I didn't enjoy this quite as much as the other Wilbur Smith books I've read recently I wonder if I've over done it a little I did find the characters slightly flat, particularly the female characters although as ever this could be more due to when it was written and set than anything, I'd still like to see them with a bit more clout though.

Overall a pretty good read. Jul 16, Hannah rated it it was amazing. This book is what gave me my love of reading. Feb 13, Kathryn rated it it was amazing. One of best books I ever read, will stay in my memory forever. Been over 30 years so far Apr 12, Ros Stanley rated it it was amazing Recommended to Ros by: This was my introduction to Wilbur Smith and I read it in one sitting.

Such a vivid description of the place, the characters and the conflicts. Oct 16, Kelley rated it it was amazing. This was a very touching and moving story of a pilot that crashed and became blind and how he handled it, how he fell in love. He impresses his commanding officer, the crusty Colonel Rastus Naude, who is disappointed when David decides not to accept a longer service contract and instead tries to seek out what he's meant to do. He travels widely in Europe. In Spain, he meets Debra Mordechai, an attractive young Israeli writer and university lecturer, who's traveling with her brother Joe and his fiancee Hannah.

Debra rebuffs David's advances and they part on bitter terms. David is drawn to Jerusalem to find her, and meets 'The Brig', her father, General Mordechai, a plain-spoken pilot in the IDF and a senior staff officer. Learning that David has much experience on flying Mirage jets, he satisfies himself of David's skills and then offers him a commission in the IDF.

He accepts and is granted Israeli citizenship.

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He is plunged into Israel's struggle for survival. David's memories of his own Jewish mother and his growing passion for Debra make his involvement with this new country's cause inescapable. He and Debra set up house together. But at Joe and Hannah's wedding , a terrorist attack kills Hannah and Debra is left blind. In her grief, she rebuffs David, who only finds solace in the skies. He and Joe get into a dogfight with Russian-trained Syrian fighters. Joe's plane is shot down and David, low on fuel and on the wrong side of the border, is forced to ditch.

His jet catches fire and he is badly burned. A year later, after much plastic surgery and no longer the handsome man he was, David is forced to resign his commission on pain of a court-martial. He is now an outcast, as he had brought Israel to the brink of open war. He desperately seeks out Debra, and she is now willing to accept him back, not knowing what he now looks like. They marry, despite the misgivings and anger of 'The Brig' and they travel to the now virtually derelict game lodge that David's late father owned in the South African bush.

Remembering all the poaching and 'sport' killing that had happened there in his youth, he seeks out game warden Conrad Berg and offers the whole estate as a national park to serve as a haven for animals fleeing poachers. David falls foul of a particularly ruthless poacher and in the ensuing violence, Debra is badly injured.

Pregnant, she loses the baby. But the injury has affected her brain and she can now sense some colours.