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From the Tables of Lebanon: Traditional Vegetarian Cuisine

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. A no-frills, honest and comprehensive Greek vegetarian cookbook. Everything you remember from your last trip will be there, plus much more. All the usual dishes are there, the non-vegetarian in their vegetarian version, sometimes even with some variations. All this in a clear, pleasant layout, with clear instructions and short, helpful hints. No "inventive" and "creative" recipes here, and believe me, nowadays that can be a relief. Because, for us Greeks, it may be fun to try out the creative chefs' inventions, but for one who is new to Greek cooking, I believe that it is best to start from the real, existing, traditional recipes, which are enough to last one a lifetime.

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After all, how many Greek recipes will a foreigner cook every year? Or if you're really into Greek food, start with this book, and then venture to the "inspired by Greece" creative ones. I did find a non-traditional part, though, while browsing, The "falafel" page. First of all in Greece you don't call them falafel this is Lebanese dish, very favoured in Egypt too , but "revithokeftedes".

Secondly, she advises to fill a pita pocket with them.

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In Greece you don't do that, and Greek pita has no pocket, it's thicker, and bread-like, cannot be slit. Cypriot pita is oval and can be slit, Arabic pita is big and round and can be slit, but not the Greek one. But this is a small quibble. You see, most English-language authors writing about Greek cooking are not based in Greece so they may become influenced by the foodstuff they see in American supermarkets.

I think this book is the best introduction to Greek vegetarian cookery, and if I had to recommend one of the ones I own to someone, I would pick this one. This is a great Greek cookbook. It is a vegetarian cookbook, but I hardly noticed with all of the great recipes inside. It, of course, contains all of the basics like falafel, humus, and Moussaka, but there is so much more in this cookbook!

One of my favorite recipes is the Cucumber-Yogurt Salad. It is wonderfully refreshing and makes a great side for a lunch. The book also contains some delightfully different recipes - green beans in tomato sauce, zucchini patties, and eggplants with cinnamon. The recipes in this book are easy to make, so any cook should be able to prepare them.

From the Tables of Lebanon: Traditional Vegetarian Cuisine by Dalal A. Holmin

I would recommend this book to anyone who want to add some Greek recipes to their repetoir. Although it is a vegetarian cookbook, non-vegetarians will enjoy it too!

From Farm to Table: Coara - The First Lebanese Vegan Restaurant

I have had this cookbook for years and it is one of my favorites. I just ordered a replacement copy because my old copy was disintegrating.

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I just switched to low carb vegetarian low carb vegan was too hard , and this is one of the few cookbooks that I am keeping. A lot of the recipes are good as low carb recipes. Obviously not all of them!!!!!!! BTW, if you are vegan and don't watch your carbs, please get a home A1c test and check yourself. I ate what I thought was a healthful vegan diet nearly no processed or junk foods; all whole grains and I'm not overweight and I get lots of exercise , and it made me pre-diabetic.

It turns out that even whole wheat bread and popcorn are not good for everyone. This cookbook offers classic Greek recipes with a vegetarian twist. This page paperback provides a complete collection of unique and flavorful vegetarian recipes that are a healthy alternative to the standard meat dishes.

The traditional meatless dishes, such as spanakopita and baklava, are well represented, and this cookbook also contains modified versions of classics such as moussaka and dolmades. While this cookbook does not provide any photos, it does provide a helpful section on Greek ingredients, and an informative herb and spice glossary.

Polemis, who is originally from Greece, also includes helpful hints and advice in many of the recipes. While testing the recipes, I found that the instructions are easy to follow and understand. This cookbook might not be the best choice for a novice, but it is definitely clear enough for those with some culinary experience.

The dishes were very flavorful, using traditional Greek accents and seasonings that are readily available at most local grocery stores. Overall, I recommend this cookbook. It is a wonderful addition to any kitchen, not only for vegetarians, but also for those who would like to try healthy and flavorful alternatives to the standard Greek dishes. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. If you love traditional Greek food that is nourishing, comforting and vegetarian this is your book.

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Lovely recipes that if you had to adapt for meat eating guests or potlucks you could. I loved this book because I am passionate about creating real food with simple wholesome ingredients. Easy to follow instructions, ingredients are easily obtainable and tasty! I love this cookbook a lot. Great recipes and I love the traditional recipes. I got this as a gift for my Mother-in-Law so she could become more familiar with Greek cooking on my side of the family and since she likes to cook I figured it'd be something fresh for her to try.

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