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Hardy Boys for adults". The Times of Malta. Novels by David Baldacci. Freddy and the French Fries: The Mystery of Silas Finklebean Retrieved from " https: Pages to import images to Wikidata. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Nederlands Edit links. The story takes place in a university between 2 men discussing two pieces of art that seem to turn up in the same place, no matter where it is over the last 70 years.

'The Collectors' - The Danish And The Nordic Pavilions

It was an interesting story to listen to, and very well narrated by Bill Nighy. If you like the review and would like to read my other reviews on books I have read, visit my blog at www.

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Dec 31, Charlotte Jones rated it really liked it. Bill Nighy is a reknowned actor and I though an audiobook by him would be an interesting listen. With the audiobook being just 32 minutes long, the characters were not very developed but the plot kept me engaged throughout. To be honest, I wish this was longer because the mystery involved could be expanded and explained a little more.

Bill Nighy as a narrator was delightful to listen to and the voices he gave to the characters were distinct from each other and easy to distinguish. Overall this is a short story that is definitely worth listening to and although it took me a few minutes to really grasp what was going on, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Mar 25, Paul Perry rated it really liked it Shelves: A lovely little short from Pullman. This is a gem of a story, wonderfully crafted and creepy, set in the same reality I think 'universe' is the wrong term, considering as the wonderful His Dark Materials trilogy. An Oxford don and his visitor discuss a pair of works of art that always seem to end up together and may be connected to some deaths.

Atmospheric, and somewhat bringing to mind a Tales of the Unexpected vibe. I enjoyed reading The Collectors by Philip Pullman. It is a short story which took me back to the world of his epic novel,His Dark Materials. I liked in particular the conversation in the college room about other worlds and the chance moments of the awareness of them and of travel between them. Like that story, The Collectors is in its way a ghost story, but something more disturbing, harder to pin down than that. Philip Pullman is a clever writer and tells a clever tale.

I found this short story more satisfying than His Dark Materials, which I admired for its passages of fine prose, the unusual characters, and the travel between different worlds, but I did not agree with the comment from The Observer on my hard back copy of the book which asked the question: Is he the best storyteller ever?

For one thing, I thought that though his characters were interesting, I did not care about them, as I felt I ought to, and I was disappointed by his using of Paradise Lost by John Milton as an inspiration for his story, which to me fell far short of that epic poem, especially his version of angels. It is a disturbing, finely told tale. What a pleasant surprise to find this in the Kindle store.

I didn't even know this existed until a few minutes ago when I bought it and then started to read it. Review written January after reading for the first time.

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Dec 22, Shelly rated it liked it Shelves: Creepy as all hell. Good intro to the universe, though the novels are better. The Collectors in an audio version read by Bill Nighy was Audible' Christmas gift to its members this year and I enjoyed Nighy's narration of the tale. It is a short story at only just over thirty minutes so there isn't much time for character development, but the language Pullman uses means that we do get amazingly detailed portrayals of people and places. His expert use of few words, perfectly chosen, is practically a masterclass!

The suspense builds nicely and I liked the knowing nod to Lyra' The Collectors in an audio version read by Bill Nighy was Audible' Christmas gift to its members this year and I enjoyed Nighy's narration of the tale. The suspense builds nicely and I liked the knowing nod to Lyra's alternate universe.

The ending is expectedly bizarre for a seasonal horror tale, but I didn't really buy into it, hence the drop in stars. However a fun listen all the same. Oct 25, Miz Moffatt rated it really liked it Shelves: Two collectors are drawn together on a cold, dreary English evening by an alluring painting of an unknown woman and a nightmarish bronze of a monkey. Legend has it the two pieces always find a way back to each other, and that death follows shortly after… Thus concludes my re-read of the His Dark Materials series!

The Collectors featured more dialogue than description, and it worked perfectly in this quick, tense story. I wish there'd been a print book released, though. Now all I need is The Book of Dust pub date! This is a short story connected to the His Dark Materials trilogy. It was well written and intriguing, but it really left me wanting more. I actually went and re-read the HDM trilogy because this reminded me how much I miss Philip Pullman's writing and world-building. Feb 24, Jo Weston rated it really liked it Shelves: The wondrous Bill Nighy reading a short not very sweet, story which leaves you with a shudder.

Short, sweet and interesting. It does make me want to re-read all of the Dark Materials trilogy again. We have long been promised a follow-up to 'His Dark Materials', but in this short story, Pullman gives us just a taster. A creepy tale that reminded me what an excellent writer Pullman is. Following a night of drinking, two gentlemen start discussing interesting items, parallel worlds and distortions in time. Quite the interesting short story revolving around Pullman's His Dark Materials' world.

Enjoy Cussler and Baldacci? Then you'll love Darknet by Matthew Mather. A terrorist wants to make King pay. He also wants America to suffer. The deadly game commences in Paris and only one thing is certain: Love Cussler and Baldacci? The military trained him.

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The CIA wants him. Everyone is talking about the riveting debut thriller from Bradley Wright. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Rated by customers interested in.

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The Collectors

Audio CD Verified Purchase. Decent entertainment - nothing earth-shattering here. Some stretching of believability, somewhat predictable here and there, but you care about the characters which are cut from a "fun" cloth and want to see what happens to them next. A good read if you want to continue the series, but probably less so if you want it to stand on it's own. Note specific to this Audiobook: One aspect of the recording was quite distracting and annoying - the characters are all voiced seperately for their dialog, and a different voice provides narration. Volume and tone needed to be matched much better so that the listener was not taken out of the story so often.

That said, if you frequently listen to Audiobooks, you will be well aware that not all of them are created equal - some readers and production are much better than others, even when produced by the same company. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I really like the set-up for the Camel Club, but this book seemed like a first draft.

The plot sagged badly in the middle, then picked up toward the end, but I found myself bothered by the "phoned-in" quality of the writing. I've never warmed up to the Annabelle character I quit Book 3 in the series mid-way because of her. Don't think I'll be buying any more Camel Club books if there are any , and I'll think twice about Baldacci. The writing in this book really wasn't up to bestseller standards.

I gave it 2 stars because it does have a bestseller plot. One person found this helpful. I've enjoyed all the Camel Club books and while the writing wasn't as good as it could have been, I think that the more successful an author becomes more successful the quality of his writing suffers it's still worth reading. Oliver Stone flees after killing the two people he blames for killing his wife, stealing his daughter and then killing her, but he doesn't get far.

As the book unfolds, we finally find out why Oliver Stone aka John Carr is the man he is and what has fueled his desire for "Divine Justice. They wind up in the boy's hometown, Divine that harbors a super-max prison atop a mountain, which can only be reached by helicopter. All is not well in Divine and since trouble always finds Oliver, he is soon enmeshed in the thick of it.

While trying to get to the bottom of the town's secrets he realizes that for the first time since his wife's death he's falling in love with Abby, the mother of the young man he rescued but they may all die if he cannot find the truth. Realizing that their leader and friend is in trouble the members of the Camel Club search for him to give them whatever assistance they can. The novel graphically describes the backbreaking, grueling, and deadly lives of coal miners who work underground so that we can have electricity.

In one chapter Abby says that anyone who has a loved one working in the mines don't use electricity for cooking or heat because they know the "true" cost of electricity. I'll admit after reading this I've become more conservative with my energy consumption.

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