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This book has it all. Handsome heroes, fast-paced storyline and a very sweet romance. When Ceasar Serrano and Nathan Reilly meet at a hollywood party, they are immediately attracted to one another. So it was natural for them to hook up and end up at Nathan's home before the night was over.

When Nathan gets a phone call and must rush out to work, he is abrupt with Caesar. Not wanting to look like a fool, Caesar goes to leave, he notices Nathan's po The Good Thief had me hooked from the first page. Not wanting to look like a fool, Caesar goes to leave, he notices Nathan's police badge.

Knowing he made a grave mistake, he sneaks out Caesar knows that because of his criminal background, anything beyond a one-night stand is out of the question, but he can't seem to get the charming Nathan out of his mind. He is more than a little surprised when Nathan appears on his doorstep with a sweet smile and apologies from his lips for being so abrupt with Caesar.

Nathan tries to convince Caesar that they should go out again and because the chemistry is so strong between them. Caesar is not convinced. I loved this story. There is a great storyline which brings the two heroes together you must read it to see Both characters were likable. They are sexy, headstrong and so right for one another If you are offended by explicit sex and harsh language this book is not for you. View all 8 comments. Jun 09, Sofia rated it really liked it Shelves: Loved these guys, so hot together.

OK I have to admit that half of the book was spent in sex, even in the most improbable of moments, but did I care, no, not really. Just enjoyed the writing, the guys, the story and the sex as well. I did wonder how Buchanan was going to make the relationship work and it did work out. Still have m 3. Still have my doubts about the ever after but truth be told that can never be guaranteed can it. BR with Rosa - sorry for speeding ahead on our go slow read: View all 10 comments.

Sep 18, Rosa, really rated it liked it Shelves: I cannot make up my mind about this book. First allow me to summarize the complicated plot for you: Cop and thief meet cute, fuck hard , argue, fuck hard , thief discovers crime, fuck hard , run from baddies, fuck hard , play with dog, fuck hard , confront baddies, fuck hard , find love, fuck hard. I liked both Nate a beat cop and Caesar the thief.

However, I am highly doubtful that a relationship between a cop and a felon on probation is in any way realistic. I enjoyed learning new swear words in Spanish. I loved the dog, Poncho. Or What the fuck are you doing? Yelling at movies on Netflix is a good time. Yelling at my Kindle? The nature of the crime Caesar discovers. But it was way more complicated than that and much more heinous. The kids were years old.

And then there are several questions that went unanswered. Because that guy needs to be fired. Did the bad guy work alone or were there a whole group of bad guys? Who knew about the crime? Was there a cover up?


And then there are two minor bad guys — were they really minor bad guys? Did they take part in the crime or were they just trying to cover up for the big baddie? What happened to them? What is mentioned is that the cop and the thief find love. And you know what? I eat that shit up. Or at least be told that he admitted to his crimes, sat in jail for a few days and then got shanked. Is that really too much to ask?

Or if Buchanan had gone with the same crime but made the plot less about two crazy kids fucking their way to love. However the fucking was hawt, though occasionally over the top: That prick looked stiff enough to burst. Thick veins stood out in hard relief under light brown skin. It contrasted so nicely with the blond curls spilling out of his jeans.

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Feb 25, LD Durham rated it really liked it Shelves: I always love Buchanan's characters. They are always so real; guys you can imagine walking around out in the great big world. In The Good Thief , it's the same way. I really dug Nate, the cop. What was so great about him was that he wasn't a dashing homicide detective or an impressive FBI agent. No, he was a uniform cop. One of the guys who shows up to, as he says, "put out the fires". The cops that most of us have experience with. I loved him for that. He's truly a good guy. Ceasar was a bit har I always love Buchanan's characters.

Ceasar was a bit harder to get a handle on, but still just as enjoyable. I think what made him a bit tough to understand is that I saw him as a good guy, too. So when he did bad things, it made his image shake in my head. I've met guys like him in my life, but never been there for both the good and the bad.

But I loved the way he moved in the story, the way he was portrayed. Once again, Buchanan used the setting as a major character. I love the way the L. You honestly couldn't have this story anywhere else. It is embedded within the cities it takes place in. It breathes the Southern California air.

The Good Thief

My only quibble with this story is that I thought there were times in which it read more like a technical manual than a fictional story. Bits of police and legal procedure made sections a bit Not boring, but I was beginning to skim a bit to get back to the story. I also thought the climax was a bit diluted. I suppose that might be my own preconceived notions about a cops and robbers story. No CHiPs styled explosion and relieved smiling ending here. It was more realistic, which would be up to the individual reader how they like it.

All in all, this book kept my attention for a few days and left me pretty damn satisfied. I loved the cover. Aug 27, ttg rated it really liked it Shelves: The Good Thief is a pretty good romance suspense about Caesar who works construction during the day, a job that allows him to case neighborhoods to find easy houses to rob.

Not knowing what else to do, Caesar turns over his findings to Nate, a cop he recently met and had a hot one-night stand with. This is the first time I read a book by Buchanan, and overall I really liked the writing style--very readable, clean, and clear. There was only a few instances when Buchanan used a noun instead of a pronoun e.

Caesar and Nate had great developing chemistry, and I appreciated that neither were as they might first appear to be. As the case gets more dangerous and the men get more embroiled with each other, both think that the other is total bad news, that a cop and a thief could never be together, but they find themselves working in spite of themselves and in spite of their fears, and when things start getting deadly, they realize that they can actually use their respective skill sets to help protect one another.

Basically both guys ponder over and over if they should be with each other, and then have some sex, some more sex, and then ruminate some more.

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Blasphemy, I know, but I would have been fine during this section if the sex was fade to black. Mar 12, Bev rated it really liked it Shelves: Lots of hot sex, two likeable MC's Nate and Caesar, and my vote for star of the show was Ponchito, Caesar's little dog. Well, to say that LAPD's finest Nate was a tad thick is an understatement; having said that, if I'd been distracted by Caesar's gloriously hot bod, then maybe I wouldn't have thought about the possibility of a tracker under the car either, hehe Anyhoo, I did find the storyline a little tenuous And the cops that beat Caesar up No mention of them after the child porn cop did everyone a favour Dec 04, Ami rated it really liked it Shelves: This one is one of those.

Nate and Caesar are two very likeable protagonists. The first one is an LAPD and the later is a thief who is try to do right after finding very disturbing photos of child pornography in one of the houses he robs. Sure there are many sex scenes but there is something actually going on around it. Adds a very cute dog by the name of Poncho, well, I just fall in love with the story: Feb 14, Lauraadriana rated it liked it Shelves: This was a nice story, light, funny and very sexy.

Cop and cat burglar fall in love, while having super hot sex. Ceasar is Mexican-American he also breaks into homes for a living. One night he meets a hot blond who he ends up in bed with. Of course things cannot work. Only problem is they seem to keep running into each other, and having sex. One day during a break Ceasar discovers some very disturbing photographs and he takes them to Nate so that he can do This was a nice story, light, funny and very sexy. One day during a break Ceasar discovers some very disturbing photographs and he takes them to Nate so that he can do something about them.

These two boys were great, not too much drama. Nate was never conflicted or in the closet. Overall a nice read.

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Seriously it was so horrible it was ridiculous. If you cannot be bothered to check that the foreign languages you are using in your books are correct. Feb 10, Christina rated it it was ok Shelves: It started off pretty well. Nate is an idealistic cop who meets Caesar at a party and then finds out that Caesar's side business is breaking into houses, which is quite the problem for the cop. Caesar and Nate end up in the middle of a dangerous investigation. There was suspense and action, but unfortunately it fell flat after that. Most of the second half of the book was all sex and then all we got was a nice neat wrap up for the endi This was ok.

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Most of the second half of the book was all sex and then all we got was a nice neat wrap up for the ending. Even though I liked both Nate and Caesar, I was bored by the end. It's never really clear as to why t 3. It's never really clear as to why the other cops don't want Nate investigating the case, except that the perp is a cop -A fly-by-night attitude toward the legal system major cases like this are NOT tried in a month! View all 5 comments. Feb 19, Aiko rated it liked it Shelves: The first half of this book was a solid 4 star.

I really liked the MC's, and the plot was promising. It could have been so good, but it turned out just ok. Apr 14, Elisa Rolle added it. Well I think this book is my preferrend among James Buchanan's books I have read. Caesar is a "good" thief: From the Ispanic side of the city, like a lot of guy like him he hasn't had a chance to become a good next boy door. From little thefts to big housebreaks the step is short and it passes through some convictions. But Caesar is also a very handsome guy. So he has his share of adventures and one of them leads him to Nate, a fair hair All American B Well I think this book is my preferrend among James Buchanan's books I have read.

So he has his share of adventures and one of them leads him to Nate, a fair hair All American Boy he meets at a party. Caesar has always had one night stands or little more for him a long relationship is a guy who lasts three appointments and so he delves into the chance to spend one night with Nate.

But when the morning after he finds out that Nate is a cop, he leaves in an hurry. But then an accidental encounter with Nate leads to another hot sex session. Nate is quickly becoming a long last relationship So when Caesar, during one of his "cleaning home work", finds some child pornography material, he can't ignore the thing and the first person he searches for help is Nate. But Nate is a cop and he has to do the right thing, and Caesar is a thief Caesar is the classical bad boy you can't resist.

He sweats sex from every pore and he is also very nice he has a very cute little dog who helps him to play the role of bad boy with heart. He doesn't hesitate a bit to do the right thing, even if it could be the wrong thing for his life. He is funny and has a easy way to approach life, but he is not selfish. Nate is the good boy. Right family, right side of the street, maybe not a "straight" guy, but he has a family which supports him even if we can read a bit of tension with his father, ex-cop.

He doesn't hide his homosexuality, but he doesn't flaunt it. He works out, so when his colleagues see him, they see a big and tought man, and nobody has the courage to trouble him. But he can't prevent what is said behind his shoulders So he is not at all easy with his sexual life, but he can't deny what he feels for Caesar, it's a too strong feeling. And like a good boy he doesn't hide nothing. I like both Caesar then Nate, but maybe I have a soft spot for Nate, this big guy who is so sure of himself that has no problem to be a total bottom in bed, but only in a sexual way, cause Caesar and Nate are two very balanced characters in the day to day life.

The plot is a good mix of detective story, funny elements don't miss the dog , good and health sex, and romance.

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Feb 23, Trix rated it really liked it Shelves: It was a really nice story. I enjoyed reading it and it left me in a good mood after finishing it. Caesar and Nate are the kind of men I like. Strong willed, in great shape and just rightly masculine. Their relationship their sexual one was rather well balanced. Nate might have been bottoming, but you never got the sensation that he wanted to play the submissive role, more like he enjoyed giving himself to Caesar, while still controlling the situation.

I suppose his physique also helped with th It was a really nice story. I suppose his physique also helped with that. I liked that both men were dedicated to their occupations and that the author gave enough attention and detail to how they performed their work. It helped create the characters. Caesar was living the only life he thought he was entitled to, not daring to hope for a chance at a different work or a chance at love.

Nate was too occupied with holding up the image he had created at work of a dependable gay police man that he had no time to find love. Certainly not in the arms of a formerly convicted felon. And yet, they made it work. Lust and passion ignited things between them, then the death threats and whole scandal offered them the possiblity to know each other better and see behind the first impression, find all the ways in which a relationship between them could work. I liked that Caesar as well as Nate were gruffy men, unable to say out loud that they had feeling for each other, though their body language spoke volumes.

I truly enjoyed the story! It had its funny moments, exciting paraghraps and most erotic moments! I don't know why it took me so long to read a book by James Buchanan. His writing style or at least this book reminds me a lot of that of my favorite A. I loved the chemistry between Nate and Caesar. The sex was really hot but after a while it became "too much sex" for me. I had to skim the last two scenes.

I liked that the police investigation did not take over the book and it was more like an aside to what was going on between Nate and Caesar. It is nice to get a romance with a bit of I don't know why it took me so long to read a book by James Buchanan. It is nice to get a romance with a bit of "meat" behind it. A faithful remake, a spirited updating, and a deft, colorful, thoroughly entertaining heist film swimming in character and atmosphere, Neil Jordan's The Good Thief Nolte's hard lived, leather-lined face looks like a Muncie road map, and fits robber Bob to each crease.

The best and most enjoyable English-language crime picture since Jackie Brown. When it comes to movies about one last, high-stakes score, Nolte in The Good Thief pales next to Gene Hackman's low-keyed brilliance in Heist. A movie that tried really hard for the "cool" factor, complete with a "cool" french soundtrack.

It's a decent watch.

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It may have been much better with a better lead? I'm not really a fan. A stylish, tense, sexy and electrifying crime thriller. Explosive, smart, bold, funny and exciting. Nick Nolte has never been better. Gives his best performance in years. He just gets better as the years go on showing impressive and undeniable star power. A great cast of actors. Ralph Fiennes and Tchecky Kayrow turn in great performances. An totally enjoyable flick.

It's one of those rare pieces of film noir that makes for good entertainment pleasure. A smooth, character-driven and absolutely exhilerating flick. More Top Movies Trailers. DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Black Panther Dominates Honorees. Trending on RT Avengers: Post Share on Facebook.

Movie Info Set against the glitzy backdrop of the French Riviera, aging gambler Bob Montagnet is about to gamble it all on the casino heist of a lifetime; a spectacular sleight of hand--two heists, one real, one not, but which is which? Under the watchful eye of Roger, a policeman who would as soon save his longtime opponent as arrest him, Montagnet assembles a team that consists of partners Paulo and Raoul, technical mastermind Vladimer, former-drug-dealer-turned-informant Said, Anne, a young Eastern girl Montagnet rescued from prostitution, and the perfect complement to a double theft--identical twins Albert and Bertram.

Nick Nolte as Bob. Tcheky Karyo as Roger. Nutsa Kukhianidze as Anne. Said Taghmaoui as Paulo. Mark Lavoine as Remi. Emir Kusturica as Vladimer. Marc Lavoine as Remy. Ouassini Embarek as Said. Mark Polish as Albert. Mike Polish as Bertram.

James Quattrochi as Jamie. Patricia Kell as Yvonne. Warren Zavatta as Petit Louis.