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The author does a great job of showing Skye's defiance, yet tempering it by showing her internal turmoil. She managers to make it clear that Skye's actions are unacceptable, while still making her a likable character. This was a book that stayed with me for a long time when I was younger, and I still enjoyed re-reading now that I'm older.

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Aug 30, Emily Chappel rated it it was amazing. This book I great for horse lovers and is a really intriguing story.

So reading about horses seemed a natural fit. Amongst my pile of freebies needing attention was A Horse to Love.

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There were plenty of great horse references to how the whole business of riding and caring for a horse work. If you really want to know about tacking and anatomy then this book is the way to go; however, there wasn't enough time with the a I adore horses. If you really want to know about tacking and anatomy then this book is the way to go; however, there wasn't enough time with the actual horse.

It sort of felt more like a beginner's instruction manual than an actual novel.

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When I read about horses, I want to read about their personalities because they are very unique and the bonds they create with the staff and riders which is also unique for each individual they meet. Maybe I have been spoiled with the Thoroughbred series. The heavy Christian overtones were a bit much for me, also. The novel truly is heartfelt and inspiring. There is a good message to be shared in the brief introductory novel. While I won't be reading further into the series, I'll recommend it to a Christian audience.

The story is about a young girl who has been bounced from foster home to foster home before landing at the last-ditch-before-juvie horse ranch. She struggles with not fitting in and an overall bad attitude towards life. Pretty typical of your disturbed youth saved by God genre, and slightly overdone. The ranch family and their horse Champ work miracles on her to become a proper young lady.

Personally, I felt the story was a little compressed and moved too quickly. We didn't get to really see the development of Skye and her haphazard decision skills making progress in terms of actual growth. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, the Christian premise of instantly being saved didn't really work for me on a literary level.

I would have liked to see the author build more on the characters and motivations to fill out the story. And yes, I do realize this book is geared for a younger audience--but their attention spans aren't that short you need to cut it so light. I sort of felt jipped out of storyline and plot development.

This story not only talks about horses, but it also gives a person we can ALL relate to: We all feel neglected at one time or another.

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Sometimes, we blame other people for our problems only because we have anger that gnaws away at us. Hurting us and those around us.

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This fictional book shows how Skye deals with it and overcomes it the Chambers and Morgan's help. We all need people like that in our lives, but sometimes we NEED to be that person. Jan 15, Debbie rated it liked it. This is a good book. A troubled girl is given a choice by a judge: Skye Nicholson decides to go to another foster family. This is her last chance. Skye finds out that this foster family is different that any of the others that she has been in.

This is the first book in the series "Keystone Stables". Jul 04, Smtice02 marked it as to-read Shelves: A good and quick read about a young, troubled teen who is given a last chance to improve in a Christian foster home before the judge sends her to an institution. God's love is calling her through the help of this family, but it's up to Skye to hear it. Mar 02, Jan rated it liked it. I realized this was for younger readers so read it with an open mind.

I think a younger reader would like reading this being it is horse related but for an adult who already owns a horse it was okay but its definatly written for a young reader. Aug 22, Lillian rated it really liked it. I downloaded it with my PC nook app. I will recommend it to my granddaughters. And I want to read more of the series. Mar 01, Dawn rated it really liked it Shelves: Troubled teen comes to a horse ranch and learns to fit in and love. May 20, Abby Kuphal rated it it was amazing. This book is a great book for young Christian women.

Oct 03, Lyssa rated it it was amazing.

A Horse to Love

A great example of the connection between horse and girl Jan 15, S. A great little read, especially targeted toward year old readers. An encouraging story of real love. I have to admit, even I shed a tear at the end of this one. Book One in the Keystone Stables series features tough love in the treatment of a thirteen-year-old angry girl. With God's help, the girl finds happiness.

May 07, Brianna Long rated it it was amazing. I love the whole series! The author is amazing and I'm not saying that because I met her! Jan 09, Christine rated it liked it. Great book for a teen to read. The book focuses on life as a foster child. Skye the main character is shown in both her rugged and soft side.

Keystone Stables Books

This book is Christian based. Aug 10, Linda rated it liked it. Teen story, but a good, quick read if you like horses. Jun 22, Savanna Mazrin rated it it was amazing. I love this book so much, I could read it over and over again. Mar 17, Kira McGann rated it liked it Shelves: Bill boarded one plane, and his wife boarded another! Example Seven A command: Stand up and shut up! Example Eight At the end of a question that is essentially an exclamation: How could Barry possibly have lifted that! Marsha More shameless promotion: I look forward to seeing many of you again next year! One Step Closer to Publication!

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