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At the close of his second term in office, a survey of the personalities and events associated with his presidency is fitting. Governing in a society ripe with ideological and partisan polarization, the Obama Administration was surrounded by controversy, much of it manufactured by his opponents but salient nonetheless.

This volume will attempt to provide perspective and clarity on the most important individuals and experiences connected to Obama during his eight years in office, but also his early life. Information included in this volume also includes discussion of his transition out of office and events taking place at the beginning of the Donald Trump Administration. This second edition of Historical Dictionary of the Barack Obama Administration contains a chronology, an introduction, appendixes, and an extensive bibliography.

The dictionary section has over cross-referenced entries on important personalities, including the president, his advisors, his family, his opponents, and his critics, as well as members of Congress, military leaders, and international leaders. This book is an excellent resource for students, researchers, and anyone wanting to know more about Barack Obama.

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Also includes reference material consisting of documents and texts. Handbook of Federal Countries, Provides articles on twenty-one countries that classify themselves as federations and an additional four states whose systems incorporate significant elements of federalism. A bibliography is included. Each Country article includes two tables: Handbook of National Legislatures: Data were generated by means of a vast international survey of experts, extensive study of secondary sources, and painstaking analysis of constitutions and other relevant documents.

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Individual country chapters provide answers to each of the 32 survey items, supplemented by expert commentary and relevant excerpts from constitutions. It is divided into three sections: Legislative Branch; Part Two: Executive Branch; and Part Three: How to Track Politics on the Internet Provides a description of "more than of the best political Web sites, electronic mailing lists and Usenet news-groups.

The author has indicated sites that he believes deserves special merit. Hutchinson Dictionary of Ideas Provides entries for major thinkers and important figures, together with information on the beliefs, concepts, institutions, movements, and theories that they engendered. Illustrated Dictionary of Constitutional Concepts Provides definitions of terms that form the language of constitutions. Provides biographical information on significant thinkers and historical figures.

International Encyclopedia of Environmental Politics Provides in-depth worldwide coverage of environmental politics. Over five hundred alphabetically arranged entries written by international experts include and in depth coverage of the central topics and issued in environmental politics; country and regional entries; analysis of the normative and ethical dimensions of environmental politics; coverage of the major environmental movements, organizations, struggles from the local to the international level; examination of key issues in international environmental politics; up-to-date information on prominent individuals both historical and contemporary who inspired or are actively involved in international politics.

Includes and index and a list of entries by major themes. International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences 26 Volumes Provides a scholarly overview of the social and behavioral sciences. Articles provide concise overviews of the ideas, concepts, theories and principles within the social and behavioral sciences. Each article includes a bibliography of scholarly articles, essays, and occasionally books.

There are biographical articles on major theorists and practitioners. International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences 19 Volumes Provides articles written by experts covering all aspects of the social sciences including political studies topics. Each article contains a useful bibliography. There are also a number of biographical articles on significant people in the social sciences. A highly recommended research tool that is useful as a starting point for research.

A Dictionary Provides definitions and an overview of the terms in international law. The dictionary if organized into nine chapters each covering a broad subject area. The entries are arranged alphabetically under these broad subject heading and includes numerous cross-references and references to primary sources, mostly treaties and court cases. A Political Dictionary 5th edition Provides entries arranged alphabetically under broad subject divisions.

Includes an index to specific terms and cross references. Language of Canadian Politics: A Guide to Important Terms and Concepts 3rd edition Provides an introduction to Canadian politics in approximately cross-referenced entries that clearly discuss the institutions, concepts, public policies, events, and laws associated with politics in Canada. The 4th edition, , is available as an e-book to the UPEI community. MacMillan Dictionary of Political Quotations Provides over 12, quotations arranged by topic, and within each topic, alphabetically by author.

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Nations of the World: Following the country profiles are Regional Worldwide Overviews: These overviews include Key Indicators, Currencies, and a Map of the region. The final section is a Global Overview. A Historical Dictionary of Contemporary National Movements Contains over national surveys, short articles, highlighting the historical, political, social and economic evolution of the many stateless nations that are now emerging to claim a role in the post-Cold War order. Main entries in the set are often divided by separately authored subentries… Articles conclude with up-to-date bibliographies often divided into primary and secondary sources and see also references.

Oxford Companion to Politics of the World 2nd edition Provides a comprehensive guide to international relations and national domestic politics of the world, including lengthy signed articles on people, places, and concepts, many include bibliographies. Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century British Politics Provides a comprehensive and authoritative guide to British political life during the past years. Over alphabetically arranged entries cover the important ideas, institutions, people and events that have defined modern British politics.

Appendix 1 provides a listing of ministries from Appendix 2 provides a listing of office holders. Appendix 3 provides a listing of general election results from A Classified Contents List and bibliographies at the end of longer entries are included. Cross-references are provided to other cases.

The Case Index includes, not only the cases included as entries in the Guide, but those cases mentioned anywhere in the Guide. The Topical index directs readers to concepts, persons, places and institutions in the text. Further Reading is provided. This title is also available as an e-book to the University community. Penguin Dictionary of International Relations Provides definitions that reflect the changes that have taken place in the area of international relations as a result of the events that happened in Eastern Europe in late Over entries cover the countries, regions, ethnic groups, political parties, prime ministers, presidents, business organizations, geographical features, religions, and border disputes.

Includes separate articles on each country and its economy, cross-references, detailed contact information an organizations and geographical and personal name indexes. Political and Historical Encyclopedia of Women Provides a history of the political involvement of women in Western society. Each article concludes with a brief bibliography. Political Corruption in America: An Encyclopedia of Scandals, Power, and Greed 2nd edition 2 Volumes This work contains approximately articles detailing the history of political corruption in the United States. The entries include biographies, explanations important court cases, pieces of legislation, and terms.

Many entries include cross-references and references. Primary Documents, Chronology, Bibliography, and Index are included in the second volume. Also includes a chronology of political events from the establishment of the state to early The typical chapter includes a brief summary of the period; discussions of the major conflicts, events, and related American policies; a chronology; biographical sketches of two or three key historical figures; excerpts from relevant primary documents; illustrations; photographs; and a brief bibliography.

The chapters are arranged chronologically and include transitional chapters that aid in explaining periods between military actions. Political Reference Almanac Provides facts and information about politics and governments, both in the United States and throughout the world. The Presidency A to Z 4th edition Provides an overview of major topics related to the presidency. Also, provides brief biographies of all presidents and vice-presidents and statistical information.

Public Opinion and Polling Around the World: Volume 2 covers the international arena including Canada. Includes A-Z entries on the United States elections, history, political parties, interest groups, the role of the media and biographies of key pollsters and opinion leaders. Routledge Dictionary of Politics 3rd edition Provides an authoritative up-to-date guide to politics, its terminologies, ideologies and institutions. Over extensive definitions provide and understanding of the basics of political thought and theory, complex ideologies and dogmas, specialized and technical terms, and emerging ideas and terminologies.

Routledge Encyclopedia of International Political Economy 3 Volumes Provides a comprehensive reference to the field of international political economy. The alphabetically arranged entries cover empirical and theoretical issues, concepts and theories, institutions, and people. Each entry includes a bibliography. Entries range from a few paragraphs to several pages with frequent cross-references.

It includes an index arranged alphabetically by last names of people together with a listing of particular political jargon that is associated with them. The well-written contextual essays provide an excellent introduction to the subject of American slavery. The extensive bibliography provides a listing of the best works for further study. Also includes an index. The Supreme Court A to Z 2nd edition Provides information about the Supreme Court, important legal decisions, famous cases, and biographies of all the Justices. The Territories of the Russian Federation Provides authoritative, current geographical, political, and economic information on each of the eighty-nine constituent units of the Federation.

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Part One provides background information on the Federation, including statistics on major demographic and economic indicators and details of the government. A Chronology of Russia is included. Part Two consists of territorial surveys for each of the 89 federal units.

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Part Three includes a bibliography. Part Four lists the Territories alphabetically by federal district and by economic area. Twentieth-Century British Political Facts, 8th edition Provides a factual history of British politics from United States Presidential Primary Elections, A Handbook of Election Statistics Provides official county-by-county results for all Democratic and Republican presidential primary elections from Includes a brief overview on the presidential primary process and trends.

World Directory of Minorities Provides coverage for the majority of the larger minorities of the world.

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  • It is divided according to region: References are provided for each area. Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations 10th edition 6 Volumes Provides information on the United Nations and the countries of the world arranged by region. Volume 1 provides an overview of the UN system including its structure and constituent parts as well as UN related agencies. Volumes 2 - 5 provide an overview of each country including sections on history, government, political parties, local government, judicial systems, armed forces, and economy.

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    Volume 6 provides "biographical profiles of the person who is the head of the nation's government and who has primary responsibility for the country's policy". Also includes a bibliography. Most popular search tools: Leave this field blank. Alphabetical List of All Databases List of databases by subject.

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    FAQ - frequently asked questions about library resources and services. Find articles on a topic - see also the subject guide for your topic Peer-reviewed articles Reading an article citation. Floor plans Quiet Group. Political Science When you are doing research on a topic, you will often encounter unfamiliar terms, or familiar ones used in a specialized way. Dictionaries and encyclopedias covering political science topics include: A57 Blackwell Dictionary of Political Science Provides a guide to the vocabulary of political science.

    B43 Blackwell Dictionary of Political Science: B56 Blackwell Encyclopedia of Political Thought Provides a guide to the major concepts and ideas in political science. A1C46 Companion to American Thought Provides information on American ideas and thinkers of interest to those who work in the following areas: C Dictionary of American Foreign Affairs Provides comprehensive information on the agreements, events, ideas, organizations, and people that have influenced America's participation in world events.

    J66 Dictionary of Government and Politics 2nd edition Provides a basic guide to the vocabulary used in government and politics in Britain and the United States. But still Sergey Ivanovitch had expected that on its appearance his book would be sure to make a serious impression on society, and if it did not cause a revolution in social science it would, at any rate, make a great stir in the scientific world.

    The great advance which has been made since Shelley's time in the knowledge of history and the social sciences throws a pitiless light on the absurdity of this theory, showing that social institutions, terribly imperfect as they are, are by no means chiefly bad but rather represent the slow gains of thousands of years of painful progress; none the less the theory was bound to appeal irresistibly to such an impulsive and inexperienced idealism as that of Shelley.

    When Paul Tichlorne entered college, he let it be generally understood that he was going in for the social sciences.

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    Speaker for proper care to make youths worthy citizens. Aimed at everyone from schoolchildren to policymakers, the researcher-led events are designed to raise awareness about the impact social science has in shaping the way we think and behave. This issue of research journal New Horizons consists of articles on different aspects of the social science research.