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Set in the world of stand-up comedy, "Behind the Smile" tells the dramatic story of the rise and fall of Danny Styles, a young comic from Cleveland, Ohio, who moves to Los Angeles in pursuit of fulfilling a dream. After meeting Charlie Richman, his idol, Danny quickly finds success, but is soon caught up in a seductive lifestyle, which ultimately leads to this rising star's downfall. Written by Clark Peterson. Start your free trial.

City of Gadsden City. My favorite memory of Tyler is He was never scared to tackle anyone or get tackled himself. Parents must be taught how to talk to their children about mental illness. It is not a weakness. It is often hereditary. My family has a history of mental illness so I have been very open about it with my children, have taken them to counseling for issues that they needed help with and have taught them to come to me if life feels overwhelming or they feel that life is not worth the struggle.

I talk to them about my experiences with mental illness and let them know it can be treated. Opening up an honest communication between your child and yourself is the best way we can get a handle on this awful crisis. My heart breaks to think about what he was feeling inside and did not tell anyone or could not tell anyone. I debated whether I should even read the last part of the book, which was written more like a research gui I like Marie Osmond pretty well and enjoyed hearing reading this autobiography.

I debated whether I should even read the last part of the book, which was written more like a research guide, but I skimmed through it, anyway. Nov 12, Holly 2 Kids and Tired rated it really liked it. I didn't struggle with Postpartum Depression after either of my pregnancies, but I still found that I could relate to Marie's story. So often women struggle with keeping it all together and we try and do it ourselves. And, unfortunately for Marie, she was raised with the ideas of "grin and bear it" and "the show must go on at the expense of yourself".

Whether you struggle with diagnosed depression or not, that attitude is not healthy. There is nothing wrong with talking about our fears and issue I didn't struggle with Postpartum Depression after either of my pregnancies, but I still found that I could relate to Marie's story. There is nothing wrong with talking about our fears and issues and getting help if necessary. An insightful book, and definitely useful for women of child-bearing years. Feb 05, Jessica rated it liked it Shelves: My mom gave this to me when I crashed with post-partum depression. It actually cheered me up because I thought, If someone with two nannies, an assistant and a housekeeper can freak out, why then, I don't feel as ridiculous!

To be honest, though, the book is a big catalog of Marie's complaints: The real problem here, I thought, was that she never told anyone how she felt. If she had shared her feelings with her family, with her husband, they might have helped her earlier on. But no, she just slathered on more lipstick and gave everyone the Osmond smile all the time. I blame her parents, really. Feb 18, Leslie Arno rated it it was ok. This book made me angry and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who was actually suffering from post-partum depression.

It was funny, and I think humor is a a good coping mechanism, but I was left with the message that Marie Osmond would have never been able to survive her ordeal if it hadn't been for her nanny, housekeeper, personal physician that traveled with her, etc.

This left me feeling hopeless during the most difficult time of my life! I was deep in post-partum depression, and I didn't und This book made me angry and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who was actually suffering from post-partum depression. I was deep in post-partum depression, and I didn't understand what was happening to me. I was searching for help. After reading that Marie couldn't have survived without all her assistants, nanny's, housekeepers, etc.

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Sep 24, Dianalyn Smith added it. We never know what goes on in someone's life. Never judge someone based on the outside or what society has made them to look like, or your preconceived ideas. This biography of Marie Osmond was so touching and personal that it was like talking to your best friend. She made me feel like I was not alone in my feeling.

She is not just a super-star, public figure, but a human being, a normal woman with real issues, and has real feelings and can suffer a broken heart just like all of us. Postpartum D We never know what goes on in someone's life. Postpartum Depression is a real illness and a common stigma that hits woman of all social statuses.

This is a book all should read. Jul 24, Tamara Blackhurst rated it it was ok. Marie Osmond had a book signing, so naturally I went to meet her and get a book sign. I read this book in about 3 days. Comming from a family full of deprested women I am greatful I have not struggled with any serious depression. I found this book to be very depressing, and I found myself searching for all the misguided bad stuff in my life.

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Once I put the book down I never pick it up again. Even Scoot mentioned that I had been more sensitive and defensive while reading this book.

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I am not so sure I would recommend this book. Jan 12, Gato rated it liked it.

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Although I've not had postpartum depression, some of what Marie writes about seems like standard run of the mill depression. I have enjoyed Marie as an entertainer since I was a kid, so I was interested in this book. I came away from reading it feeling like she is more of a 'regular person' than most other people in show business. I will continue to enjoy and respect her as a person who has seemingly been though a lot. Mar 13, Crystal rated it liked it Recommends it for: I can definitely relate to feeling alone, and thinking no one else is going through PPD.

Mine wasn't too bad, or very long-lasting. Only reason it gets 3 stars is because I don't think it is very cohesive. Each chapter is all over the map, and I'd like to give Marie some pointers on topic sentences, main ideas, and supporting details.

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Could have been written better. But the stories touch my heart and reassure me that I'm not crazy or alone. Sep 11, Jen rated it it was amazing.


To anyone who has gone through post partum depression I highly recommend this book. Having gone through PPD after my 3rd child, it's not something I was comfortable talking about with very many people, and this book really helped. It's all about taking care of yourself, and making yourself well so that you can be the best mom you can be. Sep 04, Megan rated it it was ok. I'm a sucker for a good biography, I read this years before I had kids, and found it enlightening to the realness of postpartum depression, I think everyone that has kids should read it just so we are more sensitive to women and the changes that occur to womens lives after they have kids.

Plus she lives in Utah, Why not read it. Jan 18, Alyssa rated it liked it. I really like this book just because her personality really comes through. Also, I learned a lot from it! I would recommend it if anyone is interested. It is a really easy read. Feb 28, Becky rated it it was amazing. I loved this book. Compared to Brooke Shields book which I did not like. Marie talks alot of her experience with postpartum depression, but also about taking care of yourself first and how important that is.

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