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Give me time to check my bank statement. Provide information if debtor has requested. This could be resending the invoice or documentation to prove that the debt is actually owed. Every situation is handled differently.

An experienced debt collector knows how to work around these delay tactics. It happens to the best of us. You go on vacation, your schedule gets out of whack, and boom! A due date just whizzes past you.

In fact, 61 percent of late payers blamed forgetfulness. With so many bills due on different days, keeping track in your head is nearly impossible.

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So create a master calendar of what's due when, then set up email or calendar alerts to remind you a few days in advance. Most credit card companies will automatically text or email you a bill alert as well, as will financial apps such as Mint and CashTrails. If bills still slip your mind regularly, consider cutting yourself some slack and signing up for Citi Simplicity or another credit card that doesn't charge late fees or penalty interest rates.

For a list of cards that don't charge late fees, see " Carrots offered, sticks abandoned: Card issuers lure late payers. The trade-off is that with some of these cards, you'll miss out on credit card rewards.

Every excuse you've heard from your friends for not paying up

I don't have the money right now. If you're spending more than you're earning each month, you'll never get up to date until you adjust either your income or your expenses. But often, having enough to pay bills on time is just a matter of "paycheck planning," says Kathryn Moore, a financial counselor with GreenPath Debt Solutions , in Detroit. Shifting your due dates, which many credit card companies and other businesses allow you to do, can be enough to solve a cash shortage problem.

Most common excuses and reasons debtors give during collection calls

Batch your bills to align with each of your monthly paychecks, then pay them right away. Establish quickly what the query is and follow up on the action needed to rectify it. We are beginning to hear this more often.

If they are unable to work for whatever reason then it means that they have no income and therefore cannot pay. Whilst you remain sympathetic with their situation make it clear that business life still goes on.

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Try to arrange a payment plan and keep in regular contact. Ask the debtor to specify when the relevant contact will be available and call again at the time. Or go through to a different department and ask them to transfer you.