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Exercising regularly can also help keep the weight in control. Moreover, with regular physical activity, women can not only decrease the frequency of hot flashes but also their duration. Another way of staying healthy is through relaxation techniques, such as meditation or yoga.

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Lastly, smoking whether active or passive and alcohol, can increase the risk of hot flashes. Yes, you read it right. Paced respirations are slow, deliberate deep breaths that are done for a specific period of time. Paced respirations have been found to help women control hot flashes, not only from menopause, but also those resulting from breast cancer treatment.

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Paced respiration has shown promise as an effective intervention for hot flashes in several small studies. According to these studies, paced respirations can reduce the frequency and intensity of hot flashes by about 50 percent. Paced respiration involved training yourself to breathe slowly, deeply, and from deep inside the abdomen. If you have never done it before, place one hand on your chest and the other on your abdomen. Breathe in for 5 seconds and out for 10 seconds.

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The hand on the abdomen should rise and fall with the breath, while the one on your chest should not move. This will ensure that your breath comes from deep inside the abdomen.

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Once you master this technique, you can do it without placing your hands on the abdomen and chest, and increase the duration of the breath to in for 10 seconds and out for 20 seconds. Notice that expiration is twice as long as inspiration, so you can decide what length of breaths work for you, as long as you follow this rule. Since paced respirations are not noisy, nobody will be aware that you are doing them or that you were about to have a hot flash.

You may experience some lightheadedness so be sure to try it at home and sitting down first.

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Although the exact mechanism that causes hot flashes has not been delineated, one proposed reason is the acidity of the body. If the body becomes slightly more acidic, you are likely to experience an increase in hot flashes. This can change your breathing pattern, as your reaction will be to hold your breath.


As a result, the hot flashes will be less intense and less frequent. What she found was a polyester fabric widely used by the sporting-goods industry for athletic wear for high-performance athletes. Neuburger combined the fabric with cotton and wove it into a honeycomb design that wicks moisture away from the body. Six years ago, when she started going through menopause, she experienced weeks of interrupted sleep. The shirt was made of CoolMax, a "moisture management" product.

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McClung says a light bulb went off in her brain. She worked with a design expert to find a process that would soften the fabric into a silkier texture and launched the line in with a signature oversized tee. HotMama sleepwear now includes eight styles of pajamas and nightgowns, as well as pillowcases.

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Items are available online at www. Both McClung and Neuburger say word of the specialized sleepwear has spread quickly, from girlfriend to girlfriend, sister to sister, even mother to daughter. That's not surprising, since as far as baby boomers are concerned, change of life isn't the "silent passage" anymore. Women currently experiencing menopause came of age in the s, when such books as "Our Bodies, Ourselves" brought then-taboo topics into the public consciousness. They've maintained that open attitude ever since.