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Dunlop tyres, and Castrol oil will be used throughout the journey. If confidence and optimism go for anything, Kennedy and Jones should have a most successful trip. Though 71, and having only three sound fingers, Mr. James Parker, of Maree N. The idea was suggested him by the attempt now being made of Len Jones land Will Kennedy to 'double-dink' round Australia on an Indian Scout.

Parker, a pioneer of the New South Wales north-west, lost several fingers when forest clearing some years ago yet he handles his machine with dexterity. Jones and Kennedy, who left Melbourne on March 22, two-up on an Indian Scout, to ride round Australia, reached Adelaide on March 29, with little incident and no trouble.

One little happening shows how quietly the two travel. On a sand bed in South Australia Kennedy got off the carrier to make it easier for the Scout to get through. About five miles before he discovered Kennedy's absence. Both are enthusiastic about the Way their Scout is pulling the load it carries. With themselves and equipment they estimate the load at nearly lb.

They left Melbourne on March 26, and had travelled 3, miles on arrival at Perth. Their chances of completing the trip are good, for they are familiar with most of the distance now to be covered. As far as Broome they will keep to the route of the aerial mail.

The youths are earning money on the way round, which accounts for their slow progress.

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In Adelaid they worked at jobs for five weeks, and they intend to find work in Perth. For their actual riding time they have averaged miles a day. Clarke , the two young Australian motor cyclists who, in April last, set out from Melbourne on a trip around Australia, reached Brisbane at They have had many and varied experiences in making their way from Perth through the the north-east portion of West Australia, thence to Darwin and the Western towns of Queensland.

They reached Roma on Tuesday, Toowoomba on Wednesday, and finished the journey to Brisbane yesterday morning. On a Motor Cycle. Jones and Clarke left Brisbane on Tuesday, passed through Lismore on' thursday. When Jones reaches Sydney he will have travelled 11, miles. The two young motor cyclists, Len Jones and F. Clark, who have ridden one motor cycle round Australia, completed their journey on Saturday afternoon, when they reached the Sydney G.

Len Jones, accompanied by W. This are two stories read from the newspaper: Some of the closest motor cycle racing jet wit nessed in Sydney took place at Speedway Royal on Saturday evening, several of the events being won by inches only. The principal event of the evening, the Golden Gauntlet sciatch race, was won by the Lithgow collum, Len Jones. Barnes, which broke the Brisbane to Sydney record, and the two motor cyclistst L. Clarke, who are completing a ride around Australia, gave an exhibition drivie around the track.

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After a final stage of about miles, from a point within 20 miles of Dungog to Sydney, the two young motor cyclists, Len Jones and F. Clarke, who rode a motor cycle around Australia, completed their Journey on saturday afternoon. They were welcomed at the General Post Ofllce by Mr. Haigh Miller, on behalf of Messrs. Len Jones, who is a resident of Fivedock, left Sydney, accompanied by W.

Kennedy, on an Indian motor cycle, specially equipped with large fuel tanks and other fittings, with the object of riding completely around the Continent, on March 6 last.

They took turns at driving, the passenger sitting on a tandem seat. Another very strenuous time was experienced by Jones and his new companion. Clarke, who joined him in Perth, when they tackled the roadless section of the Continent from the northern settlements In Western Australia through Hall's Creek to Emungalan, the terminus of teo Northern Territory line, and again through the Territory Into Western Queensland.

The motor cyclists passed through some drought- ravaged country, the Northern Territory having suffered in this way for six years past. Stock was in a pitiful condition in many places, and Jones states that on one occasion he saw hundreds of dead horses. During his journey, Jones has covered 11, miles on the motor cycle, and states that fully miles of this distance was over cattle tracks.

The two white pfhellah fellow on "wheel-borrow" is what Western Australian blacks called Len Jones and Will Kennedy, who have returned to Sydney on their round-Australia ride, "double-dinking" on an Indian Scout. They left Melbourne on March One slice of the distance— miles front Nullabor Station to Eucla - put the determination of the two youths to a gruelling test. The road, good when dry, vas completely under water, and they were four and a half days covering it, in one long nightmare of back-breaking effort.

Every few hundred yards - hundreds of times a day - they had to take out the back wheel of the Scout to scrape mud from underneath the mudguard. In one place, where they thought to dodge the road a bit, they ran into a wombat burrow, and were an hour and of half dragging their machine out. Then, at night, at was so wet underground, that they had to build a platform of saplings to sleep on. A wheelbarrow is a small hand-propelled vehicle, usually with just one wheel , designed to be pushed and guided by a single person using two handles at the rear, or by a sail to push the ancient wheelbarrow by wind.

The term "wheelbarrow" is made of two words: Some months ago two young adventurers pushed off from the Perth G. Jones rode through to Perth from Melbourne via Adelaide, accompanied by another young man, who, however, broke the journey at Perth, and allowed Clarke to complete the round Australia trip. The cyclists have now reached Melbourne, and during the course of a Press interview Jones stated that now that he had completed the journey round Australia he had a very different opinion about the trip from that which he held when he set out.

It took Alf Clarke and myself nearly eight months to do the trip, and we found all the fun and adventure we wanted, and more. Owing to the terrible travelling conditions, and the mile upon mile of shifting sand, we had many spills. Roads there are none. In fact, in the West, and in the Northern Territory we averaged about six crashes a day.

Near Port Augusta, at Lincoln Gap , we crashed in loose gravel, and I was in bed for a week with an injury to my knee. At Pendan Sands, some distance from Broome, we had 43 crashes in a mile stretch of heavy sand. At other times the wheels sank up to the hubs in mud. But this was only part of the joys of travel. Going round the Great Australian Bight we went without food for four days.

Rain overtook us on our way to Eucla , and made travel impossible. We shot a black rabbit with our last bullet. It was eaten inside 15 minutes. Outside from Willeroo, Northern Territory , we were delayed in the bush for two days, owing to trouble with our mount. Our only water supply was a slimy billabong, and there was a dead bullock lying in it. We came through that more by luck than anything else.

The blacks were all right if you treated them right. But many of them would "skewer" you if you gave them a chance. They called us The "two white-feller on wheelbarrow". The motor cycle they called the "sit down, walk away. Four of them were still alive, and the dingoes were tearing at them. A few bullets put them out of their misery. At Lorne Creek we passed 1, black horses, or brumbies, that had been shot to save grass for cattle, owing to the drought. The carcases lined the track for 25 miles.

When we camped at night the dingoes would gather round, howling and fighting among themselves. But they would run when we chased them with sticks. They do not often attack. It was in W. A lonely telegraph linesman we met there had constant trouble with them. They bit the tail off one of his camels one night. Petrol was impossible to obtain at times. In addition to food, petrol and water shortages, we were often short of cash.

The two baby opossums we brought back with us have travelled 5. We carried them in our shirts. And now trip is over, and I am going back to Sydney - by train. Len Jones attempted a circumnavigation of Australia on an Indian Scout outfit in and I am attempting to source further information. If and when I do the story will be submitted for publication. I have no idea when this might happen. TROVE is where the newspapers are put out for general information in the form of digitised newspapers.

Give a date say the to s. You mentioned in previous mail, the tour was on Indian scout outfit? It could be the same man, and I could try emailing to some of the australians directly, outside the internet, to see if anybody knows. I have emailed directly to persons in Australia who migth know about Len Jones: Leon Mitchell and Daren Worboys. I have had more other contacts with Doug about other subjects, and he know more of the australians.

About Len Jones he write: Leon is a passionate researcher of early Australian motoring, and for a time he published the magazine "Serpolettes Tricycle", issues which can be found here: Unfortunately his brother died some weeks ago.

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Her husband Jack will be 90 in 5 weeks several more times. She answered with a lot of personal infos of him. So I hope he will do ths job to collect all about Len Jones. And Peter will inform me soon. One friend has come back to me with this comment: My library, such as it is, is focused on the to period, which is the era of all my bikes. However, I know someone with bound copies of all the to motorcycling magazines there were two rival weekly publications, both with huge circulations, in those days. Sadly, he's not computer literate and won't be able to scan anything.

I usually visit him a couple of times a year for a cuppa and to do some research for myself. Sometime in the next 2 months I'll be calling in on him with laptop and scanner so will happily copy the article for Bernd if it's there. I have more emails out with more people. I'll let you know if I hear anything. The AMCA was formed in so unfortunately our library does not go back to If one reader knows this I would be very grateful of this info! And informed me about him at And then many times more. And send me a letter with newspaper clippings as well.

Today she send me this foto of her family. So this is the only existing foto of the "blood" of the "Len Jones-family". This was taken at Christmas Day at our home. Jack and Jan are in the front. Our three children are there along with husbands and our one daughter in law. All the summaries I found out you you find since on my website - most in English: I circled and crossed Australia by mc myself in two journeys wit my wife.

But wheter he not I could find out more by internet. Finally you find a summary and all the clippings of the Australian newspapers at that time published first time on my website of Australia. Possibly it was the second "Around Australia by mc at all" after Arthur Grady in Could you please ask your members if they know such a foto?

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And send me one copy of the 3-months-news with this news as well please. Written by Maree Statham. This book for mc-rides in thsi area gives some information about the history of ridesr - most racers - there. He will contact B. Peter Whitaker in Australia wrote an 1,5 pages article with his copyright: This publications are stored in EMAP-archive. In I knew the owner. So I belonged to te rare persons to see this magazine personally with all weekly magazine-reports. Nowadays I have no idea who the owner is. And how I can see the weekly publications in I suppose that there MUST be an article with a photo.

Do YOU know if this publications are digitalisiert and in internet already? Please contact the man who owns all mc-magazines of TWO mc. This man is not fit with a computer. No one with his motorcyle. May be there are living children or grandchildren of him still living in Perth BT knows Jim in person from I informed him about "Len Jones".

And asked him for photos of "Len jones". Jim is the editor of "Old Bike Australlia". Email to Jan Mitchell to make my family-tree of "Len Jones" better. David Knox from Lithgow contacted Jan Mitchel after my request to the government. He is intertested in historical motorcycle rides from this area. But he did not contact BT so far. Sydney -Brisbaine - Datwin - Broome - Perth This photograph was used as part of the proof that that section of the tree in the Western Australia Museum was not blazed by Forrest.

Transcript of an interview with G. Herbert, 3 September Peasley , City Beach, Western Australia Francis was an Australian adventurer who set many long-distance cycling and driving records, including becoming in the first man to drive a car from England to Australia. Birtles had set a speed record driving from Darwin to Melbourne the previous year. He served in the Second Boer War , and later was a mounted police officer in the Transvaal.

On his return to Australia, he cycled round Australia twice and by had crossed the country seven times. He was the first person to cross Australia from west to east on a bicycle and in he became the first person to make a west to east crossing from Fremantle to Sydney in a Brush Runabout [ 2 ]. As a publicity stunt, Birtles was commissioned by Barlow Motors , the Melbourne agent for the Bean cars , to drive a modified Bean 14 car from Darwin to Melbourne. The car was dubbed the Sundowner by Birtles. Following this success, Birtles was asked to make an attempt at becoming the first person to drive from England to Australia.

He departed from Australia House in London on 19 October , farewelled by a crowd of wellwishers including the Miss Australia. In an era when there were few roads and gasoline supplies sparse, the epic eight month journey carried him across mountains, deserts and through tropical jungles and included a number of sea voyages - the last being from Singapore to Darwin. On arrival in Darwin, his car was seized by customs officials demanding import duty, until direct intervention by the Prime Minister Stanley Bruce averted the situation. He was promptly asked to move on by a policeman for obstructing traffic.

Birtles had completed more than 70 transcontinental crossings of Australia by mid, details of which were described in his book Battlefronts of Outback In , the Bean car was presented to the Australian Government on condition that it be placed in the national museum. As there was no such museum at the time, the car disappeared for many years before being recovered in the s and placed into the National Motor Museum in Adelaide in before moving to the National Historical Collection in the National Museum of Australia in Canberra in A Time To Remember.

An Epic Journey Across the World. The last one was an Indian Chief and Goulding sidecar about four years old and in we used this machine to join the Indian Club's Gypsy Tour to Sydney. Roads were very bad at this period and near Bega we broke the sidecar main bar. However, Jack Booth, who had held a World road record, came along in his car and soon had us mobile again under a jury rig.

Rhodes had supplied a Chief and box sidecar loaded with spares and ridden by a mechanic, but little recourse to this service was needed. The only foreign machine on the Tour was a new B. This machine became gradually slower and eventually conked out at Albury must have been on the return trip because they took the coastal route to Sydney.

When the cylinder was lifted, it was found that the rings would fall through the bore! An interesting fact disclosed by the run was that the two dearest machines, new Indian Aces, gave some worry with overheating, particularly the rear cylinder. Flight from England to Australia with Shell.. England - Asia - Australia - England. Who knows them, their earlier or present address of relations or publications about them?? This story is high interesting. If YES this would be a sensation because the so far wellknown first motorcycle-tour overland from Europe to India was made from Austrian Max Reisch in !

Phil Irving is the designer of the B-series of Vincent-motor in Could you please send me the addresses of the relations!!! One John Gill commissioned from Vincent a motorcycle that he and Walter Stephens would ride around the world. Stephens quit in Australia and a young engineer, Philip Irving, replaced him.

Back in the UK, Vincent and Irving formed the working partnership that would create their greatest motorcycles Quelle: Hinkler, Ulm und Smith kamen , und bei solchen Unternehmungen ums Leben. Foto-archive son Peter Bentle. They both came to Australia from England as small children with their families in the 's. Stanley died after a long illness, when Fred was in his teens. He left school at age 13 to go to work, to help support his mother and younger siblings.

He had many jobs, and became a self educated motor mechanic. On his return from his trip, he began a business in Fern Tree Gully, selling petrol out of a drum and repairing cars. He became a very successful businessman, and retired at the age of 60, having a large new and used car dealership, and service garage. He married Fay in and had 3 sons: Roger, Robin and Gary. Melbourne - Sydney miles - to Bourke miles - to Longreach miles - to Camooweal Miles - Katherine miles - Wirrulla I do NOT know which part of route is missing above. I own a map of their tour which is a total round.

The story was told to Steve Hayward. Another member of the HD-Club. He met the son Robin H. Tried to find out if the address is correct by Chris Hirt. Both leaving before the tour in C Antonia Bowers, married Horn. The story how Jack Bowers and and a friend F. Smith circled Australia in by a Harley Davidson-Sidecar. Two Sydney motorcyclists, Messrs F. They are using a 7 h. Harley Davidson motor cycle and special sidecar, and will not ride to a fixed schedule, but travel as far as possible overy day tor six days of the week, resting and attending to their motor cycle on the seventh. The motorcycle Is standard in every respect, but has a special sidecar body, with accommodation for the passenger and also a medicino chest, camping oppaiatus, including protection from mosquitoes and flics, and suitable remedies for fever or other tropical illness The mac line will carry elght gallons of petrol two of lubricating oil, four of water, half a bag of flour, and tinned foods.

A spare tyre and two guns have been fitted, Supplies of petrol and lubricating oil have been ar langod by the Shell Co of Australia Ltd, while the Goodyear Rubber Co will superintend their requirements In tyres. Messrs Smith and Bowers were given an enthusiastic send-off from the a P. Around Australia the Hard Way One of the first circels Around Australia. Around Australia the Hard Way in Jack read my letter. His daughter Antonia Bowers, married Antonia Horn in Montville Queensland kindly answered me and told me that he read my letter and "was waiting for me".

But Jack died in august with Only some months before I wanted to see him in Australia. In Patricia and Bernd visited Antonia and her husband in Australia. I saw the original diary which she owns. She kindly organised that I got some copies of fotos by email of some original fotos which she owns.

Oskar did not get a job in Germany. So he decided to travel solo by Kajak from Germany Ulm by rivers and along coasts finally to Australia. He arrived in Australia Tatura after 7 years. There he was arrested as the first German as a prisoner and stayed in prison until Tatura. Oskar stayed in Australia and was digging for Opals. Around Australia in the Forties. Two young women cycle around Australia in the s. Map out of http: Alive in Australia west-east-west via Nullabor. Back from Sydney to Perth in 9 days. She averaged miles per day. See a copy of the total article in Based on the original article in Peter offered a new foto of Winifred.

At this time the route via Nullabor with still unpaved and out of gravel with corrugations. Would be interesting to know which parts of the total route were payed already. Winifred was later a member of A. Winifred Wells is living in on Mornington Peninsula with two daughters. Deutschland - Indien - Australien. Student verzaubernd reisend die Welt. Gustav Pfirrmann ist Journalist und ein echter Globetrotter. Ich lernte ihn auf einem DZG-Treffen.

Die Fotos darin stammen alle von ihm. Lune de Miel en motocyclettes. From the wedding bells round the world. BMU amd I think they were sponsored by "Motokov" in Prague. Who knows them, their present address or publications about them?? Published in Austrian magazin "Motorrad Nr.

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But they could not find any info. Alive in and father George Wells Austrailian, born??.??. Perth - Le Grange At this time the route via Nullabor and many other parts were still unpaved and out of gravel with corrugations. Would be interesting to know which parts were paved already. Iran - Czechoslovakia Info out of the article of Peter Whitaker below. Foto send by Peter Whitaker as a fotocopy to B. Australia to England without Iran 19, miles. After a nine-week journey and Australia Longreach in Queensland - Adelaide, 2.

Here he met Abdul as a paying pillion-rider for the transport by motorcycle to Baghdad - and to Ad-Diwaniya before Baghdad from here with new tyres, a totally reconditioned frame courtesy of the Baghdad blacksmiths, panel beaten guards plus re-welded pegs and levers - Kevin and Abdul started through the Syrian desert kms with one village in between only to Jordan- Syria Damascus- three attempts to reach As-Sukhnah - Lebanon - Turkey Ankara- - Europe Turkey Istanbul - Edirine - Greece Alexandropolis - Salonika - Jugoslavia Belgrade - Italy Trieste - Milan - France - England.

His desire was to visit the TT of "Isle of Man". He dropped the bike in Pakistan and damaged the frontend. But the local agents straihtened the forks. And his mirrors in India. BSA and Motor Cycling magazine published the odyssey as the first of its kind. ISBN 09 Fotos as well by daughter Julie Murphy. Article send as a data. And asked Peter for some remaining details. This is a very early overland-tour by a motorcycle from Australia to Europe. The mc was transported by boat from Australia Adelaide to Ceylon Colombo.

And by boat from Pakistan Karachi to Basra by missing the visa for Iran. But the trip finally was 20 months. The routes in "Persien" were very bad so they could only ride 10 kms in 10 hours. In Teheran they made the first longer stop. Eva got a job as a secretary in a German firm and Hans was working in an electric-firm.

After a while they travelled overland through south of Iran - Pakistan - India - Ceylon. From Colombo they got a ship to Australia Fremantle. Eva worked there as a nurse in a hospital. Because they earned good money they travelled a lot. So they visited Japan with the sidecar as well.

JW-M,isn! (Hörbuch)

There they met the head of Kyoto, Mr. Takayama who took a picture of them.. There was a woman Val as a sozia who became the girlfriend of Ernest. Compiled by Ian Whitehead. The Hard Way Round. An illustrated account of a trip around the world on a motorcycle in the mid 50's In , an adventurer set off on an overland ride from Britain to Australia, aboard a Norton Dominator. These are his diaries, which we asked Dave Blendell to read The Hard Way Round is more of a thick pamphlet than a book, taking 44 pages of A4 to tell the tale.

There is also a map and foreword -- more of which later. The booklet tells the story of the late Ernest Bell, a former member of the Household Cavalry who had found himself driving buses for a living after his stint in the military. Bored with bus driving, Ernest answers an advert placed by a couple of Australians intent on riding home and with a handful of other adventurers joins them on their trip.

This is in March and the intrepid travellers set off with less back up and forward planning than Ted Simon two decades later. The book is the project of Ian Whitehead, whose sister was Ernest Bell's sister-in-law and inherited the diary. Hard Way Round differs from other RTW tales in that it was never intended to be published in the first place. Basically it's a diary that Ernest Bell made along the way and as such it can prove frustrating. Ted Simon was a journalist, Ernest Bell was a bus driver doing a trip purely as an adventure so we're lucky that any record remains at all, and as such Hard Way Round is tale that might never have been told.

Because of this, the book can be very frustrating. Characters appear and disappear with little explanation at times, and Ernest's female travelling companion seems to turn into a girlfriend with us being none the wiser as to how and when this happened. There appears to be friction with the Australians with but no real explanation of why. These are just a couple of examples; not a criticism as such but demonstration of how someone else's diary doesn't always tell the whole story.

Ernest wrote it for himself and obviously knew the background to the various mysteries that crop up now and again. The actual trip is pure Ted Simon. Gradually the initial group go their separate ways and the story is of Ernest and his pillion Val. They meet all kinds of people along the way, experience different cultures and enjoy the vagaries of bureaucracy on several continents. The bike is a Norton Dominator that had 20, miles on the clock when it left Blighty, another 26, on its return, with no off-road modifications, no Sat Nav and no support truck.

Sadly the only major damage the bike suffered was when it was vandalised in New York and so badly bodged by a so-called mechanic that it limped into the docks with only one working gear. Hard Way Round is very much of it's time and reads like a Boy's Own adventure. Ernest definitely has a touch of the old 'Empire attitude'. Various ethnic groups are described in ways that might offend some and would probably get you arrested if you used them in the street today. Ian Whitehead does warn of this in the foreword. Like Jupiter's Travels, it's a look into a time that has long past.

The sad part about this publication is that there is an excellent 'real book' that will never be written. By its very nature, a lot of very interesting parts are mentioned in a couple of sentences. There are two fascinating human interest stories that Ernest doesn't dwell on, because he's more interested in documenting the actual travelling. Why was Monty Joseph's behaviour, the Australian they left Britain with, so hostile and often bizarre?

When did Ernest and Val change from travelling companions to lovers? Sadly Ernest has passed away. I really think a good ghostwriter with Mr Bell's input and memories could have made a best-selling book out his story. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

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