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Nous analysons les formes successives prises par cette This article examines how prices for pharmaceuticals reimbursed by the state in France have been determined from the beginning of the system after World War II to the mid- s. We analyze the successive forms of this policy, from unilateral state administration of prices, in effect from to the s, to price negotiation in the framework of agreements between an interdepartmental committee and pharmaceutical companies, starting in the mids.

La mondialisation déconstruite par la sociologie - La Vie des idées

We contend that state-imposed price controls bring together two types of market government: Governing the Market through Prices: France , Medicine prices , and Public Policy. Towards a Sociology of the Boundary-Entrepreneur.

Creation and Diffusion of a Programme for the Prevention of Obesity more. This paper aims to contribute to the literature on the role of entrepreneurs in social and institutional change. The study of the creation of a French programme for the prevention of childhood obesity helps to identify some of its promoters as boundary-entrepreneurs.

Renaud Fillieule

The paper shows that these promoters have extended their self-presentations to fit into a world of multiple institutional boundaries and conflicts. Jun Publication Name: Feb Publication Name: A public policy designed and run by a private entrepreneur. Tensions between public health and private interest in the battle against obesity in France more.

By studying the case of obesity prevention, this paper aims to shed light on the reorganization of public health policies in France. This analysis of mechanisms by which a private operator establishes itself as a legitimate and leading This analysis of mechanisms by which a private operator establishes itself as a legitimate and leading actor of a program now present in more than cities enables an insight into the articulation between policies carried out by the state and the municipalities on one hand, and an original mode of policy privatization on the other hand.

This operator does not fit into the usual categories for analysis of policy, but corresponds more to the figure of the private entrepreneur succeeding in creating a durable role for himself on the border of two heterogeneous worlds, which often find themselves in conflict, that of public health and the market.

Apr Publication Name: Thesis Abstract - The medicine and its double. Sociology of the French Market of Generic Drugs more.

Des médicaments à tout prix

Mar Publication Name: Have you forgotten your login? Ronan Le Velly 1 AuthorId: How to apply Jean-Daniel Reynaud's theory of social regulation to market relations? When applied to the results drawn from fieldwork on the supplying of organic and local produce to catering businesses serving public institutions in France, this grid of analysis shows that organizing this supply chain involves many activities of regulation. An explanation is provided about how hard existing regulations make it to search for local produce.